Sergei Sobyanin fed the deputies with free cottages

Activists found a secret village where the city hall contains United Russia members from MHD on full state support /
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A secret cottage village was discovered in the near Moscow region. There, in townhouses with an area of ​​about 250 square meters. meters living deputies of the Moscow City Duma supporting Sergei Sobyanin. The budget of the capital not only bears the costs of this service housing, issued to parliamentarians without any reason, they literally pay for everything - from repairs to toilet paper.

Illegal housing

In the declarations of deputies of the Moscow City Duma of the last convocation for 2018, at least 16 United Russia residents indicated real estate with the status of “official housing”. It is called differently: cottage, apartment, cottage apartment, cottage. The average footage of all these properties is 265 square meters. meters.

“On the territory of the former rest house there are more than a dozen sections of houses, each of which has several townhouses. It can be seen from above that there are a lot of trees, neat asphalt paths and playgrounds. Indeed, some of the Moscow City Duma deputies live in an elite cottage village, whose existence is kept in great secret, ”the authors of the investigation write.

At the same time, the law on the status of a deputy of the Moscow City Duma, which guarantees deputies the provision of a chic Audi A6 with drivers as official vehicles, free medical care and free trips to resorts and other benefits, does not mention a word about providing free housing.

Moreover, as the Moscow headquarters of Alexei Navalny found out, the apartments and cottages indicated in the deputy declarations are not on the balance sheet of the Moscow government. The quarter of townhouses is located in the Odintsovo district, near Lake Paulus, on the territory of the former Lake Holiday Home, which is adjacent to the Deauville cottage community. Buildings on the territory of the former holiday home are not cadastral, assure anti-corruption fighters, which is illegal.

With the help of archival documents, activists found out that the former Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov ordered the construction of summer cottages on the site of the rest house in 1997, and in 2010, the Lakes Rest House was liquidated by his order. The cottages were transferred to the balance of the State Budgetary Institution of the City of Moscow “Financial and Economic Administration of Moscow City Hall”.

The same GBU organizes “material and technical support for the activities of the Moscow Mayor, other members of the Moscow government, the Commissioner for the Protection of Entrepreneurs in Moscow, officials and employees of the mayor’s office and the government of Moscow, and other executive bodies”. But there is not a word about the Moscow City Duma deputies in the documents.

The officials justify the transfer of housing to the deputies by some hidden regulatory acts, crafty putting the people's deputies under the category of "people who fill public positions in the city of Moscow."

On full security

Employees of Navalny’s headquarters interviewed several opposition deputies of the current MHD convocation to find out if anyone had offered them free housing in a closed cottage village on the lake? Mikhail Timonov, head of the SR faction in the Moscow State Duma, said that he did not know anything about office housing for deputies. The head of the Yabloko faction Maximum Kruglov said that the regulation does not provide for the issuance of official housing at all.

Only a member of the Communist Party faction, Elena Shuvalova, who came to the Moscow City Duma back in 2014, recalled that several years ago she was asked to write a statement addressed to Moscow Deputy Mayor Anastasia Rakova about providing a house in Lakes. Then the deputy refused, because he considers such nomenclature privileges to be in principle incorrect and unfair.

In addition to the fact that United Russia deputies were provided with free housing, the city also contains them, supplying everyone at the expense of taxpayers. Activists confirmed this information through the public procurement website.

They found that despite the liquidation of the holiday home, the Ozer territory is owned by the city, and the Financial and Economic Department of the Moscow City Hall regularly holds tenders, ordering Ozer residents to repair houses, clean pools, dry clean furniture, and even buy washing powder and toilet paper. As if the deputies with a salary of 400-500 thousand rubles a month can not provide for themselves.

The territory of the gated community and the number of townhouses suggest that in addition to the deputies there are other people who deserve the favor of Sobyanin and his team.

“Who else lives at the expense of Muscovites in this cottage village? We hope that independent deputies will ask the mayor’s office. We ask representatives of all fractions in the Moscow City Duma to send relevant requests and find out on what basis tens, and maybe hundreds of millions of rubles, are spent each year on servicing the inhabitants of these cozy houses, ”the authors of the investigation said, adding that they sent appeal to the prosecutor's office with a request to demolish unregistered buildings.