Sharapova became the focus of a terrible doping scandal

Five-time winner of the Grand Slam tournaments, the seventh-ranked person in the WTA rankings, one of the most popular tennis players in the world Maria Sharapova shocked the fans, saying that she didn't pass the doping test taken in January.
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This she told to urgently called press conference in Los Angeles on 7 March.

During the Australian Open in the body of the athlete was found meldonium, with January 1, 2016 made by the World Anti-Doping Agency WADA) list of banned drugs.

"The last ten years I have been taking the drug, called a few days mildronat, which gave me a family doctor after the letter I learned that the drug has a different name -". Meldonium "what I did not know for ten years, he did not enter. the list of banned, and I took it legally, but from January 1, the rules have changed, and he became a prohibited drug, "- explained Sharapova, as quoted by RIA" Novosti ".

"I have to take full responsibility, I can not blame anyone but himself ultimately you decide for himself what to take." - Added the tennis player.

She, however, stressed that would not want to finish his career in this way: "Every day I was coming to my work with responsibility and professionalism, I made a huge mistake, summed up the moih fans and all sports, which I dealt with four years and I really love. I understand the possible consequences, but do not want to finish his career in this way, and hope that I will give a second chance. "

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) has reacted instantly, removing Mary from competition from March 12, "pending a decision on her case."

The company of Nike, which Sharapova has worked for many years, has suspended relations with the tennis player, is in relation to her investigation continues ..

How to write sports media, if it is proved that Sharapova took meldonium deliberately to improve outcomes, she faces a suspension for four years, if unintentionally - for two years.

Executive Director of the WTA Steve Simon wrote in an official tweet Association: "Maria - a leader, and I always knew her as a very honest man, however, like Mary herself knows every athlete himself is responsible for what does with his body, and. I must know whether it is permissible. Now it is in the hands of the Tennis Anti-doping program and its stdrtnyh procedures. WTA will support any decision made during this process. "

I should add that on March 7, it became known about another Russian athlete, found in the body which banned meldonium. Sochi Olympic champion in figure skating Yekaterina Bobrova caught doping and together with his partner Dmitri Soloviev will miss the World Cup in Boston.

Russian Minister of Sport Vitaly Mutko, commenting on the scandalous news meldonium called "useless" and "not giving anything" drug, adding: "We must all be responsible we must be careful to coaches, athletes, doctors.".