Shipyard Zvezda sues Interfax agency

The meaningless shipyard that was being built since 2009 did not like the information about the theft of 7.5 billion rubles.
The Far East Zvezda plant, which builds the shipyard of the same name in Primorsky Krai and is controlled by a consortium of Rosneft and Gazprombank, sued Interfax. This follows from the file of arbitration cases. The suit was filed on June 28. There are no details of the claim in the electronic file cabinet.

The representative of Rosneft declined to comment. Interfax executive director Vladimir Gerasimov explained to Vedomosti that the agency has not yet received a lawsuit, so it is premature to comment on the essence of the claims and the agency's position.

The suit concerns the protection of the business reputation of the company, told RBC the press-secretary of Rosneft Mikhail Leontiev. According to him, the company decided to go to court because of Interfax's information about embezzlement during the construction of the "Star". Leontiev did not answer the question whether there were material claims in the suit.

 Shipyard "Star" began to build in 2009. It will be the largest in Russia. The cost of the entire project, primarily focused on equipment for the development of oil and gas fields, is 145.5 billion rubles. In 2015, it was decided that 60 billion rubles. will allocate Rosneftegaz, the main shareholder of Rosneft, to the project. It is Rosneft and Gazprombank that are the actual owners of Zvezda through the JSC Far East Center for Shipbuilding and Shiprepairing (DTSS) and JSC STS, according to SPARK-Interfax.

On the morning of June 27, Interfax published a news article titled "The source called the amount of thefts during the construction of the shipyard" Star ". The agency, citing an informed source, reported that 7.5 billion rubles were stolen. The material did not say directly when exactly this happened, but the source explained that the investigation has been going on for more than four years, and one of the key defendants of the case is the former general director of the DCS, Igor Borbot, who is hiding in the US. Interfax also quoted the presidential envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District Yury Trutnev, who, as early as in the spring of 2015, talked about criminal cases of embezzlement of more than 4 billion rubles. during the construction of the "Star". In the news there was no comment on the representatives of Rosneft, Gazprombank and Zvezda.

After the publication of this material, Rosneft, also on June 27, issued a press release reminding that theft facts in the DCS were found more than four years ago, before the consortium participants (Rosneft, Gazprombank) joined the capital of the DCSU. The investigation continues with the active participation of Rosneft, the oil company said in a statement: "The information published by Interfax, and the way it is filed grossly distorts the reality, creates a false impression of allegedly continuing large-scale violations in the construction of the Star." In the same report, it was alleged that Rosneft would support Zvezda's appeal to the court to protect its business reputation.