Sergei Shoigu made Maria Kitaeva general

As a journalist, Maria Kitaeva became a general, and why the Ministry of Defense needed new shoulder straps.
Origin source
In the generals of the Russian Ministry of Defense is a very piquant situation. Apparently, there appeared two types of generals. "Ordinary" - with yellow stars on shoulder straps. These titles are awarded by the Supreme Commander, whose role is played by the President of the country. And there are "unusual" - with white stars. These stars appeared in the army after the post of defense minister was taken by Sergei Shoigu. Assigning such titles, apparently, became trusted civilians (including women) by internal orders of the Ministry of Defense. Thus, Sergei Shoigu seems to have formed his “women's battalion” with “almost general” stars, and unlimited trust.

The exact number of generals (and admirals) in the Russian army is currently unknown. According to data from previous years, it can be assumed that they are from 860 to 879.

Of these, 115 lieutenant generals (vice admirals), 290 major generals (senior rear admirals), 440 brigadier generals (junior rear admirals), and 34 "full" generals. They all wear yellow stars on their epaulets.

White and yellow racers

With the arrival in 2012 of the post of Minister of Defense Sergei Kuzhugetovich Shoigu, the situation in the army began to change rapidly. There, for example, new general epaulets with white stars were noticed. But if the “yellow” generals are appointed by their decrees by the supreme commander-in-chief (the Russian president), then the “white”, apparently, the Minister of Defense. Are, so to speak, generals for "internal use"? A special piquancy of the whole history is given by the fact that the “white raiders” combine these shoulder straps with skirts.

And the topic became the focus of attention after the appearance on the yutube channel of a video clip, which described one of these women generals, Maria Kitaeva. The video scored two million views, after which it was blocked, but it multiplied very quickly through social networks. The Streisand Effect once again proved its strength - now many more people know and watch movies about “General Kitaev.”

The star has risen

Now on the website of the Ministry of Defense there is no information about the employee Maria Kitaeva. Thoroughly cleaned and other information resources. Do not agree on the main dates - the birth, study and work of Maria Vladimirovna. In the article about her on the Wikipedia website there is not even a year of birth. According to some information, it seems that she was born in 1986, and she spent her childhood in Belgium, but then something went wrong, and she returned to Moscow, where she entered the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. But instead of becoming a diplomat, she decided to become an actress. This is indicated by the career of Maria Kitaeva: she, according to, is the one who starred in the movie “Year of the Horse - the constellation of Scorpio” and participates in theatrical productions.

Then Maria started her television career: from 2007 to 2010, she worked on the Stolitsa TV channel, and then on Zvezda. But Kitaeva’s career on VGTRK turned out to be extremely bright: there are many videos on the network about how the young TV star tries to talk about economics and business and (despite the education received at MGIMO), desperately confuses basic concepts and names. These frank flaws do not prevent her from interviewing the iconic people of the country - Dmitry Peskov, Irina Winner, Mikhail Prokhorov and others. The somewhat glamorous image of a TV presenter interfaced with the quite risky work of a reporter in Syria, Tunisia and Libya. And especially significant was the work of Maria Kitaeva in documentaries about the work of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

It’s not known for sure how the life and bureaucratic paths of Sergei Kuzhugetovich Shoigu and Maria Kitaeva intersected and whether they crossed at all. The media casually mentions that a spectacular journalist, when he was governor of the Moscow region in 2011, was noticed by Sergei Shoigu, and offered the work of an adviser on information policy. And about a year later, Maria Kitaeva became a general, and after another three years - a lieutenant-general.

In fact, of course, all these general stars of a stretch can be called "real" - they are for internal use. But on TV look quite real and can not attract attention. Against the background of the usual model career, the rise of Maria Kitaeva really turned out to be stellar. Apparently, this method has already been adopted by new generations of Russian girls. General epaulets (even unreal) may be steeper than life in Brussels.

By the way

All this might have seemed like a joke, but the stars of the generals decorate, for example, another deputy minister of the defense - Tatiana Shevtsova. She oversees the organization of financial support for the Armed Forces.