Sergey Matvienko gave Sevastopol Airport to Simferopol

Acting head of Sevastopol, Dmitry Ovsyannikov, started a useless demarche against the Simferopol airport, which fell into the hands of the son of Valentina Matvienko, Sergey.
In Sevastopol, the city administration is unfolding confrontation with the federal government. The first round of the Acting Governor of Sevastopol, Dmitry Ovsyannikov already lost. 1.7 billion rubles, together with the transfer of the Sevastopol "Belbek" airport in the airport of Simferopol actually "gone" in the Crimea. And on the Simferopol air hub is almost "lay hands" the son of the head of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko - Sergey.

Ovsyannikov scandal Sevastopol representative withdrew from the Supervisory Board of the Directorate of the federal target program for the socio economic development of Crimea and Sevastopol. Moreover, the interim governor harshly criticized the management of the action, calling it a "useless" and proposing a structure to eliminate. Among other things, Ovsyannikov said that the Russian government has set up the structure of the budget and expensive - for its maintenance is spent 320 million rubles.

According to sources, The Moscow Post, a representative review of the supervisory board of the Directorate of FTP Ovsyannikov held in response to the performance management leader Andrei Nikitchenko.
On the eve of Nikitchanka officially announced that "the Russian Federation, it was decided - the airport" Belbek "will become a branch of the Simferopol airport." That is, Sevastopol will not get a proper airport, or 1.7 billion rubles, which in the framework of the federal program have been allocated for its development. And the money, respectively, will be used for the development of the Simferopol air hub.

Chances still leave "Belbek" Sevastopol for at Ovsyannikov virtually none. Earlier, the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov said that the issue of transfer "under the wing" of Sevastopol aviation hub airport of Simferopol was decided at the top. That's just it turns out that the Russian government established the structure, which aims - the development of Sevastopol, takes and gives the local airport with the money on its development Crimean airport. Knowledgeable people say that all explained simply - Simferopol Airport entered the zone of interests of Sergei Matvienko - the son of the third person in the country, Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko.

Mom "Agreement"

Last summer, it was announced that the reconstruction of the airport Simferopol for 32 billion rubles was given to an unknown company - OOO "International airport" Simferopol ". On the relevant agreement already signed by the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov, head of the Eugene Airport Plaksina and general director Oleg Zhestkova company. At LLC "International Airport Simferopol" with a nominal registered capital of 10 thousand rubles there is one feature - the name of the office coincides with the air hub management company - JSC "International airport" Simferopol ".

As it was established, through a chain of other LLC and ZAO trail leads to Sergey Matvienko. But first things first. The founder of "International Airport Simferopol", which was established June 3, 2015, listed the company "Accord Invest". Gendirektorstvuet both "OOOshkah" Oleg tough. "Accord Invest" was founded in 2010 with registered capital of 10 million rubles, the two founders - the same rigid and OOO "Accord Holding". He and the head and founder of the "Accord Holding" with the charter capital of 12.4 million rubles.

Here are just a led Mr. Zhestkova assets are pledged to a certain company "B.M.A. - Invest ". This is stated in the loan agreement, the current right up to 2028. But the very LLC "B.M.A. - Invest "is also incorporated - the company" Syndicated Investments ", has registered capital of 20 thousand rubles. A situation where a company with millions of capital laid down office with formal charter capital, or usually say about the machinations, or that all of these structures - only chain to cover the present owner.

Most likely, for the second, and the whole structure has been built. In the "Syndicated Investments" directorship of one lady, her name is Olga Leontievna Ershov. He - and the founder of this company. But Ms. Ershova runs another company - JSC "equivalent", which 11 years ago was registered in St. Petersburg. But the founder of St. Petersburg was listed JSC "Empire". Capital "Empire" is not an imperial scale - only 10 thousand rubles. "Emperor", or rather, the general director, there working Alexey Borisov. But the figure of the founder of this company is much more interesting. This businessman Sergei Matvienko.

About extremely high interest of the merchant to the Simferopol air hub, which has not (yet?) Republic of Crimea, evidenced by the fact that the head of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko last summer flew to the Crimea. As rumored interested in the affairs of the Simferopol airport, in addition to the official visit of the chairman of the Federation Council could not just go to the Crimea, as they say, informally.

This leads to a version that Valentina "traveled" to the peninsula to conduct negotiations on the participation of related agencies with her son in the most "fat" development projects Simferopol air hub. If so, the son of my mother did not fail, and Sergey Matvienko has got a project and 32 billion rubles in the form of soft loans and low-priced "infusion". It is assumed that 30% of this amount will be investment, and another 70% - "credit" of officially employed in the banks peninsula, including RNCB and the bank "Russia".

The bottom line is that after the reconstruction of the Republic of Crimea will lose 100 per cent control of the renewed airport. The regional property will be only 49% of the shares, the remaining investors will depart project. Oh, does this mean that Sergey Matvienko, and even on the soft loans and the budget money, "bite off" a significant chunk of air unit? It looks like it. So much is really there to defend the governor Ovsyannikov Sevastopol Airport, which is about "pocketed" the offspring of a third person in the country!

"Feasible" assistance

Valentina cares about the interests of his son, not only from the height of his position in the Federation Council. In politics it had ample opportunity to help their offspring in times gubernatorstvovaniya Matviyenko in St. Petersburg. However, then the "mothering" raised questions from law enforcement. In particular, in 2015 it became known that at the time when Matvienko "rules" of the northern capital city for 49 years, has been leased to a certain company "Version" 20 hectares of land okoloplyazhnoy with pine forest on the shores of the Gulf of Finland. Earth, let's face it, the elite.

First signed by Valentina Matvienko of St. Petersburg was followed by a decree of the Government of 2007, which the Company allocates land under the "investment project" - construction of a hotel and recreation complex. And then KUGI concluded with the "Version" lease. No problems with access to this area from the "Version", of course, have arisen.

Although legally speaking, we should have been. On the territory of the leased "gold" area there is a lake. But make sure that the lake really is, you can just visit the site. And then, if we can see something behind a high fence. After that, the tenant has built a mansion on a plot area of ​​1240 square meters and two utility rooms, and then privatize them. In 2013, "Version" on the basis of the owner's property rights, privatization of land required for 10% of its real value.

But that is not all. Land company quickly was surrounded by that wall, because of which is difficult to ensure that the lake - not a fairy tale locals. Even two fences - internal and external, with which the "Version" to "grab" a few extra hectares of municipal land, including 1.4 hectares and the coast of the Gulf. In fact, the private fence on municipal land and non-admission to the water body, as is the lake, the laws are can not. But here in the Committee on the Environment on a complaint they responded at the time: that which has admission, there was no lake.

So, "Version", based on data from the register is associated with a certain Sergei Vladimirovich Matvienko, who is only one letter prevents become a full namesake son of the head of the Federation Council. "Version" Matveenko owned company "MCT-Holding", the now liquidated. But in 2008, "Version" was sold to the familiar "Empire", whose founders - Sergey Matvienko. According to the latest information, "Version" is still suing the city for the right to own an elite segment. Anyway, my mother-governor Sergey Matvienko business "blossomed." And the new residence of the city administration, "Neva Hall" constructed, and contract with the city for 3 billion concluded. However, he has been accused of raider attacks. But this is nothing more than the fact that the mother of the governors in the head of the Federation Council filed. So all of Sergei Vladimirovich well. And Sevastopol interests give way to the interests of the son of the head of the Federation Council.