Sergey Chemezov got a bunker with one-meter-thick walls instead of a palace

The Chemezov family shifts the blame on an interior designer who was paid by a suitcase with $3 million in cash.
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Research Affairs of Russia in Moscow conducted interrogations and searches in the case of a family house in the "palace style" in the "Rostec" Sergey Chemezov and his wife Ekaterina Ignatova. According to investigators, a famous architect Nana Hernandez-Getashvili received a large amount of work on this subject, but did nothing. In turn, according to friends of the architect, the house was originally built of poor quality and it was impossible to realize our plans.

A source familiar with the situation, ATC CAO officers raided the premises owned by his mother and sister-Hernandez Getashvili. There have also been questioned by almost all senior officials of the company "En Ji Cinema", which is owned by an architect. According to the investigation, "the person submitting Hernandez-Getashvili" decided to commit fraud against Ekaterina Ignatova and fraudulently received from the latter in excess of 1 million rubles (for the wording "more than 1 million rubles" lies sum exceeding several million euros). It is believed the police department of the Central District, for this amount should have been an architect to carry out architectural and construction supervisionfinishing work mansion in Zhukovka village near Moscow, as well as to purchase home furnishings. However, the promise has not been made, the money did not get back Ignatov. Chemezov also took part in the solution of issues related to the construction project, but it is in a criminal case is not mentioned. Hernandez-Getashvili now lives abroad.

According to the interlocutor, the couple Chemezov, Ignatov was originally conceived an ambitious project. According to their plan, in Zhukovka it was to be elevated to the mansion area of ​​4 sq. M. m with a swimming pool, a winter garden, etc. It was envisaged that the ceiling height in the living room will be 6-8 m, on the other floors -... 4.5-5 m Inside the building were decorated in the style of the palace, and the walls and ceilings are covered wood panels. The interior of the mansion was conceived as follows: inlaid floors, marble mosaics, the doors of the sandalwood and mahogany. Marble, furniture, curtains and plumbing were brought from Italy. But in reality, everything went absolutely according to plan.

According to the source, when the house Chemezov family was mainly built for the project was invited Hernandez-Getashvili. According to the agreement with his old friend Ekaterina Ignatova, the architect carried out exclusively design control over the object. This control of the size of the premises, provision of rooms for the relevant elements of the project design Hernandez-Getashvili. The construction of the house she had a relationship, and to the interior works could not go due to objective reasons.

"Professional Architect (no Hernandez-Getashvili) performed only the first stage of the project, and then all the work was carried out" with a leaf ", without the construction documentation and preliminary estimates - suggested the source" familiar with the situation. - The result is a building with walls meter thickness, overlap more powerful than in the hopper. Every engineer or a builder who saw this building, terrified unjustified structures and absurdities of construction in general. The roof was made crooked, and between it and the outer wall had an opening, where for several years merged precipitation. Wet walls are not allowed to make the finish. We had to break all the walls of the outer layers, dry and put hnew. It is, in fact, new construction. There were big problems with communications. For example, four years after the start of construction of houses in the pool are non-existent. In September 2013 Nana offered to take the whole construction itself. But she refused, as the contract term has been specified - 1 year. Then the owners decided to give construction companies in the hands, which has made them an object in Akulinin. But the leaders of this company after reading suggested that the house is easier to blow, and in its place build a new one. Sergei Chemezov, lost his temper when he visited the construction site. "

According to the interlocutor of the agency, implementing design control, Hernandez-Getashvili constantly stated unwillingness to finish the object. The house is over the edge of rough work was never released. Accordingly, Nana could not start their work, even though all the necessary materials and furnishings have been purchased in Italy. "Nana stated that the house to the interior works are not ready, so she had" hands are tied ". However, the owners did not believe it, did not want to order the examination. All of this has led to conflicts, especiallybecause of the money already spent on the interiors. The story ended the criminal case. Although a crime here? Exclusively civil relations ", - says the source.

It is worth noting that the building is now in Zhukovka for sale. The criminal case of the "mansion Chemezov" connected to one production to another case related to the construction of the cottage headed "This decision to initiate the case does not hold water. It says that in the office on the street Hasek representatives of the "Inter-tack" handed cash $ 3 million representatives of LLC "Al Gee Cinema" as part of some agreements to work in the cottage "Lyubushkin Farm" on the territory of the village of Gorki-2. Allegedly unidentified representatives of "En Ji Cinema" works are not carried out, and the money could assign. In this case there is no agreement numbers, dates of their imprisonment, not even said it oral or written agreement. That is, in the territory of the Russian Federation, where the official currency is the ruble, one legal entity to another legal entity pays not by bank transfer, and a suitcase stuffed with dollars. At the expense of what is transmittedI have money, too, is unclear. Some nonsense "- suggested the source familiar with the situation.

It is worth noting that the company "En Ji Cinema" belongs Hernandez-Getashvili, the official founders of LLC "Inter-Hals" are two offshore. But a source familiar with the situation, believes that the company is associated with Dmitry Razumov, it was also decorated built them "Lyubushkin farm" mansion, located on a plot of 7 hectares. According to the interlocutor of the agency, in respect of the $ 3 million-Getashvili Hernandez should have done interiors of the cottage, but surprisingly Razumov has decided to sell the estate. As a result, between it and the architect of the conflict situation there.