Sergey Beim to RBC: "I have 30% of the Crimean market of oil products"

The US and the European Union introduced sanctions against "Chornomornaftohaz" which had been nationalized by the Crimean authorities immediately after joining Russia, Ukraine threatens it with multibillion-dollar lawsuits and criminal cases are initiated against its former top managers
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In late September, the former "daughter" "Naftogaz" led by a well-known Crimean businessman, the owner of one of the largest networks of gas stations on Sergei Beim peninsula. About how he inherited the company lives in a situation of sanctions and what help to expect from the Russian government and state-owned companies, Beim told RBC in the first interview in his new position.

"In the next two to three weeks they will be prosecuted"

- How did you become the head of the "Chornomornaftohaz" and who called you to work?

- Forty days ago I joined the company. I called the chairman of the Council of Ministers of Crimea Sergey Aksenov. I'm in the energy sector has worked for 23 years. Before "Chornomornaftohaz" I was vice-president of the corporation TPP.

- According to our information, it has recently been dismissed several top managers "Chornomornaftohaz" for a variety of charges - from theft to violations of official duties and inconsistencies positions. Is it true? Do instituted against them criminal cases and who will be punished?

- Things are going indictments yet, but criminal cases are initiated in the next two or three weeks against the defendants, who were accused of embezzlement. It is too early to say, because there is an investigation. I can only give the names of the dismissed, but that does not mean that against them prosecuted.

- Who was fired?

- He was dismissed former CEO Sergei Komissarov, who made a lot of problems, and with it dismissed most of his team. For example, dismissed Andrei Malyshev, Deputy Director General for Commerce and Simeon Popov, head of 'Chernomorneftegazservis ". Temporarily suspended from his duties as adviser to the ex-Director General Edouard Bazilevich. Quietly in the place of the departed leaders recruit new top management. For example, my first deputy was Alexander Kotovsky, who 17 years worked in the Crimean ports. Good production worker.

- You have been filling in the Crimea, I heard that you sold their companies to Ukrainian businessman Sergei Kurchenko.

- No, II did not sell, but simply walked out of the council of founders. The dressings were my property, right now they are in [my] family.

- What would you do in his new position as a management policy will change the company "Chernomorneftegaz"?

- We will develop the company, to transform into an advanced, in the next two or three years you will see it.

- How? Ukraine is trying to sue for the assets of the company, potential investors threaten sanctions ...

- Ukraine may sue, although lawsuits, we have not seen. I created one of the greatest empires of the fuel in the Crimea from the ground up, which means that I can pick up on his feet and a large state-owned company. For now, I take 30% of the Crimean market for oil products. It's all set up my family's work. This indicator.

"On the peninsula will gas" Gazprom "through an offshoot of the" South Stream "

- To increase the level of oil and gas on the peninsula, it is necessary to carry out exploration. Do it budgets and potential contractors?

- Resources DivorcedGOVERNMENTAL in Soviet times oil and gas fields will last for the next five years of production in the Crimea. Now we are producing 5.3 million cubic meters of gas per day, and when it drilled an additional six or seven wells in Odessa oilfield production will be 6.5-7 million cubic meters per day [about 2.5 billion cubic meters per year]. To date, the Crimea, excluding generation uses as much gas as mines, that is, 3 million cubic meters per day. But taking into account the needs of the generation will grow, therefore, in addition to its own production "Chornomornaftohaz" on the peninsula will gas "Gazprom" through an offshoot of the "South Stream".

- When and how much?

- A branch of the "South Stream" should go through territory of Russia, the construction will begin next year. Further, the pipe will come to the Crimea on the underwater pipeline across the Kerch Strait. Tentatively, we should start getting 2-2.5 billion cubic meters of gas on the allotment in 2016.

- Who are the major oil and gas companies claim to develop oil and gas fields in the Crimea and in partnership with "ChernomornefTaghaza "?

- There is a decree of the Council of the Crimea to annul the previous rights of ownership of licenses Ministers on all the small oil and gas fields on the peninsula, which had not been developed. That is, the owner receives a confirmation of stocks, then did nothing with this information went to the London Stock Exchange or in Warsaw and received under this financing. Now these areas receive "Chernomorneftegaz", among them there are 15 highly promising fields, which will supply gas to the local generation. Among former owners not only Ukrainian, but also international companies. But big is not there. From well-known, for example, the US company Texas Nafta.

- Will you continue to work with foreign partners in exploration and production in the oil fields in the Crimea, including on the shelf?

- At the moment it is difficult to cooperate with foreigners. Perhaps it's good: it will help us understand how we can cope with it on their own. Although attractive assets on the peninsula is. For Subbotinskoeestorozhdenie fought Shell and BP. In situations we see if we can attract partners in this project, for example, Chinese companies. In the next month it will be prepared a proposal. Partners of all orders will be happy.

- "Rosneft" and "Gazprom" interested in assets in the Crimea?

- While it is difficult to them because they have a lot of assets in Europe [EU sanctions prohibit work in the Crimea]. We is not easy to attract such large companies as a partner in the Crimea.

- That is, they are not applied for a license in the Crimea?

- They can not right now, because it will cause them irreparable economic damage.

- Who are you working then?

- While working on their own, but there is a middling Russian private companies, who are not afraid to get under sanctions and help us in the field of hydrocarbon production and processing.

- Whether interest was shown to the exploration Rosgeologiya in your area?

- While we did not see them, but if they come, we will be happy.

- Do you have remainedKrajina claims to "Chernomorneftegaz" for breach of contract or on gas supply? How are these questions?

- Return shipments should have been in small fields, but it remained Ukrainian, so they are their own gas supply. No lawsuits to "Chernomorneftegaz" by the Ukrainian authorities and companies, we have not yet seen, when we see, we'll talk.

"For this is the offshore companies"

- What are the problems in the flow of gas for the needs of power generation is in the Crimea?

- Objectively backbone network in the region out of date. It is not only in deterioration of the pipelines themselves: the input and output have different diameters of pipe - difference of 200 mm, this is not taken into account during the development of the federal target program for the development of electric power in the Crimea. For example, the gas outlet pipe of 720 mm diameter at the entrance - 520 mm. Because of this difference, we can not bleed the necessary volume of fuel on thermal power station in Sevastopol, Crimea the capital of risk freezing in winter. For the needs of the construction of power generation capacity are providedon the use of extra-budgetary funds in the amount of 20 billion rubles, but in fact you need twice as much - 40 billion rubles. 8.5 billion rubles. we are able to cover their own expense. The rest can also be found. If the government will meet the company and release of VAT, these funds could be used in the electric power and the modernization of pipelines and underground storage facilities.

- Where are you going to buy equipment for power generation in terms of sanctions - given the fact that most of it - it imports?

- To do this, there are offshore companies that will buy us for imported equipment for the electricity and gas generation. If it does not, then we will deal with import substitution.

- Are you credit to Russian banks?

- Yes, in the bank "Russia" and RNCB [Russian National Commercial Bank].


From drivers to vice presidents

Beim Sergey was born in 1968 in Simferopol. In 1998 he graduated from the Tauride Institute of Business and Law, specialty "Economics". In August 1985, Articlel pupil operator on CNC machines in the mechanical assembly shop number 11 at the Simferopol factory of food mechanical engineering them. VV Kuibyshev. From February 1989 to March 1989 - the driver, in combination - the tanker SS-4 trust "Simferopolpromstroy". From March 1989 to August 1989 - the driver of the cooperative association "Taurica" ​​in Simferopol. From August 1989 to August 1991 - the mechanic 2nd category Repair PA "Krymavtotrans" cars. From February 1990 to August 1991 - the driver of the 3rd class cars of all types duty ATP-14354 GAP "Krymavtotrans". From September 1991 to February 1993 - the driver of the company "Baker". From March 1993 to October 2014 - on the development of the vice-president of the company "TPS". In 2006 he was elected to the Verkhovna Rada of the Crimea from the bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko. September 30, 2014 was appointed General Director of "Chornomornaftohaz".