Sharygo's casus: how dangerous it is to be rich and stupid

Why American Scott Mitchell never went to prison for "beating" his girlfriend, while Russian Alexander Sharygo has already spent 9 months in a confinement cell. 
American Mary Hunt almost upekli imprisoned her boyfriend - the general director of the cosmetics company Simply Organic Scott Mitchell, who suddenly changed his mind to marry her. She appeared in public with bruises and appealed to the doctors, accusing Mitchell in brutal beating her.

Luckily for Scott, he was not only rich, but also prudent, equipping your house in Florida hidden surveillance cameras. And one of them is recorded as Mary Hunt itself strikes all over the body and head . Mary attempts to prove the falsification of video without success, in addition she was accused of stealing jewelry Mitchell. In general, all stayed at his - Scott picked up a new cool blonde and Hunt against the police brought charges of stealing jewelry.

Alexander Sharygo before meeting Anna Lisovskaya. Source: VK

If Sharygo millionaires clan was even half as smart and prudentas an American Mitchell, their heirs - Alexander Sharygo - not sitting now in a detention center in Moscow. In 2014, 19-year-old idler Alexander, according to unconfirmed reports, who studied at MGIMO (according to other sources, who graduated from college in Switzerland and unsuccessfully tried to learn in the UK), met in Nice with a young Russian "model" (in fact - a prostitute from an escort agency) Anna Lisovskaya (Medvedkov). In Nice, a few years ago he settled his dad, a big businessman Konstantin Sharygo held in Moscow in the era of Yuri Luzhkov, transport services, but then decided to change the place of residence of the family to a safer place. However, his grown-up son in Moscow just returned - his own apartment in the center of the city, a garage with expensive cars, nightlife, friends, open a visa to Europe, the weight of money and lack of parental control. Is it not high?

Sasha Sharygo and his faithful friends. Source: VK

In January 2016 Sharygo offered Anna to spend a romantic eveninghis home in Moscow. Further, according to Anna Lisovskaya, Sharygo allegedly beat her and raped her, and then gallantly took her home. The next day Lisovskaya said to the police about the rape and beating and doctors demonstrated the rich art collection to bruising. The case of the "major" Sharygo was 10-11 January picked up by Russian media, the news from the "unfortunate" Lisovska passed even on TV, and on January 14 the story it quickly appeared in the ranking show "Let Them Talk" Andrey Malakhov on the First Channel. Apparently, the organizers had planned to get to Moscow, Konstantin Sharygo, his appearance was announced before the ether "Let them talk," but rather a cautious businessman in a dangerous metropolis not to meddle.

In the mind, blockhead Sharygo Jr. would have to take the leg in his hands and fell from Moscow to the Pope in France, the benefit of a residence permit in this country, he has. Instead, he consulted with his father, went to naive surrender to the police. Since it's been 9 months that major honestly clatter of Detkoy.

Alexander Sharygo longer rides in expensive cars. Source: VK

Perhaps Constantine Sharygo hoped that his connections enough to reason with very young slut and force her to take a statement. But suddenly it turned out that for a prostitute from escort agency is a force, which on the back to arrange a powerful public relations in the media, to prepay the plot in the rating program on the First Channel and, most importantly - the administration did not give the course any attempt to pull the young Sharygo from behind bars. Lisovskaya itself played the role of a daughter of a rich businessman Papic in Switzerland and stated that Sharygo clan allegedly offered her a 7 million rubles for the rejection of the application. But Anya resistant "only wants to get justice."

Part of the fleet of Alexander majeure Sharygo in Moscow - Mercedes and BMW X6 Source:. The VK

No need to be a genius to guess the banalblackmail. Apparently, someone behind Lisovska decided to milk the rich little Sharygo Constantine. In the course went old as our world layout on "beating and rape." It is noteworthy that Sharygo clan did not even "punch" the origin of the girlfriend of their son - in fact, it's Anna Lisovskaya prostitute Anna Medvedkov nicknamed "Miami" from Yartsevo Smolensk region. After graduating from high school in the city, she moved to Moscow, where he tried to build a career as a model, but it came down to an elite prostitution agency escort services. Through these activities, active provincial traveled half of Europe and met on the French Riviera in the end with Alexander Sharygo - young, stupid and ugly turns reveals rich.

Prostitute-Lisovskaya Medvedkov a "nurse" on air show "Let Them Talk" January 14, 2016.

How long Sharygo be stuck behind bars, Does not undertake to predict one. In Russia, there are many cases in which people spend awaiting trial in jail and two, and three, four and even years. Worse, no one can guarantee human security in a barbarous Russian penitsentarnoy system. Suffice it to recall the tragedy of lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, who died in jail "Sailor's Silence" in Moscow in 2009. In 2015 in Moscow prison, for example, killed 27 people, half of them - from the disease.

Currently sitting in jail in Moscow for more than 10 thousand people on January 1, 2016 the Moscow investigative isolators were crowded by 30.3%, perelimit has increased almost 8% compared with the beginning of last year. So, call this his release for a comfortable majeure accustomed to rasslabuhe and pleasure in Europe and around the world is difficult.

Sasha Sharygo soak in Kitzbuhel in Austria Source:. The VK

Sasha Sharygo Soaking
AET in Hong Kong Source:. the VK

August 23 Tver Court of Moscow Alexander Sharygo extended stay in custody until 23 October 2016. This is not the first time such an extension, and not the fact that the last. Attempts Constantine Sharygo appeal against a preventive measure in the Tverskoy District Court, and then the Moscow City Court , without success. Alexander himself Sharygo denies his guilt.