Sergey Polonsky: "I flew on Deripaska's plane from Cambodia"

Duma deputy Alexey Chepa (it was under his bail Polonsky was released from prison in Sihanoukville) told me about the meeting of Sergey Polonsky and Oleg Deripaska in Switzerland.   
Interview with Cepoi was recorded on May 30 last year. In early June, the "New" has sent a request to the name of Oleg Deripaska. In a document registered at the Secretariat of "Basic Element" June 4 it was written:

"In late March, media reported that the company" Basic Element "ready" to provide legal and other support Sergei Polonsky. Our lawyers are going to fly to Cambodia in the near future. We are also ready to connect to the consultations with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation on the opportunities that exist in a legal and diplomatic ways for his early release. " A week after this information was made public Polonsky was released. We have learned that after the release of Sergei Polonsky you supposedly met with him and allegedly discussed the purchase of shares of "Slav Group", owned by Sergei Polonsky. I would appreciate it if you find the opportunity to confirm or refute the information about the meeting with Sergei Polonsky and tell us where this meeting took place and what inWe ask you to discuss with him "(see details. in the" New », № 64 dated June 17, 2013).

Oleg Deripaska did not consider it necessary to respond to journalistic inquiry. But the question remains. And I could not ask them Sergei Polonsky, when last week met with the developer in the capital, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Polonsky has confirmed that in May last year, flew from Cambodia to Switzerland on a private plane, who sent him Deripaska. Polonsky said that during the meeting in Geneva, they did discuss the issue of redistribution of shares in OAO "Slav Group". And agreed that Polonsky Deripaska will sell its stake in the company. But, according to Polonsky, Deripaska has not fulfilled its obligations, and the transaction has not been closed.

But a week ago it was reported that the company is controlled by Oleg Deripaska "Altius Development" starts building a residential complex in the capital Kutuzovsky Prospekt. It is about the construction of an office and shopping complex with residential buildings 580,000 square meters on land belonging to the company "Transth Moscow Instrument-Making Plant. VA Kazakova. " The main shareholder of the plant name Kazakova - that of "Slav Group", which is in turn owned by the Cypriot company, controlled by Deripaska and Polonsky. Therefore, the decision to proceed to Deripaska's project looks strange when, in the statement Polonsky, owners are not yet fully resolved the question of asset allocation "Glory Group". Especially that Deripaska had once "burned", and it is on the actions of the plant. Kazakova.

I recall, in December 2006, Ros-sian Federal Property Fund (RFBR) put up for auction 15% stake in the plant, evaluating them in 100 million rubles. During the bidding price rose to 5 billion. But it soon became clear that the plant's new shares, and 15% have turned to 1%. Controlled Deripaska LLC "Altius Development" tried to appeal against the additional share issue, but the Moscow Arbitration Court on 15 February 2007 issued a decision on the case number A40 -70996/06 25-433, which dismissed the claim. The decision to resist the appeal.