Sergey Ignatovich hatched from the business incubator

The former deputy governor and federal inspector of the Khabarovsk Territory will move to a strict regime colony.
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The case of violations in the Khabarovsk Lesprom was heard for about two years. Recently, the court of the Central District of Khabarovsk found three former officials - the former chief federal inspector for the Khabarovsk Territory, Vitaly Lukyanchuk, the former deputy governor of the region Sergey Ignatovich and the former construction minister Andrei Skomorokhov - guilty of bribery, fraud and hindering the business.

Criminal prosecution of former officials began in 2016. The investigation established, and the court confirmed that there were multiple violations of the law. For example, Vitaly Luk'yanchuk, being a federal inspector, received, through the mediation of the governor, a bribe for “helping” in concluding a government contract with Infrastructure company Infra for the construction of a healthcare facility in the Sunny district of the Khabarovsk Territory. Pay for assistance in repairing Mr. Lukianchuk’s service apartment and its “filling” - household appliances and furniture for 3.4 million rubles. Even more than a million rubles were stuck to his hands, since in 2014-2016 the official provided fake data about the air tickets allegedly bought at his own expense - he flew on business trips!

For money, you can speed up something, and something to slow down. Sergey Ignatovich and Andrey Skomorokhov (respectively, the former deputy governor and the former minister of construction of the region) spoke out in tandem: they prevented the construction company Isida from fighting for the state contract for the construction of a business incubator in Komsomolsk on the Amur river.

Sergey Ignatovich, by the way, having ignored the established prohibition, was engaged in entrepreneurial activity in March-December 2015: the very one, mentioned above, LLC “Infra", "received various bonuses and general patronage from Mr. Ignatovich. In the story between Infra and Isis, things went to extremes: as Kommersant writes, “both regional officials, when requesting proposals to conclude a government contract for the construction of a regional business incubator in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, demanded the director of Isis to refuse from participation in the tender in favor of "Infra". "

The order for the construction of a business incubator - a four-story building worth 122 million rubles - was placed in the fall of 2014 by the KGKU Customer Service of the Ministry of Construction of the Territory. LLC “Builder of Russian Railways” (Khabarovsk) became the general contractor, LLC “Building Company“ Infra ”and JSC“ Dalmetallurgstroy ”(DMS) also took part in the competition. The following year, the contract with “Builder of Russian Railways” was canceled, and in the new tender for 93 million rubles, Infra won, co-owner and head of which Sergey Ignatovich was from 1993. (Andrei Skomorokhov, by the way, before he became a civil servant, led the LCA).

Ex-vice governor Sergey Ignatovich and former chief federal inspector Vitaly Lukianchuk were sentenced to imprisonment (Sergey Ignatovich got 7 years and 6 months in a strict regime colony, Vitaly Lukianchuk - 9 years), former construction minister Andrei Skomorokhov received 2 years probation. In addition, property acquired in the form of bribes (household appliances and furniture) will be turned into state income, and convicts Ignatovich and Lukyanchuk will also pay a fine of 13 million rubles for two.