Sharygo permanently stuck in jail

The case of the rape and beating of "model" Anna Lisovskaya-Medvedkova has gone far into the denention cell. 
Tver Court of Moscow until July 10 extended the period of detention in relation to Alexander Sharygo, accused of raping and beating model Anna Lisovskaya (aka - VIP-prostitute Anna Medvedkovo from Yartsevo Smolensk region). Apparently, Alexander will have to sit a long time in jail.

History unruly and stupid at the same time the life of the "golden youth" in the faces of the young blockhead Sharygo Alexander and his girlfriend, Anna agency employee ekskortnogo Medvedkov (goes for the media as a fashion model Anna Lisovskaya) in January 2016 reached a climax. According blubbered prostitutes Lisovska-Medvedvokoy, Sharygo allegedly beat and raped her, and then ... he went to surrender to the police, when he learned that he was declared wanted. "Beaten" Lisovskaya a few days happily chirping in the program Andrei Malakhov on the First Channel, "Let them talk."

However, the rapid isolation of this case did not happen. The period of detention for Alexander Sharygo extended three times - first he sat until March 10, then dJune 10th. As previously wrote the Russian media , the real underlying reason of this case is likely to impact on his father - businessman Konstantin Sharygo, resident recent years, in Nice (France). Young Alexander idiot is not clear what he did in Moscow and managed in France, "pick up" an elite prostitute Lisowski, Medvedkov. That is not possible, and then worked as a bait.

Now opposition Clan Sharygo and unknown extortionists were deadlocked situation: Alexander is sitting in jail, Lisovskaya-Medvedekova become much less flickering in the media complaining about the fact that her ex-boyfriend allegedly threatened her straight from behind bars. And because it needs state protection. Sam "sidelets" argues that modelka requires from him as much as 15 million rubles - for this amount she allegedly ready to pick up from the police his statement about the beating and rape.

Earlier, Constantine Sharygo filed a lawsuit against Lisovska-Medvedkov for libel, but until his turn Mr.disclosed. Exactly also the case with the court - after sitting in jail a young idler Sharygo maybe years.