Shadow master

A criminal group, which transferred $46 billion from the country, has been discovered. 
As the "Kommersant", law enforcement officers detained a businessman Alexander Grigoriev, co-owner of a number of failed financial institutions, including banks, "West", "Doninvest" and Russian land bank. According to investigators, in a group, which included about 500 people, it not only ruined banks, deducing from them the most liquid assets, but could organize, including with Moldova and the Baltic circuits, the output abroad about $ 46 billion.

44-year-old Alexander Grigoriev was arrested on Friday by members of the management of economic security and anti-corruption (GUEBiPK) Interior Ministry and Federal Security Service of the Rostov region in the capital restaurant "Sphere" on Novy Arbat, a co-owner of which he is. In this place the businessman came to have dinner with his girlfriend. During the meal, in the hall there were investigators, accompanied by special forces. Sitting at the next table guard businessman detained did not obstruct. I do not resist, and mister Grigoriev - the master of the sport of boxing, one time yavlyavshiysya vice-president of the Federation of boxing in Moscow.

Once laid on the floor and handcuffed Alexander Grigoriev sat back at the table, law enforcement officials wondered if he would like to voluntarily give stolen money. However, he said that about any embezzlement does not know anything at all and he had no money. However, the next day, when in the Leninsky district court in Rostov-on-Don police investigation petitioned for the arrest of Alexander Grigoriev, suspected of committing two episodes of fraud on a large scale (ch. 4, Art. 159 of the Criminal Code), the businessman asked for his release on bail .

However, he expressed his readiness to deposit 105 million rub.- court is damaging to the amount charged to him now. However, the court rejected his proposal, concluded Alexander Grigoriev in custody for two months.

The businessman was arrested in the investigation of the criminal case of fraud initiated GU MVD of Russia in the Rostov region in April this year after an appeal to law enforcement representatives Tsentrobana. As established GUEBiPK MIA employees engaged in operational support in this case, six months before the revocation of the bank's "Doninvest" license (recognized as bankrupt in December 2014) shadow control over the financial institution received the Alexander Grigoriev and his men. They then with the help of the then Chairman of the Board "Doninvest" Alla Kalitvanskoy and her deputy Svetlana Gulenkovoy orderly withdrawal from bank accounts of more than 1 billion rubles. to the members of the group controlled by the company, as well as entered into fictitious transactions on the purchase of real estate, including in Crimea, more than 150 million rubles. Both ladies were detained operatives, and then arrested by the Leninsky district court - the Rostov Regional Court left the decision in force.

The issue of the detention of Alexander Grigoriev had just discussed in law enforcement. It is said that after learning of possible troubles with law enforcement authorities, Alexander Grigoriev allegedly gave certain "reshalschiku" 300 million rubles. for the fact that he has settled all of its problems. A couple of days before the arrest of the businessman "reshalschik" assured his client that theI have nothing to fear, and then just disappeared with the money.

According to "Kommersant" in the near future case against Alexander Grigoriev it planned to transfer from Rostov-on-Don in the investigative department of the Ministry of Interior. This is due to the fact that fraud, which, according to law enforcement officers, the businessman may have been involved, had a nationwide scale.

Alexander Grigoriev, known as co-owner of the bankrupt bank "West", "transport", as well as the Russian land bank. All of them have lost their licenses in 2014-2015 in connection with the high-risk credit policy, the placement of funds in low-quality assets, withdrawal of capital from Russia, and the loss of its own funds. All these events took place shortly after the bank becomes the owner of Alexander Grigoriev. Today the Russian Land Bank has to its customers 7 billion rubles, "the West." - 24.6 billion rubles, and "Transport" -.. 44.2 billion DIA already saw in the actions of managers "West" features a particularly large waste (h . 4 Art. 160 of the Criminal Code), referring in this regard to law enforcement, but dLo has not yet opened.

However, law enforcement agencies, according to "Kommersant", is more interested in other kind of activity of Alexander Grigoriev. According to intelligence reports, he was one of the leaders of the largest in the Russian organized crime groups engaged obnalnymi operations. Its activity was attended by over 500 people and about 60 Russian banks, including with the participation of state capital. Some of them, such as "Istkomfinans" Taurus-Bank and a number of others have lost their licenses, but many continue to work to this day. Through these, only the last four years was withdrawn around $ 46 billion (more than $ 75 billion according to the Central Bank, at the same time all over the border illegally was derived) from the country, and the annual turnover of the criminal group was about 1 trillion rubles. It should be noted that organized crime Sergey Magina community, considered the king of Russian obnal, brought from Russia of 169 billion rubles. Last month, the General Prosecutor's Office sent the case OPS in Presnensky district court of Moscow.

According to operational data, to withdraw money from a Russian artist Alexander Grigoriev has used the so-called Moldovan scheme. In accordance with her Collyuchalis fictitious transactions, including lending, between offshore companies, which acted as guarantors for the citizens of Moldova. The latter are the guarantors of the number of Russian-day firms. When the contracts expire, one of the parties to it could not pay the other. As a result, the creditors appealed to the Moldovan court, and he is forced to recover a debt. The court's decision to take enforcement bailiffs, whose accounts were in Kishinev Moldindconbank. There were open and correspondent accounts of banks licenses Alexander Grigoriev subsequently deprived, who allegedly served Russian firms-guarantors. According to the Service for the fight against money laundering in Moldova, from 2010 to 2013, only $ 18.5 billion was recovered on the basis of decisions of the Moldovan courts of different instances with Russian companies-residents. In fact, the scheme only covered the withdrawal. In addition, the same group for the withdrawal of funds could be used schemes involving Lithuanian and Estonian banks. According to the source "b" close to the investigation, taking into account all these circumstances, Mr. Grigoryev may eventually incriminatedVat organization of criminal community (Art. 210 of the Criminal Code). Receive comments from representatives of the businessman "Y" yesterday failed.

The famous Alexander Grigoriev

Private bussiness

Alexander Y. Grigoriev was born June 12, 1971 in the town of Borovichi (Novgorod region). He graduated from St. Petersburg State University ( "Law"), the All-Russian Correspondence Financial and Economic Institute ( "State and municipal management"). Master of Sports in boxing, some time was vice president of Boxing Federation of Moscow.

Since the beginning of the 2000s engaged in business, was one of the founders of the Yakut of the construction of "SU-888" (according, now owns 44.2% stake in the company, its revenue for the year 2014 - more than 1 billion rubles.). In 2013-2014, in the SU-888 board also included Igor Putin, a cousin of President Vladimir Putin.

In early 2012, Mr. Grigoriev has acquired 16.35% of shares and joined the board of directors of Russian capital's land bank (RZB), formerly owned by Elena Baturina. In October of the same year it acquired a stake in the Podolsk Promsberbanke. In 2013 he left the shareholders of RZB and acquired about 20% of the capital of the bank "West", in the same year he became a co-owner of the bank "Transport". According to the media, controlled by businessman and Rostov Bank "Doninvest", but he denied it. All of these banks in 2014-2015 have lost their licenses for various violations.

September 22, 2014 the newspaper "Vedomosti" reported on the Moldovan authorities disclosed the scheme to withdraw funds from the Russian Federation (about 700 billion rubles.) With the participation of 21 Russian banks, including those belonging to Mr. Grigoryev RZB Bank and "Western". The businessman denied the charges.