Sergey Pugachev sued Russia for $10 billion

The founder of the International Industrial Bank Sergey Pugachev has filed a lawsuit against Russia for $ 10billion. The document was sent to the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague. This information was confirmed by the businessman's representative to RBC.
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Ex-banker Sergei Pugachev, which in Russia is suspected of illegal withdrawal of funds IIB, filed a lawsuit to Moscow for more than $ 10 billion. This Reuters on condition of anonymity, a source told Reuters news agency close to Pugachev.

The lawsuit was filed in the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague. The interviewee said that the details of the claims Pugacheva will be announced in Paris on Tuesday, 22 September.

Representative Pugachev Dmitry Morochenko RBC confirmed the fact of the claim.

According to RBC source close to Sergei Pugachev, a basis for filing a lawsuit was the expropriation of the ex-senator of four groups of its assets in Russia: shipyards, Yenisei Industrial Company, the project on the Red Square "Kremlin" (at Red Square, 5 to be built luxury Hotels) and land in the Moscow region. In turn, Morochenko content of the claim, including its amount, would not comment, citing the fact that this talk at a press conference on September 22 Pugachev lawyers

The fact that Pugachev can submit claims to Russia, msgsmoose in July. Then, in a conversation with "rain" the former senator accused the Russian authorities of embezzling four assets worth $ 15 billion.

Sergei Pugachev was the main beneficiary of the Industrial Bank, which in the summer of 2010 he was deprived of the license, and later went bankrupt. After that, the Central Bank, which was the main creditor bank, got bail assets were controlled by Pugachev United Industrial Corporation.

In the autumn of 2013 against Pugachev, who left Russia at that time, it was instituted the first criminal case. According to investigators, Pugachev stole 28 billion rbl., That the Bank of Russia has allocated Mezhprombank as unsecured loans.

Later Pugachev was charged with a new charge. The investigation, in 2009, issued 120 loans Mejprombank he controlled entities in the amount of 64 billion rubles. Loans were secured 100% of the shares of Cyprus company OPK Mining Limited, which belonged to the Yenisei Industrial Corporation. Later Pugachev terminated the contracts of pledge, thus deprived Mejprombank ability to enforce the Cyprus asset.

Agency fearsIAOD contributions addressed to the authorities of the United Kingdom, where he moved Pugachev, to arrest its assets.

In early June, the British government agreed to consider the request for extradition of a banker to his homeland. He was forbidden to leave the territory of England and Wales.

In early July, Pugachev left London, citing the fact that he was threatened with murder. Unofficially, it was reported that he went to France.

In late July, in one of the five star hotels in Nice Pugachev he gave an interview to The Guardian British newspaper in which he said that Vladimir Putin was planning to stay in power as long as the rich. The businessman claimed that the end of his first presidential term head of state was the fear that to him might happen if he leaves the Kremlin and his inner circle persuaded him to stay.