Sergey Makhlai destroyed the environment and runs away from responsibility

Oligarch with an American passport fouled up Voronezh Oblast. 
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"Tolyattiazot" - one of the most mysterious Russian companies: the former head of the company is on the run, shareholders can not meet for the fifth consecutive year, the former chairman of the board of the enterprise Sergey Makhlai who took US citizenship, continuing from abroad far to control the plant and does not respond to the protests his father, accused him of raiding. In this dilapidated chemical enterprise gradually becoming a serious environmental problem is not local. Given the length of ToAZovskogo ammonia, problematic region becomes almost the whole country. In addition, the factory management has learned well to avoid responsibility for numerous local accident to "pipe", hiding the scene of small and medium gravity. That inevitably leads to a major disaster in the future.

The results of environmental impact assessment for the accident at the ammonia pipeline of "Trasnammiak" in the village Lipyagi Tarnovo district of Voronezh region of the Russian federal center of judicial examination of the Ministry of Justice, many were waiting with unconcealedmy hope that finally all those responsible for it will be punished to the fullest extent of the law, writes However, the conclusion of experts of the capital came as a surprise to all who are watching this story, especially for the regional Department of Rosprirodnadzor in the Voronezh region, which also filed a lawsuit to the Arbitration Court to recover from the damage of 12 million rubles for environmental damage caused. The chances of winning the upcoming Office trial is now melting eyes.

Experts FBU RFTSSE at Russian Ministry of Justice on the basis of studies of water, air and soil, made earlier laboratory specialists at Rosprirodnadzor, concluded that fundamentally goes against the opinion of Rosprirodnadzor experts. Namely - "the presence in soil samples at concentrations of nitrite nitrogen 0,41-0,56 mg / kg, based on the error does not indicate contamination of lands and their deterioration." That is fedtsentra experts felt that harm the soil as a result of leakage of ammonia was not applied at all.

As the deputy head - head of the supervisory department of Rosprirodnadzor ThiefOnega region Gennady Seidaliev, "is the conclusion of experts causes a lot of questions and suggests a suspicious mind."

"Despite the numerous ranks of Moscow State University professors who conducted the examination, I am, of course, is not competent to judge them, but I believe firmly that they overreacted in its output. Our laboratory lot of work at the accident site was conducted, where we went. There were present, and the prosecutor's office and the FSB and the supervisory authorities and service. In short, the scale of the disaster have seen many, even to the naked eye. Not just himself Governor Alexei Gordeyev took the case under his personal control, and carefully watched his progress. Suddenly, federal experts concluded that the damage was not motivated. For us, the results of this examination came as a surprise. It seems that in all of this is mixed cash resource, taking into account the facts that are known about the company, has committed ammonia leak. The fact that the people behind it are wanted, speaks volumes. Therefore, we will continue to insist on its position, we will think how to do it within the law "- CommentSeidaliev shaft.

It is worth recalling that in the course of proceedings is "Transammiak" insisted on holding additional examination and tried to introduce into the experts of the experts, after which the court ordered its implementation to the Russian federal center of judicial examination of the Ministry of Justice.

Meanwhile, since the resonance of the accident has been almost 10 months. In SU IC Russia in the Voronezh region continues preliminary investigation of the previously excited two criminal cases - for Part 1 of Article 250, part 1 of the Criminal Code st.254. At first, it was extended to 6 months, which was dated March 23 and then - until 23 April. According to the press-service of SU IC Russia in the Voronezh region, "the term of the preliminary investigation was extended due to the need for a number of investigative and legal proceedings as well as the results previously appointed forensic examinations." At the moment, the case is also in the first division for the investigation of particularly important cases SU IC Russia in the Voronezh region, and the progress and results of the work on the case as assured in the department, under control of supervisedTwa Investigation Department and heard at operational meetings.

Recall breakthrough main ammonia pipeline Togliatti - Odessa (controlled affiliate "Voronezh Management" JSC "Transammiak") in the area of ​​the village Lipyagi occurred June 21, 2015. After the ammonia was transported products of JSC "Togliatti". As a result of the leak ammonia formed a cloud about the size of 300 m, which is the stele along the small pond about 2 m from the surface. According to estimates of ecologists, the victims of the accident were about 150 hectares of land (agricultural land, forests), 4 ths. Specimens of fish. Among the victims, according to rescuers, and one local resident. Large number of victims was avoided only thanks to the fact that the powers of the regional and district management rescuers population was quickly evacuated.

The ammonia pipeline Togliatti - Odessa is under the control of the chemical enterprise "Togliatti" - located in the Samara region giant production of ammonia and other chemical products. The ammonia - the construction of Soviet times. His proyazhennost -. 2,195 thousand km, half of which passes through the territory of Russia, and the other half - the territory of Ukraine. It is significant that the earlier the Russian part of the ammonia - JSC "Transammiak" - directly owned by OAO "Togliatti". However, a few years ago "Transammiak" was transferred to the offshore companies. "Togliatti" is today considered the most technologically backward factory in domestic agrochemical industry, working only 2/3 of its capacity, but it has a strong lead in the number of violations in the sphere of ecology, industrial safety and occupational health. Over the past four years the company Rostekhnadzor revealed hundreds of serious violations: in 2011 - 600, in 2012 - 200, in 2013 - 300 more violations. The main shareholders of "Togliattiazot" are Vladimir and Sergei Makhlai and Swiss businessman Andreas Tsivi. At the moment they are arrested in absentia in a criminal case of fraud on a large scale with the sale of products for export. Both Andreas and Makhlai Tsivi are in the federal and international wanted list as the former reeralny company's director Evgeny Korolev.