Sergey Kiriyenko loved Finland and Jordan with atomic love

Head of the Supervisory Board of Rosatom, First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation and dollar billionaire Sergey Kiriyenko will write off $ 90 billion for the construction of nuclear power plants in Finland, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, Bangladesh, and India.
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Of the 36 announced projects, the deputy head of the presidential administration, Kiriyenko, failed 29. The rest, most likely, do not pay off. In the report “Exports of Russian reactors: dreams and reality”, based on open sources, the experts of the group “Ecodefence!” Found out how many reactors are actually being built and which of the facilities actually have not even signed contracts yet. The release of the report is timed to the eighth anniversary of the accident at the Japanese nuclear power plant "Fukushima".

According to the document, which publishes the "Interlocutor", out of 36 new reactors that are included in Rosatom's "foreign orders portfolio" worth $ 130 billion, only seven are under active construction: one unit in Turkey and two each in Bangladesh, Belarus and India With respect to a number of other projects, even legally binding documents have not yet been signed.

At the same time, as “Ecodefence!” Writes, the driving force in Rosatom projects is often Russian government lending, the total amount of which approaches $ 90 billion. When private capital is required to be attracted, the projects are actually closed, as in Jordan, or they are stalling as in Turkey , where three private companies withdrew from the agreement with Rosatom after almost a year, and new buyers of a stake in the project have not yet been found.

In Finland, the implementation of the Hanhikivi nuclear power plant project in the absence of the necessary licenses has been delayed for four years, despite the flow of funds from the National Welfare Fund of Russia ($ 2.4 billion at the planned construction cost of $ 7 billion).

An interesting example is Belarus, the timing of the construction of a nuclear power plant in which, according to the president of the republic, Alexander Lukashenko, disrupted the Russian Federation. Minsk stated that it expects a reduction in the rate and an extension of the repayment period of the loan received from Russia. Meanwhile, in the $ 11 billion cost of the Belarusian NPP project in Ostrovets, $ 10 billion is just a Russian loan, the report stresses. A similar ratio between the value of the contract and the volume of Russian loans was discovered by environmentalists in official data on projects in Egypt, Bangladesh and two blocks of the Kudankulam NPP in India.

$ 90 billion allocated by Russia for foreign NPPs in the form of loans and other means, co-chairman of the group “Ecodefence!” Vladimir Slivyak calls “an absolute record in Russian history” and a “fantastic amount” that poor countries will hardly return to the Russian budget. This view is supported by the author of the preface to the report, former Deputy Energy Minister Vladimir Milov: “Instead of the widely publicized foreign exchange earnings from the construction of nuclear power plants abroad, our country, on the contrary, pays for many projects. Including in the form of providing ultra-cheap loans to other countries at rates that our own citizens and entrepreneurs can only dream of. ”

Previously, the agency Ruspres reported that Sergei Kiriyenko and Alexey Likhachev, the corporation's general director, attracted foreign agents employed by the state corporation in the Czech Republic Andrei Cheremisinov and his partner Mikhail Ukhov to cut Rosatom's funds.