Sergey Sobyanin breathes unevenly to Sergey Gordeev

The mayor of the capital retains an unusual loyalty to the head of the PIK Group of Companies.
Again there was a fire in the famous Moscow Vernissage of the so-called Izmailovo Kremlin. Closer to the night, smoke was noticed, which the firefighters arrived quickly managed to eliminate. This was reported by The Moscow Post. Many market participants associate a fire with a non-burned cigarette, as some people think. Suspected arson by people close to Sergey Gordeev’s PIK group of companies is suspected.

With the blessing of the mayor of the capital, Sergey Sobyanin, the company receives the most profitable construction contracts, often in relict places that are not intended for this kind of activity.

Vernissage in Izmailovo is not burning for the first time. There, for example, a fire happened last fall and it was completely pushed away only a month later. Moscow firefighters immediately put forward a version of intentional arson. This, in particular, reported the agency "RIA-News".

Opening day - a place of its kind unique. Here are located cultural centers and art salons, this is a favorite place of the creative intelligentsia of the capital. And in such a place there is a fire after fire.

The fact is that the Vernissage site is at the mercy of builders for residential development. Against this, more than once the public has spoken. Activists and local residents held protests.

But it did not have the desired effect. Neither the Moscow authorities headed by Sergei Sobyanin, nor the developer represented by Sergei Gordeyev.

Many are wondering how a district with a historical and cultural value in a prestigious location was left at the mercy of large merchants. Almost none of the market participants were surprised that Sergey Gordeev’s company became the owner of the tasty piece of land. And not because the namesake of the capital’s mayor. Here the roots are much deeper.

Old love

Moscow authorities have repeatedly explained the big preferences. They say that the company is among the participants in the construction market the most prepared and professional. As a result, all the most prestigious contracts turn out to be exactly the structures of Sergey Gordeev.

Some media outlets cite the amount of state contracts that the PIC received from the Moscow authorities only last year. In monetary terms, it turned out pretty round - almost 34 billion rubles.

This is more than half of all the money that was provided in the city treasury (69 billion rubles). And this is despite the fact that Gordeev and his company repeatedly get into scandals of various kinds. Izmailovsky Opening Day - not the first of them.

For example, there is still a scandalous story about the Ilinskoe-Usovo project. As reported by Aktivatika newspaper, the security forces are very interested in multi-billion dollar financial frauds in its implementation. There, by the way, despite the sharp objections of both specialists and public figures, PIK built high-rise buildings. It is also interesting that the Mortongrad company started the project.

But the company just in time for the start of discontent was bought by PIK. It happened unexpectedly for everyone. After all, a piece of painfully fat. In this regard, market participants have suggested that a banal raider seizure allegedly took place.

Dark past

The business empire of Sergey Gordeev began in the 90s with the company "Rosbuilding". This company, according to rumors, quite cheekily engaged in the absorption of competitors. Also Gordeev bought stores and department stores. As the empowerment of the businessman began to buy light industry enterprises. Thus, the Bittsevskaya felted shoe factory became the property of PIK in a not entirely clear manner. The Rosbuilding company, which belonged to Gordeyev, acquired, at a residual value, the Peter Alekseev Moscow Fine Powered Factory.

This attracted the attention of security officials to Gordeyev’s business. The prosecutor’s office sent a request for the legality of Gordeyev’s actions. However, for some reason, Sergey Gordeev emerged unscathed. The criminal case is not filed. I do not have played a role in this case, his relationship with the Moscow authorities?

There was also a case last year when law enforcement agencies made a trip to the PIK office. The case concerned the provision of more than 6 hectares of land from Dynamo, on which a business center and a sports palace were built. Allegedly, the money provided for construction disappeared in an unknown direction. About this wrote the publication "Compromising".

The security officials may be interested in and Sergei Gordeev buy back in October last year a PIK stake in Alexander Mamut and Mikail Shishkhanov for 47 billion rubles. By law, equity holders can only be used for construction purposes. The total profit of the company for 2016 amounted to 20 billion rubles. If Sergey Gordeev has spent the funds of co-investors on the purchase of shares, then it looks more like a financial pyramid.

Protesters and people in connection with the construction of a residential complex in the area "Kuntsevo". But all the protests went into the void with the tacit consent of the city mayor's office. But about this strange connection for outsiders a bit later.

International footprint?

PIK and Gordeev surfaced in connection with the relations with the Moscow region mafia. In particular, we are talking about the leader of the so-called Solntsevo grouping Semen Mogilevich. The US office, called the FBI, published data that through one of the American banks, $ 10 billion was laundered.

They were laundered, according to overseas law enforcement officers, Russian one-day firms. Verkhovodil them just Mogilevich, and the name of the very bank was The Bank of New York Mellon.
And one of the beneficiaries of the credit organization is the PIK of Sergey Gordeev. It was rumored that the matter did not go without lobbying the Moscow authorities. At the very least, this was suggested by the Insider portal.

Moreover, the activities of Mogilevich were allegedly encouraged by the city authorities. Thus, Gordeyev was "tainted" by an international scandal.

And again about Sergey Mayor

Why is it that such sympathy of the mayor of the capital to the developer Gordeev? Maybe because a longtime friend of Sobyanin is considered to be Kirill Androsov? And he, in his turn, is a longstanding business partner of PIK and a good friend of Gordeyev.

It is not excluded that the incredible loyalty of the city hall to the PIK is due to the patronage from Androsov, the deputy head of the Cabinet Office. As for Gordeev, he and Androsov can also be united by the joint ownership of the oil and gas company Ruspetro, by the way, with headquarters in the foggy city of London. This is the same "insider" claims.

By the way, Androsov still maintains ties in various forms with Sobyanin. So, according to rumors, he is a permanent organizer and participant of various forums, which are held under the auspices of the city authorities. By the way, the main sponsor of the Moscow Urban Forum Forum is Sergey Gordeev’s PIK group of companies.

With such friends, you can transfer all the costs of the future development of acquired lands. Be it a fire or a flood. Unless of course, the security forces again will not pay attention to the affairs of the owner of PIK. Or go back to the old cases.