Sergey Kelbakh: kickbacks on the roads?

After Ziyad Manasir's Stroygazkonsalting became the winner of the first stage of building competition of the Central Ring Road, the experts suspect that the owner of Avtodor Sergey Kelbakh is connected to the businessman, reported the specialists in the construction sector to the correspondent of The Moscow Post.
Bet on "Stroygazkonsalting"

As is known, the construction of the Central Ring Road (CRR) has long been a cause for major scandals. Moreover, some of them were connected with the election of contractors. And when, finally, the construction of the first stage of CRR, revealed that won the tender holding "Stroygazkonsalting" Ziyad Manasira. Now, this holding will fulfill the state order for construction of the Ring Road for 48.9 billion rubles. - 3.5 billion less than the limit price.

Curiously, Manasir won this competition in Crocus Group Aras Agalarov and SARK (25% owned by Gennady Timchenko). Immediately after winning the tender, in the expert community started talking about a possible link Ziyad Manasira and heads of "Avtodor" Sergei Kelbaha.

After all, under the terms of the contest winner gets the contract lifecycle to 23 years on road maintenance. Under the contract, the contractor will build and maintain the road and collect fees and maintain traffic control system will "Avtodor" selected state company or the operator. The rate has not been determined, the averageevzveshennaya rate, according to Chairman of the Board "Avtodor" Sergei Kelbaha may reach 2.32 rub. / km. The state will pay investors 14.7 billion rubles. in respect of its investments to the basic premium to the inflation rate of no more than 4.55%.

Thus, Manasira Kelbaha and on the development of common interests CRR may be another 23 years in a row, because in this period "Stroygazkonsalting" and "Avtodor" will work together!

Why Kelbakh Manasira rescued in difficult times?

According to experts, "Stroygazkonsalting" - one of the largest contractors of "Gazprom". The site "Stroygazkonsaltinga" it is said that he built or is building pipelines (eg coastal land Russian Nord Stream), administrative and social buildings.

However, currently for Manasira fallen on hard times, because in the autumn of 2013 "Stroygazkonsalting" major contracts from the "Gazprom" does not receive. Knowledgeable people say that in "Gazprom" were unhappy with the letter Manasira Secretary of the Presidential Commission on the development of fuel and energy, Igor Sechin. Manasir pozhalovaI, that "Gazprom" will cover contracts only on the fact and owes "Stroygazkonsalting 'threatened lawsuits to" Gazprom ", but asked the Commission to understand.

As a result, "Stroygazkonsalting" actually left without its main customer, so Manasir urgently had to find a new partner for the state of his holding. By coincidence, it became "Avtodor", which is the construction of a gas in no way connected.

"Sliding" Us?

But why so much Kelbakh decided to help business Manasira? Experts do not exclude that the owner "Stroygazkonsaltinga" may give "kickbacks" in the "Avtodor" in the form of cash or shares in the business.

The thing is that earlier in the media wrote as Ziyad Manasir willingly shared stake in their business with the families and friends of Viktor Chernomyrdin other important gas monopoly managers. Analysts speculated that having a common share of business with important officials, and provided himself Manasir public contracts from the same "Gazprom"

So, given the very catfishitelnoy reputation Minister Sergei Kelbaha "Avtodor" Experts also believe very real version of that Manasir as "something shared," either by the head of the automotive goskorparatsii or with his family.

How to cash in on the Ring Road?

Earlier, journalists have criticized Kelbaha in an attempt to cash in on the construction of the Central Ring Road in the Moscow region. But this project will cost hundreds of billions of rubles! Thus, according to the latest data on the Ring Road, from the National Welfare Fund will soon be allocated 150 billion rubles. Another 60 billion rubles. It will be allocated from the Russian Direct Investment Fund, another 74 billion - from the federal budget. The remaining 76 billion rubles. We must provide private investors. Thus, if the estimate is not "swell", the total amount of financing of Ring Road project until 2018 will amount to 300 billion rubles.

That's just the safety of the money raises serious doubts, as the Investigation Department of the Russian Federal Security Service has initiated a criminal case number 678 354 on the theft of about 9 billion rubles allocated by the Russian government for the construction of the Centralbeltway.

According to counterintelligence, the money has been paid from the Investment Fund of Russia in the development of project documentation CRR. However, due to various fraudulent schemes "unidentified persons" stole these funds. Some of them were cashed.

Next Kelbaha of embezzling $ 9 billion?

Rumor has it that the theft of 9 billion rubles was involved and the current head of "Avtodor". It was stolen funds that were allocated in another FGU "Roads of Russia".

But before it is FSI is the customer of the project of Ring Road, but in late 2010 the project passed the state company "Avtodor". Recall that the December 27, 2011 Vladimir Putin has dismissed the chairman of the "Avtodor" 53-year-old Sergei Kostin. In his place was appointed Sergei Kelbakh.

Curiously, it Kelbakh in 2008 - 2009 gg. He held the position of Director General of Federal State Institution of the "Roads of Russia", from which in an unknown direction, "flowed" 9 billion rubles allocated for the CRR. And as for the futurem allocate 520 billion rubles for the creation of the Central Ring Road at the time, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin announced in 2008, then with high probability we can assume that the "disappeared" were withdrawn billions from the budget at the very time when Kelbakh headed FGU "Roads of Russia" !! !

It seems that the current head of the "Avtodor" Mr. Kelbakh turned the project of Ring Road in a kind of "feeder" for themselves and their subordinates. And the fact that Kelbakh already put 48.9 billion rubles holding Ziad Manasira, makes to think about, not counting the chief of "Avtodor" on a solid "rollback" of the "Stroygazkonsaltinga"? !!

In connection with the Rotenberg?

However, the head of "Avtodor" Sergei Kelbaha appear, partnerships are connected not only with the owner "Stroygazkonsaltinga" Ziyad Manasir, but also with a host of "Mostotrest" Arkady Rotenberg, whose company is building a highway from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

By the way, recently the Accounting Chamber revealed overstating the estimates for the construction of the toll road from Moscow to St. Petersburg in Tverskoy region made up 6.6 billion rubles. !!! Not difficult to guess that such a serious "inflation estimate" - a clear sign of "cutting." And given the fact that Rotenberg and Kelbakh are members of the so-called "St. Petersburg team", the possibility of collusion between them is extremely high.

Moreover, the auditors greatly troubled by the fact that the company's investment in Rothenberg road project from Moscow to St. Petersburg was 5.2 billion rubles, and the cost of "Avtodor." - 1.432 billion rubles. In 2011-2012, 11.8 billion rubles were invested in the project., Of which the share of performer (ie "Mostotrest") in the total volume of capital investments amounted to 2%.

"The world practice knows cases of this ratio budget costs and attract investment, namely 98% to 2% with the implementation of public-private partnership projects," - said the auditor Maxim Rohmistrov.

So, get to Rotenberg actually builds a private road on the budget money? But why Kelbakh made him such a "gift" ?! According to experts, the head of the "Avtodor" could easily get from the ownersto "Mostotrest" solid "roll back"!

It seems that the story of the possible "corrupt connections" with Kelbaha Rotenberg and Manasira time to check the investigating authorities, but the White House, apparently, already worth thinking over the resignation of the head of "Avtodor"!