Shoygu's daughter replied to Navalny's disclosures

Defense Minister's daughter did not acquire land on Rublyovka, as was recently reported by the foundation of the opposition leader Alexey Navalny, said her representative to RBC. Howerever, he didn't explain how a full namesake of Xenia Shoygu had become the owner of these land plots. 
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Representative Xenia Shoigu, daughter of Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, said RBC statements Fund to Fight Corruption (FBK) Alexei Navalny that it is in 2009 acquired the land on Rublevo-Uspensky highway, worth $ 9 million. "The information is not true," - said in a reply Igor Yurtaeva, head of public Relations of the organizing committee of sports action "Race of heroes", which is engaged in the development of Xenia Shoigu.

Last week FBK published photos of a country house in east style, located in an area of ​​about one hectare. In the fund argue that photos are made in the village not far from Barvikha Rublevo Assumption highway. According to FBK two areas on which the house is located, since 2010 owned by Elena Alexandrovna Antipina. Her name and patronymic coincide with the maiden name and patronymic of the wife of Sergey Shoigu Irene. "Luxury home written on Shoigu sister wives", - he concluded the head of the department of investigations FBK George Alburi.

According to the Uniform State Register of rights weekvizhimoe property (extract have RBC, see. fragments at the end of the text), in November 2009, certain Xenia S. Shoigu became the owner of two adjacent plots located near the village of Barvikha, a total area of ​​90 acres. In 2010, she gave one of them a certain Dmitry Kotsyubinskoe, became the owner of another Antipina in 2011.

Price plots

Cadastral (close to the market and taken into account for taxation purposes) cost of land, the owner of which was Ksenia Sergeevna Shoigu in 2009, is now according to the Public cadastral map is RUB 493,100,000. or 547,839 rubles. for a hundred.

FBK noted that at the time of acquisition of ownership of these plots minister's daughter had just turned 18 years old. "How (she) became the owner of the land a minimum cost of $ 100 per hundred thousand, or $ 9 million for the entire plot is unclear, and it is a great question for the Investigative Committee." - Commented Alburi.

The information that these sites were designed precisely to daughter Xenia Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and that it was their owner, "do not correspond to validof ", said the representative Shoigu. The information that she used the house listed on these sites are also not true, he said. When asked whether Elena Antipina aunt Xenia Shoigu, the representative replied: "I do not possess such information."

The question is whether the specified registry former owner of the site Xenia Shoigu relation to the defense minister or the daughter is her full namesake, the representative of the latter promised to answer in writing, but the response at the time of publication was not followed.

24-year-old graduate of the Economics MGIMO Xenia Shoigu is now engaged in the development of military-patriotic project "Race of heroes", held with the support of the Ministry of Defense, in the Russian regions. According to SPARC, Xenia Shoigu, Irina Shoigu, Ludmila Vorobyov, Sergei Matvienko, Antipina Elena and Mikhail Kenin in 2007-2013 were co-owners of "Barvikha, 4", registered in Odintsovo. In March of this year was of "Dream House" sole owner of the company. Also, according to SPARK Xenia Shoigu was co-owner of Moscow Ltd."K2."