Sergei Vilshenko stole money from Artem Chaika and RZD

The head of Asia-Trans, allegedly hiding outside the Russian Federation, allegedly abducted 1.3 billion rubles from RZhD, and nearly 140 million rubles from the structures of the son of Prosecutor General Yury Chaika Artem.
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Cars insured in one-day

The Investigative Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs opened a criminal investigation into the fraud of 1.3 billion rubles committed against the state company "Russian Railways". This is stated in the case materials, a copy of which is at the disposal of RBC. The authenticity of the documents was confirmed by a source familiar with the course of the investigation.

Thefts are connected with the activity of the transport company "Asia-Trans", which from June 2012 to October 2015 was supposed to provide logistics services to the branch of the Russian Railways - Central Directorate for repair of the railway. In fact, the money transferred to it by the Russian Railways was deducted from fictitious contracts with one-day firms, the documents say. In particular, within three years, "Asia-Trans" transferred money to the company "Projector - Logistic Company" allegedly for insurance of railroad cars and cargoes, whereas "Searchlight" (according to the investigation, the nominal company) did not even have a license for insurance activities . The money, according to the Federal Tax Service, was legalized outside of Russia, it is stated in the case.

The case was opened on May 25; it was based not on RZhD's statement, but on materials from another criminal case, RBC's source said.In July, Deputy Prosecutor General Viktor Grin, on behalf of the Russian Federation, filed two civil lawsuits in defense of RZD in the Meshchansky Court of Moscow: on recognizing the company as a victim in a criminal business and about recovery of all sum of damage - 1 266 924 665 rbl. (RBC has copies of the lawsuits). They will be considered together with the criminal case on the merits.

In the RZD declined to comment. Contact with the management of Asia-Trans RBC failed: two of the company's three phones listed in the SPARK database are not available, another one now belongs to another organization. The company "Projector", according to SPARK, now does not work.

Two are under arrest, one is on the run

Accused of the case three: the general director of "Asia-Trans" Evgeny Matveev (in the company's card in SPARK he is listed as acting head), the former general director of "Projector" Alexei Kirillov and businessman Sergey Vilchenko.

In August, the investigation asked to conclude Matveyev and Kirillov in custody, but the Moscow Tverskoi Court rejected these petitions, it follows from the data of the portal of the capital courts. The court sent Matveev and Kirillov under house arrest for two months, a source told RBC, familiar with the investigation.

On August 22, the decision of the Tverskoi Court of Moscow was arrested. The measure of restraint was elected in absentia, as Vilshenko is outside the country, told RBC's interlocutor and confirmed the press secretary of the Tver court Anastasia Dzyurko.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs considers Vilshenko the actual owner of "Asia-Trans", the source of RBC specified. According to SPARK, 99% of the authorized capital of the company belongs to JSC "Amaranth", 1% - to Ekaterina Krasninihina. At the same time, general director of Amaranth - Gennady Vilchenko.

Crushed stone

Sergei Vilshenko, like Krasnikhin, appears in another criminal case - about embezzling 139.9 million rubles. in the non-ore company "Berdyaush", which since 2014 belongs to the son of Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika Artem. This case is now heard in essence in the Chertanovskiy court of Moscow. The accused face up to ten years in prison.

The Berdyaus oil company, now renamed the PNK-Ural, produces crushed stone and is a major supplier of Russian Railways, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the money was drawn in the same way as in the case of Asia-Trans: with the help of fictitious contracts with technical firms. The embezzlement was discovered in the course of an audit appointed after Seagull bought the company from Wilshenko.

At the same time, the defendants associate their persecution with the attempt of Artem Chaika to avoid fulfilling obligations under the deal to buy Berdyaus, in which he had to pay Vilchenko about $ 80 million until July 2017, paying attention to the fact that a few weeks before that date, a criminal case was opened. Representatives of Artem Chaika did not comment on these statements.