Sergei Shoigu played enough in the "Patriot"

How the budget money is being sawn at Patriot Park, and what’s the reason for Putin’s cook, Shoigu’s daughter and Rotenberg’s son.
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The Patriot park near Moscow has already cost the Russians more than 20 billion rubles, and today it has become known that out of the taxpayers' money another 1.7 billion will be allocated to it. In addition, the park voluntarily and forcibly collects from people more khaki colors (thousands of people have already cast off on it). At the same time, as The Insider found out, Putin’s friends and the leadership of the Ministry of Defense are making money on this “Disneyland War”. Director of the park became General Grebenyuk, followed by a string of corruption scandals, and the head of the board of trustees - General Timoshev, associated with the offshore, through which the money was withdrawn from the burst Investbank. In addition, Putin’s ex-guard Dyumin (now the governor of the Tula Region) and Putin’s cook Prigogine are planning to build the Tula version of Patriot Park. It’s hard to say how long they’ll master this, but the contractors are already complaining that Prigogine hasn’t paid them for the job.

What is Patriot Park and how was it collected?

The foundation stone of the Patriot park, Sergei Shoigu, and the governor of the Moscow region Vorobiev were laid in June 2014. Under the territory of the park, as many as 5 thousand hectares were allocated under Kubinka. As planned by Putin, the park should be "a platform to showcase the latest technology and weapons of Russia," but in addition to tanks, they plan to demonstrate a giant temple in khaki colors 95 meters high, accommodating 6,000 people. The author of the “camouflage project” was 33-year-old Dmitry Smirnov, head of the workshop of the Sretensky Monastery. The rector of this temple is Putin’s confessor Tikhon Shevkunov (also known as the ideologist of the invasion of Ukraine and a man associated with Konstantin Malofeev). According to journalists, Shevkunov liked the work of Smirnov so much that after the construction of the temple he became the art director of the exhibition “Russia is my story” (read more about the exhibition in the article “With a king in my head. Like Minobr and father Tikhon“ teach history ”through fake quotes "enemies of Russia" ").

At the temple have already collected 2.3 billion rubles - according to the plan Shoigu, it should be built only through private investment. Accumulation of money is engaged in a specially created for this purpose charitable foundation "Resurrection". The host Leonid Yakubovich, the rector of Moscow State University Viktor Sadovnichy, the United Russia composer Igor Butman, Putin's confidant Edgard Zapashny, State Duma deputies Alexander Karelin and Irina Yarovaya made an appeal to donate donations. However, none of them, as The Insider found out, donated money to the temple - their names are missing from the list of 54 thousand donors.

The construction of the temple is planned to be completed in a year, but already now some of the persons involved in the project can boast of acquisitions. For example, the head of the Resurrection Foundation a month after the consecration of the foundation stone (with the participation of Putin and Vladimir Gundyaev) bought Maybach worth about 10 million rubles. The Insider found out that Kanshin issued a pledge on cars in October 2018, two months after the registration of the patriotic fund. At the same time, official salaries to the management of the fund and other expenses (website, communications) amount to about 300 thousand rubles per month. The fund, however, is not Kanshin's only source of income, it is also the founder of several commercial companies, including Dsp-Megapir LLC, which, on the one hand, acts as a public organization of officers, and on the other, as a business holding. According to the holding itself, its main activity is construction commissioned by the armed forces, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Russian Orthodox Church.

Despite the fact that the church is officially built on donations, in fact, construction is carried out with state money: The Insider found many budgetary organizations and government agencies among the donors of the foundation. Among them - the Central Archive of Moscow, the UGIBDD in the Kursk region, the administration of the Oktyabrsky district of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District, military hospitals and units. What do the patients of military hospitals and military families think about the allocation of money for the construction of a giant temple in the park of the Ministry of Defense is unknown, but there is no doubt that they were not interested in their opinion.

Private donations can also hardly be called voluntary - for example, in the Khabarovsk Territory, servicemen were forced to throw 500 rubles into the church.

Sawing general

In 2015, retired General Anatoliy Grebenyuk became the head of the Patriot park. Many scandals are associated with his name, and his work biography, by a strange coincidence, corresponds to the “schedule” of resonant theft. Under Minister of Defense Sergei Ivanov, Grebenyuk headed the quartering and arrangement department, in 2007 he was fired with a scandal after wagering arranged for him by Putin. The money allocated by the state for the erection of a military hospital was mastered, and the construction turned out to be “virtual” - Putin could not get to a non-existent object in reality, the delivery of which the military reported.

After the scandal, the curator of the virtual construction site, Grebenyuk, for some reason did not go on trial, but into the chair of the senior vice president of the state corporation Olympstroy, who was responsible for preparing for the winter games in Sochi. According to Jean-Franco Casper, a member of the International Olympic Committee, in preparing for the Olympics, a third of the money allocated for it, about 13 billion euros, was stolen. The IOC denied the Russian authorities, but the embezzlement on the Olimpstroy projects was also detected by the Russian law enforcement agencies - contract sums were inflated by billions of rubles, several criminal cases were filed.

After Olimpstroy, Grebenyuk lit up at another well-known object - the Vostochny cosmodrome. He was the first deputy working group to coordinate the construction of cosmodrome facilities. Object in the Amur region began to build in 2011. Criminal cases of embezzlement began to be initiated after the workers began to complain massively about the non-payment of wages. In April 2015, a temporary selection committee of the Prosecutor General’s Office was opened not far from the cosmodrome, which investigated the facts of theft at this construction site. Sergey Ivanov, then head of the presidential administration, called the Vostochny cosmodrome a blatant example of corruption. After Vostochny, Grebenyuk came to the place of the director of Patriot Park, who occupied the year and then headed the construction company LLC First House. The company has mastered almost a billion on government orders, including from the Ministry of Defense.

Daughter in share

Behind the offshore Sibanthracite plc, which is listed among the donors of the patriotic temple, there is a billionaire Dmitry Bosov. He is connected by a joint business with the daughter of the Minister of Defense Ksenia Shoigu. Bosow is owned by VostokUgol Management Company, affiliated with Arctic Logistics LLC, the founder of which in 2017 was Ksenia Shoigu. The daughter of the Minister of Defense also acts as the head of the League of Heroes, among whose projects are the race with obstacles Race of Heroes and the military-tactical game Battle of Heroes. The annual turnover of the League is about 200 million rubles. The sponsorship of Shoigu’s daughters is provided by the Kalashnikov Concern, Russian Railways and other state-owned companies. Participation in Shoigu’s daughter’s projects is paid. The cost of the application for the next race is 4 thousand rubles.

House Ksenia Shoigu

As is known from the FBK investigation, Ksenia Shoigu, at the age of 18, became the owner of a plot for $ 9 million in Barvikha. Since last year, she has served as advisor to the deputy chairman of the board of Gazprombank. She began her career in the St. Petersburg Bank close to the Kremlin. Vladimir Putin was his minority shareholder, and the co-owner is the son of former defense minister Sergei Serdyukov.

Offshore Patriots

The Patriot Park has a Board of Trustees, which includes representatives of the political and business elite, including Acting Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov, President of Sberbank German Gref, Chairman of Promsvyazbank Peter Fradkov, Senator Viktor Ozerov, Minister Vladimir Medinsky. Secretary of the Board - Lieutenant-General Rafael Timoshev.

Timoshev also heads the Science-XXI Foundation, which has as its main task “to instill the right, patriotic thoughts of children.” According to Timoshev, patriotic education will not allow to allow "the events of the Arab spring, events like in Ukraine and in other states that have suffered a sad fate" ...

The founder of the patriotic fund in addition to Timoshev through the chain of companies was the Cyprus offshore Plomeria Limited. Now it has already been liquidated, and before it ceased to exist, they managed to get money out of the burst Investbank through it. In total, offshore patriots borrowed 10 credits from the bank to the amount of about half a billion rubles. The license from "Investbank" was withdrawn in December 2013, for a deliberate bankruptcy and embezzlement of money against top managers opened a criminal case and put them in jail. General Timoshev and his foundation then began to earn money on contracts with the Ministry of Defense. For example, the foundation organized a regatta for members of Unarmia for 970 thousand rubles.

Contract Kings: Rotenberg and Prigogine

The total construction cost of the Patriot exceeded 20 billion rubles, and its maintenance costs another 250 million rubles annually. The contractor is Corrand, which is associated with the son of Arkady Rotenberg, an old friend of Vladimir Putin. Corrand was founded in 2016 by Anton Sorokin, who today remains the general director of CRIT JSC. It, in turn, is a subsidiary of Skaneks GC, a 25% owned by Igor Rotenberg.

Park services are provided by Beliy Medved LLC, the same company that, according to FAS, is a member of the Kremlin Chef cartel. In 2017, antimonopolschiki recognized the Polar Bear as a participant in a collusion at the billionth auction of the Ministry of Defense. The company is secretly managed by the company, controlled by Prigogine, Megaline. Even before the scandal with the cartel collusion, the company earned money from the Patriot, and bypassing competitive procedures. The contract for services “on sanitary maintenance of administrative buildings, structures and the adjacent territory” was concluded with Prigogine as with the allegedly sole supplier.

Tandem cook and security guard. How Prigogine and Dyumin help each other to master the budget

The business successes of Yevgeny Prigogine on the state orders coincide with the career milestones of former security guard President Alexander Dyumin, now the governor of the Tula region. Dyumin is called Putin’s possible successor, and also a partner and close comrade Prigogine.

Prigogine received the status of "Kremlin cook" in the days when Dyumin was a security officer in the Security Service of the head of state. Then he began to serve banquets with the participation of the first person. The companies associated with him fulfilled the multibillion-dollar contracts of the Ministry of Defense for cleaning the barracks, waste disposal, construction, supply of fuel and food for soldiers throughout Russia.

As the BBC found out, starting from 2016, the number of orders for Prigogine firms from the Ministry of Defense has decreased dramatically. However, what has changed in the relationship between Shoigu and his contractor is unknown. Journalists then assumed that this could be connected both with the quality of work and with the relationship of the army with the PMCs of Wagner. There is one more version: it was in 2016 that the post of the deputy defense minister was left by the curator of the “chef” Alexander Dumin. As The Insider found out, with the arrival of him at the governorship in the Tula region in the region, the companies associated with Prigogine were immediately active.

In May 2016, the newly appointed acting governor of the Tula Region, Alexander Dyumin, opened an athletics stadium in Novomoskovsk. It was built in the shortest possible time for 200 million rubles. Works performed some company "Petersburg Guarantee", which until this point in the media has never been mentioned. The following year, the same company built a kindergarten in Tula. Moreover, the second contractor of the construction was another St. Petersburg organization - Prigozhinsk Megaline. On various review sites, Megaline and Petersburg Guarantee are listed as one employer. But their founders are different faces. This is a common pattern for a group of companies that are de facto controlled by Prigogine.

Employees of these companies related to Prigogine complain of non-payment of salaries and terrible conditions:

“Turnover and mess on construction sites, in particular, in the city of Tula! All deadlines missed, looking for scapegoats. Do not make out as expected, do not pay on time! Z / p official - minimum! For example, a technical supervision engineer is 7,000 rubles, ”said one of the reviews.

“Do not pay for the work performed. First, they promise to pay, and then stop responding to calls. The company is a scam, ”confirm the other.

This is characteristic of Prigogine treatment of staff. So, earlier The Insider already wrote about how the waiters hired by him, who worked at the New Year reception with Putin’s participation, complained about the non-payment of salaries. It seems that Prigogine transferred this experience to work with contractors in Tula.

“We, the contractor, carried out finishing work. Our obligations were fulfilled with high quality and on time, no complaints. In turn, this company owes us a very large sum of money, several million. And, unfortunately, we cannot do anything with them, because the owner of this company is Yevgeny Prigogine, ”explained The Insider, owner of Tula“ ElitStroy ”LLC, Arthur Manucharyan.

Now the Petersburg Guarantee is already building the Tula analogue of the Patriot park. The project is personally supervised by Governor Dyumin. According to the extract from the Rosreestr, The Insider, the land for the construction of the Tula “Patriot” with an area of ​​139 thousand m² in 2017 is owned by the “Petersburg Guarantee” associated with Prigozhin. The cadastral value of the plot is half a billion rubles.

Die ausführlichste Liste von Organisationen, Firmen und Unternehmen in Deutschland:

The Insider correspondent visited the office of the Petersburg Guarantee in St. Petersburg. It is located in the uncrowded business center, surrounded by a fence with barbed wire and lots of video cameras. In the small office in which the company was registered, the correspondent was met by two women who introduced themselves as accountants. They reported that the founder and CEO Anton Dubinsky in the workplace is not and never is. They promised to “transfer to the top” contacts of a journalist. However, the request to contact for comment was unanswered.