Sergei Shoigu sent money for the military technopolis in Anapa in the right hands

Military technopolis "Era" in Anapa will be built by the largest contractor of the Ministry of Emergency Measures and the Ministry of Defense - the company "Bamstroiput". She won a contract for the construction of first-stage facilities worth about 3 billion rubles.
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"I have poker today"

The first stage of the construction of the military innovation technopolis "Era" in Anapa will be carried out by the company "Bamstroyput", told RBC a source in the Defense Ministry. This information was confirmed by RBC general director and co-owner of the company Igor Tushkevich, as well as in the press service of the Defense Ministry.

According to the source, the contract between Bamstroyputem and the main military construction department for special facilities (part of the military construction complex of the Ministry of Defense) was signed on April 7 this year in accordance with the decision of the Deputy Minister of Defense Timur Ivanov. The cost of works will be about 2.8 billion rubles., Said the source of RBC. Tushkevich refused to name the contract. According to him, the company "Bamstroyput" "won in an unequal and uncompromising struggle."

"We work on our own and contractors. The main contractor is the GVSU for special facilities, our organization has a contractor, "Tushkevich said.

"Era" for Sergei Shoigu

Innovative technopolis "Era" is a kind of military version of Skolkovo. Technopolis is being built in Anapa on the site of closed for the reconstruction of the sanatoriums of the Ministry of Defense.

As indicated in the technopolis concept (available to RBC), Era will become a specialized research and production facility with its laboratories and engineering centers, which will develop products for the Russian defense industry. "Era" will be organized according to the cluster principle. It is planned that there will be three clusters: research, scientific-educational and scientific-production.

In addition to experienced specialists and scientists, technopoles will attract graduate students, cadets and students to work in the technopolis. In particular, on the basis of "Era" four consolidated scientific companies have been formed. In addition, a school camp for gifted children will be established on the territory of the technopolis. They will be "brought up in the spirit of patriotism" and prepare for training in higher education institutions on several specialties, which are related to the strengthening of the country's defense. The head of the "Era" was appointed former deputy director of the Rosoboronzakaz, deputy chairman of the Military Science Committee of the Armed Forces Fyodor Dedus. The scientific leader is the president of the Kurchatov Institute Mikhail Kovalchuk, the elder brother of the Russian billionaire Yuri Kovalchuk under the sanctions.

When asked if Bamstroiput will perform all the stages of construction work, Tushkevich replied that it will show the results of the following competitions. "If we get lucky. We sat down to play cards - I have poker today, there's no poker tomorrow, "the general director of Bamstroyputi joked, adding that he was" immensely proud of the trust he had provided. "

When asked if Bamstroiput will perform all the stages of construction work, Tushkevich replied that it will show the results of the following competitions. "If we get lucky. We sat down to play cards - I have poker today, there's no poker tomorrow, "the general director of Bamstroyputi joked, adding that he was" immensely proud of the trust he had provided. "

At the first stage of the technopolis construction, construction and installation works will be carried out at the facilities located on the territory of the Yuzhny sanatorium, a source from the RBC told the Defense Ministry. "These are several multi-story buildings plus a complex of open sports facilities and some other facilities," the interlocutor clarified.

According to him, on April 12, 33 specialists of the company "Bamstroiput" began to survey the facilities of the technopolis and lay temporary communications.

The Defense Ministry also informed RBC that the company "Bamstroyput" will perform the first stage of the technopolis construction "based on the results of the tender procedure." "Until September 1 of this year, the congress center and life support facilities will be fully commissioned, a residential block for operators of scientific companies of the Russian armed forces, a sports and fitness complex with a swimming pool and simulators, as well as a number of technical facilities and sites," military department, stressing that the previous experience of cooperation between the Ministry of Defense and Bamstroiput was positive.

The second phase of construction, including the creation of a scientific and technical and research and production centers, should be completed by 2020, added to the Ministry of Defense.

Contractor for Shoigu

Construction Management Bamstroiput was established in the Amur Region in 1971 to complete the Baikal-Amur Main Line (BAM) from Taishet in the Irkutsk Region to Komsomolsk-on-Amur in the Khabarovsk Territory. In 1992 the management was transformed into JSC and expanded the portfolio of orders. The company's website says that since 1995, the main customer of Bamstroyputi is the Ministry of Emergency Situations, which "attracted the company to work on the liquidation of the consequences of natural disasters" in several regions. Until mid-2010, construction for the Ministry of Emergency Situations remained for the company the main projects: in particular, Bamstroyput built a building for the Ministry of the National Center for Crisis Management, the building of the Main Directorate for the Moscow Region, several educational institutions, medical centers and sports complexes.

In 2012, Sergei Shoigu left the Emergencies Ministry: first to the post of governor of the Moscow region, then - to the Russian defense minister. Soon after this, as noted by RBC magazine, the state order portfolio of Bamstroyputi began to change. By 2015, the Ministry of Emergency Measures has terminated the last contracts with Bamstroyputem for two buildings under construction in Moscow - the Academy of the State Fire Service of the Emergencies Ministry and the 201-apartment residential building for the ministry's employees. The reason was "the threat of violation of the integrity of load-bearing structures, the threat to life and health of people and significant violations in terms of non-fulfillment of obligations," was said in the termination order published on the website of the Ministry of Emergencies.

As early as in 2014, the company began to receive Defense Ministry contracts, including the construction of a complex on the Frunzenskaya Embankment of Moscow, the reconstruction of the Military Academy of the General Staff, the construction of a clinic in Moscow, several military towns in Sevastopol, etc. For the past few years Bamstroiput has built up a military patriotic park Patriot: the company built the congress center of the park in Kubinka, builds a shooting club and a store for the Kalashnikov concern, the Almaz-Antey exhibition pavilion and democracies for the United Shipbuilding Corporation orations and the corporation "Tactical Missiles".

"Bamstroyput" is one of the 500 largest companies in Russia (445th place) according to RBC. The owners of OJSC Bamstroiput are Anton Abdurakhmanov (84%) and Igor Tushkevich (3%), follows from the SPARK database. At the end of 2017, the company's revenue exceeded 7 billion rubles. The net profit amounted to almost 1 billion rubles.