Serial bank destroyer Vladimir Romanov

A former beneficiary of financial institutions that owe billions has been detained.
As it became known to Kommersant, ex-president of Rinvestbank Svetlana Pozdnova and the former beneficiary of this credit institution Vladimir Romanov were detained in Moscow tonight. The latter is considered the organizer of fraudulent schemes to withdraw from a credit institution at least 1.3 billion rubles.

In September 2018, law enforcement agencies began investigating the fraud with the funds of the Ryazan Rinvestbank depositors. The credit institution lost its license back in July 2016. In its message, the regulator noted that Rinvestbank was involved in "dubious transit operations, with unsatisfactory quality of assets, it inadequately assessed the risks assumed in this regard, and as a result, it completely lost its capital." The credit institution ceased to exist with a debt of 4.7 billion rubles.

In the course of the investigation of a criminal case of particularly large fraud (part 4 of article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), officers of the GUEBiPK of the Ministry of Internal Affairs established that about a dozen people were part of the criminal group. The investigation considers the ultimate beneficiary of Rinvestbank, Vladimir Romanov, to be the organizer of the crime. The direct executor of his orders was the ex-president of this credit institution Svetlana Pozdnova.

Police officers detained both bankers in their metropolitan apartments tonight.

In the near future, the investigation plans to charge them with fraud and go to court with a petition for their arrest.

Note that in November 2018, Ms. Pozdnova was already convicted of abuse of power (part 1 of Art.201 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) as president of Rinvestbank. Then the Soviet District Court of Ryazan sentenced her to one year and nine months probation for creating the appearance of an increase in the net assets of a credit institution.

But Vladimir Romanov has so far managed to get out of the water, although in his biography this is already the fourth bankrupt bank. Prior to that, there were Bank Elektronika (lost its license on December 25, 2008), as well as Multibank (license revoked on March 10, 2011) and Sberkredbank (ceased to exist on March 18, 2014). In the last two, Vladimir Romanov did not hold any official positions, but in banking circles it was he who was considered their ultimate beneficiary.