Sergei Sobyanin will not be able to ride the opposition with the breeze

Communist Party, SR and Yabloko opposed the construction of the Ferris wheel at VDNH.
Representatives of the Communist Party, Just Russia (SR) and Yabloko factions in Moscow City Duma (MHD) will unite against the construction of Europe’s largest sun wheel, the Sun of Moscow, which is planned to be installed in the southern part of VDNKh. On Monday, residents of the Ostankino district of Moscow begin to be on duty around the clock at the construction site in order to prevent the wheel from being erected: activists intend to stop special equipment at the entrance to the site. The representative of the Yabloko faction Maxim Kruglov told Kommersant that the three factions are preparing a joint appeal addressed to Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin and intend to seek a meeting with representatives of the mayor’s office, who "ignore the protests of the residents."

For the third year, residents of the immediate environs of VDNH have opposed the construction of the 136-meter Ferris wheel “Heart of Moscow” at 119 Mira Avenue, building 498. In addition to the attraction, a seven-story shopping center (TC) is supposed to be erected there, but the shopping center does not cause any objections from residents. On Sunday, several hundred residents of the Ostankino district gathered for a rally against construction. Municipal deputy Sergei Tsukasov urged them to "prevent the construction from starting", he was supported by the organizer of the gathering, State Duma deputy and the head of the Moscow city committee of the Communist Party Valery Rashkin. The participants decided to keep a round-the-clock watch at the site of construction of the Ferris wheel. Residents of the 2nd Ostankino street, where the “Heart of Moscow” is supposed to be built, have been opposed to the attraction since 2016. According to the petition and letters addressed to the Mayor of Moscow and the President of the Russian Federation, “the construction of the wheel is planned 30 meters from the nearest residential building”, and this “entails technogenic risks”.

“At the end of September, we learned that the Regions group of companies received a building permit, now it only remains to get in the way of special equipment,” Sergey Tsukasov told Kommersant. “Last Friday, October 18, a round table was held in Moscow City Duma on this topic, but from representatives of the authorities came only representatives of VDNH and the Ministry of Emergencies. ” According to Mr. Tsukasov, the initiative group “No to the wheel!” Has a letter from the Main Directorate of the Ministry for Emergencies in Moscow, which says “there is no special equipment in the city to deal with emergency situations at facilities higher than 100 m”. “The representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations at a round table on Friday said that there is still equipment, however, roads of 10 m wide are needed for its entrance. But there are no such passages in our yards,” Mr. Tsukasov said.

During a roundtable at the Moscow State Duma, the head of the Department for the Development of the Territory of VDNKh JSC, Maria Manokhina, said that the construction of the Ferris wheel was “a private investment project funded by the Wheel-VDNH LLC, which is part of the Regions group,” and the construction “was not planned on the territory of the exhibition itself , and on an adjoining land plot of 3.5 hectares. " “This plot is owned by the city property department and leased to the investor. We have no relation to this project, ”Ms. Manokhina explained.

The head of the regional branch of A Just Russia in Moscow, adviser to the faction in the State Duma, Alexander Romanovich, confirmed to Kommersant that the “Heart of Moscow” has been in the party’s attention since this spring, but noted that “it’s necessary to submit it for discussion to the expert council in MHD after studying the documentation and similar use cases. ” Mikhail Timonov, the head of the SR faction in the Moscow State Duma, told Kommersant that the faction is unlikely to support constant duty around the construction site. “The success of the protest will depend on how much the residents and deputies themselves are involved in this process,” Mr. Timonov said. MPD from Yabloko Maxim Kruglov, elected in the 14th district where the confrontation is going, is ready to go out and personally stop the builder’s special equipment. He told Kommersant that his party "actively supports the intention of citizens to organize round-the-clock shifts." According to Mr. Kruglov, the Yabloko faction, the CP and the Communist Party intend to jointly appeal to the Moscow Mayor in the coming days.

At the time of preparing the publication, the Regions Group of Companies did not comment on the situation. A response to the request sent to the group of companies on October 11 has not yet been provided.