Shooter's path: how Amiran Giorgadze spent his last day

According to law enforcemers, Amiran Giorgadze committed suicide on the same day, when he committed four murders. RBC has restored the chronology of the last hours of life of a reputable businessman, who became the Krasnogorsk shooter.
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Death in an empty village

Evening of 23 October the police cordoned off the street in the village Timoshkino Krasnogorsk district of Moscow region, where the body was found the developer Amiran Giorgadze, who is accused of killing four people, including the deputy chief of staff Yuri Karaulov Krasnogorsk district. Investigative actions continued until almost midnight. Only after investigators left the scene, the police removed the cordon and allowed journalists to come to the house.

In a small area, which visited the correspondent of RBC, located just two buildings: the front - a new, three-storey cottage unfaced of blocks behind - old wooden house, painted green, where he found the victim.

For journalists left the owner Valery Zolkin home. He described how the previous evening, 22 October, Giorgadze found in the structure of belonging to it. "In the village turn out the lights, and I went to check the circuit breaker", - he told Zolkin. He first noticed the broken window, and inside found the body. According Zolkina, he did not recognize Giorgadze, but immediatelyHe suggested that the body is also associated with a loud affair Krasnogorsk hand, and called the police.

Inside the house there was an order, stressed Zolkin. According to him, not smelled anything suspicious, and his dog, which was on the site. In the neighboring homes at this time of year, people usually do not live, telling the landlord, explaining the reason for which Giorgadze could get into someone else's house unnoticed. Sam comes to Zolkin Timoshkino only on weekends, but after high-profile crimes in the area tested their new home on Monday and Thursday.

According to preliminary version, Giorgadze has committed suicide. "Most likely, Giorgadze was shot on the first day [after the murder, on October 19], but the exact time of death install additional examination", - he told reporters the official representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Elena Alekseeva.

Kill Chronicle

The first of Giorgadze hand, according to investigators, killed the head of JSC "Krasnogorskoe enterprise of electric networks" George Kotlyarenko and Deputy Yuri Karaulov Krasnogorsk district. 19 ofktyabrya at 13:40 businessman and his driver, who held the position of Deputy General Director of the company owned by Giorgadze "Greentown" Shota Elizbarashvili entered the building Krasnogorsk district administration in the center of Krasnogorsk. They went to Karaulova study, which found the company Kotlyarenko. Both, according to Elizbarashvili during his arrest in court were familiar Giorgadze, so that the visit did not cause fear or near the driver nor the officials.

Carbine "Saiga", which is in the bag he brought in Elizbarashvili administration, his boss has registered legally. Already in the office of Giorgadze I took two pistols (near his body found the PM and TT) and threatening their victims weapons, began beating them, instructing the driver to take action on his mobile phone camera. Having finished in the end with Karaulov and Kotlyarenko, but not touching the official secretary, Giorgadze left the building and ordered Elizbarashvili take him to his car Range Rover in their home in the cottage "Third Hunting" (14 km from Krasnogorsk on Novorizhskoe highway), where the entrepreneur an appointment casevomu partner Tristan Zakaidze. The latter result was also killed.

Further, together with Elizbarashvili Giorgadze drove to the village Timoshkino, where the head of the Krasnogorsk district Boris Tales. The investigation believes that the shooter wanted to deal with this officer.

At the entrance to his house Giorgadze became ill. He got out of the car and crouched down, clutching his heart. At this point, next to him I stopped a passing scooter summer visitor, a security guard, "Moskovsky Komsomolets" 53-year-old Konstantin sense. According to a witness (their transfers "MK"), the meaning suggested another man passing by Giorgadze help, call an ambulance. When they came to the businessman, the owner pulled out a gun and shot the officer, "MK". The other man fled.

At this point Elizbarashvili, according to him, took the opportunity to escape from the boss, to contradict that since the first violence feared. Elizbarashvili left on Novorizhskoe highway, I threw Range Rover near the 26th km and caught a passing car. As noted in the TFR, Giorgadze, realizing that his driver is likely togo to the police, he decided that he could not deal with Rasskazov. So he hid in an empty house in the same village and killed himself a few hours later.

Problems with the business

The body of a businessman preparing for transportation to Georgia on Monday, told RBC Alexander Avramenko, managing director of the company owned by Giorgadze "Greentown". According to him, Giorgadze be buried in his native village of Oued-saz Zestaponi municipality of Imereti region.

Russian Investigative Committee had previously issued a statement which stated its intention to spend a few examinations: ballistic, forensic psychological and psychiatric. Investigators were going to find out, whether the blood Giorgadze drugs. The TFR emphasized that the investigation into the murder of the death of the prime suspect is not terminated.

It remains unclear motives of the shooter. According to the investigation, he shot Kotlyarenko Giorgadze and Karaulova after not received their $ 20 million compensation for the withdrawal from the constructionth business in Krasnogorsk district. About the reasons for Giorgadze he killed his business partner Tristan Zakaidze reported LifeNews. Sources of publications suggest that Zakaidze Giorgadze owed $ 400 thousand.

The main construction business Amiran Giorgadze concentrated in GC "Myakininskaya Riverlands". The loudest was the project of construction Pavshinskoy floodplain, where the company has built up 10 hectares of land. The land has been issued to LLC "Real Story", the same legal entity acted builder of the project, known as "LCD" Art. " The project involved the construction of six 45-storey buildings, of which only four built today. In 2011, Amiran Giorgadze left the project by selling its stake in the company structures of the group "Krost". Against the project repeatedly made by the locals. Today, homes are built, and between JSC "Myakininskaya Riverlands" and entities "Krost" ongoing trials: companies seeking to challenge the right of "Myakininskaya Porechye" serve as tehzakazchika project.