Sergey Chemezov will enter Moscow Exchange

Rostec plans to raise up to 100 billion rubles for projects of the KLA and Kamaz.
RT-Finance, owned by Rostec, prepared the first issue of bonds on the Moscow Stock Exchange. The company plans to raise up to 100 billion rubles. to finance civilian projects, a Rostec representative said Friday.

Moscow Exchange registered the termless program of issuing bonds of RT-Finance in March of the current year. The maturity of securities will be up to 15 years.

This is the first experience of Rostec in raising funds through the placement of exchange-traded bonds, the company representative said. According to him, the corporation is counting on significant interest from a wide range of investors. The bonds are secured by the guarantee of a state corporation, a high credit rating of which, according to the company, determines the high level of security of securities.

Issue of bonds for 100 billion rubles. - This is a lot for the market, especially considering the specifics of the issuer, said Raiffeisenbank analyst Denis Poryvay: “Foreign investors are likely to be wary of the state corporation’s securities and will not be able to send funds due to their compliance. It is rather a release among the local narrow circle. ”

More than 30 billion rubles. of the funds raised, Rostec plans to spend on the purchase of Ansat helicopters and Mi-8s in medical configuration (produced by Rostec holding Russian Helicopters) for the National Air Ambulance Service, which provides medical assistance to people in remote regions of Russia.

The air ambulance program was launched in 2017. Its goal is to update the fleet of Russian airlines and support the aviation industry. Machines for the program "Helicopters of Russia" sell close to cost: "Ansat" - about 225 million rubles, Mi-8AMT / MTV - about 350 million rubles. with a market price of 300 million and 450-500 million rubles, respectively. The procurement of airplanes to regional ministries of health is subsidized by the federal budget: 3.3 billion rubles each in 2017 and 2018, about 4.5 billion - in 2019. Thanks to this program, Russian Helicopters increased the production of civilian vehicles in 2017–2018 several times. - up to about 70 per year, before their release was about a half dozen per year.

Part of the money raised "Rostec" plans to send to the creation of the Russian airliner MS-21. It is developed by the United Aircraft Corporation, also owned by Rostec. In October 2018, the companies announced plans to invest in MS-21 more than 50 billion rubles. until 2025

Rostec will also finance the production of Kamaz trucks (47.1% belongs to Rostec, 23.54% to Avtoinvest and 15% from German Daimler AG) and the production of other civilian products.

Kamaz already occupied Rostec. For example, in 2017, I received a loan in the amount of 5.5 billion rubles from my main shareholder. with maturity by 2032. The money was allocated to finance an investment project for the development of the model range and modernization of capacities.

In 2018, Kamaz’s total investments amounted to 15 billion rubles. One of the main projects was the completion of the construction of a 55,000-unit cab frame factory. per year - for Kamaz and Mercedes-Benz trucks. This year, KAMAZ intends to invest about 15 billion rubles, including in the serial production of trucks with new cabs, in the development of the production of gas engine equipment, electric buses, and so on.

A representative of Kamaz said that the company did not comment on the decisions of shareholders. Vedomosti is awaiting comments from representatives of Russian Helicopters and the United Aircraft Building Corporation.