"Sheremetyevo" filed a lawsuit to VTB for early repayment of the loan

Airport listed bank $180.1 million of the princial debt and approximately $3.3 million of the credit interest to the bank, but it returned the money.
"Sheremetyevo" filed in the Moscow Arbitration Court lawsuit against the VTB Bank, according to the Court's website. Airport seeks early repayment of $ 180.1 million. The representatives of "Sheremetyevo" and VTB declined to comment.

The loan, which "Sheremetyevo" is trying to prepay, VTB in 2006 gave a "daughter" of "Aeroflot»  - OJSC "Terminal". The company took $ 217 million at 7.75% per annum for 13 years to build in "Sheremetyevo" terminal D. Subsequently, "Aeroflot" transferred "Terminal", "Sheremetyevo" in exchange for a stake in the airport. That, in turn, took over all the obligations "Terminal", including the debt to VTB, and began negotiations on reducing the interest rate (a copy of correspondence is in "Vedomosti").

In 2012, VTB has agreed to reduce the interest rate to 7.25% per annum, but the corresponding changes in the loan agreement the parties have not made. In 2013, VTB offered the airport to lower the rate to 6.5%, increase the loan term up to 2024, and issue a new loan of up to $ 600 million, if the "Sheremetyevo" translate "into accounts <...> VTB at least 50 % of receipts from counterpartiesntov and 50% of other banking products used. " But the general director of the airport Mikhail Vasilenko, December 23, 2013 wrote to President - predpravleniya Andrey Kostin its intention to prepay the debt to the bank.

Before you file a lawsuit, 28 February "Sheremetyevo" VTB transferred $ 180.1 million of principal and a little less than $ 3.3 million interest refinancing Gazprombank. But the March 4 VTB money back. To provide the "Terminal" long loan VTB attracted the money of the bank, and then refinanced the loan in one of foreign banks, he explained to "Vedomosti" one of the top managers of the bank return the payment.

Many of the major borrowers in a few years after the loan want more favorable terms, but the banks are not interested to change them. "Sheremetyevo" - a reliable borrower, why VTB him to lose "- said the president of" the Club of bank accountants "Kirill Parfyonov. By law, the company can not prepay the loan without the consent of the bank, says partner Law Group "Yakovlev and Partners" Igor Dubov. Position VTB looks stronger,read Parfyonov. Therefore, in his opinion, "Sheremetyevo" need "to persuade the bank", offering compensation. Earlier, VTB top manager told "Vedomosti" that the bank agrees to early repayment of the payment of fines in the amount of $ 5 million.