"Signal to the regions": why ex-mayor Urlashov was sentenced to 12.5 years in prison

The sentence of ex-mayor of Yaroslavl, Yevgeny Urlashov, is the toughest among similar decision towards Russian mayors. This is a signal to high-ranking persons involved in criminal cases of corruption to cooperate with the investigation, experts say.
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Hard sentence

Former mayor Yevgeny Urlashov Yaroslavl on Wednesday, August 3, was sentenced to 12.5 years strict regime prison for accepting bribes from local businessmen. However Urlashovym accused and his two assistants - Alex Lopatin Deputy Mayor Dmitry Donskoy. Lopatin was sentenced to seven years and Donskov justified. Urlashovu also have to pay a fine of 60 million rubles. and return to the state of 17 million rubles. - The size of bribes, receipt of which the court found proven.

The prosecutor's office demanded to Urlashova 15 years in prison, but the court took into account the mitigating circumstances: the ex-mayor's elderly mother and infant daughter, and he received positive characteristics, including the district police and the workplace. Urlashovu sentence - the toughest of all cases of bribes to Russian mayor, says political analyst Alexei Makarkin. The former mayor of Astrakhan Mikhail Stolyarov in 2014 was ten years of strict regime and a fine of 500 million rubles. (I was reduced to nine years after the appeal period). The mayor Berdsk Ilya Potapov in 2015 was sentenced to ten years in a strict regime and a fine500 million rubles. for a bribe of 3.2 million rubles. Ex-mayor of Syktyvkar Roman Zenischev in July 2016 received ten years of strict regime for a bribe of 800 thousand. Rub. 12 years was in 2010, the mayor of Tomsk Alexander Makarov. Protection Urlashova intends to appeal the verdict.

Sentence Urlashovu not the hard objects to the head close to the Kremlin FoRGO Konstantin Kostin. The punishment is comparable to those in different years, regional officials of different levels received for similar crimes, he said.

The case with witnesses

Urlashov was arrested in July 2013 after working as mayor of Yaroslavl, just over a year. The operation to arrest him pursued General Directorate of Economic Security (GUEBiPK), whose leadership a year itself was under investigation on charges of tampering with evidence and organize provocations of taking bribes.

According to the prosecution, Urlashov demanded a rollback in the amount of 14 million rubles. from the director of the company LLC "Radostroy" and a member of the party "United Russia" Sergei Shmelev, has received a contract for work on garbage collection in Yaroslavl. resulte called Lopatin and Donskova Urlashova accomplices in this case. Also participated in the municipal head of the agency commissioned by the City Hall Maxim Poykalaynen. Of the three only Poykalaynen pleaded guilty and signed a cooperation agreement.

Evidence on the episode rollback are built on the testimony of Poykalaynena, Shmelev, businessman Andrei Zakharov acting as an intermediary in the transfer of bribes, as well as sampling materials Urlashova wiretapping, the lawyer of the former mayor of Yaroslavl Xenia Karpinskaya. Sam Urlashov 14 million rubles. not seen - operatives detained Zakharova in obtaining owed to the Mayor of money from Shmelev. In testimony Shmelev, Zakharova and Poykalaynena there are obvious discrepancies, claims Karpinskaya: for example, the latter claimed that the mayor knew about the transfer of money, and then said he did not know. Zakharov, who confessed that he was an intermediary in the transfer of bribes to Urlashova, was sentenced to one year and ten months in prison. Poykalaynen was sentenced to five years of the colony.

Another criminal case was initiated AfterI was two days after the arrest of the ex-mayor. According to the prosecution, the other Urlashov bribe received from the director of LLC "Construction Company" Yardorstroy "Edward Avdalyan that as Shmelev, was a member of the City Duma from" United Russia. " For the money Avdalyan, according to the prosecution, I expected to get a controlling stake in OAO "Urban road management." Avdalyan testified against Urlashova immediately after the arrest of the mayor of Yaroslavl. "First Avdalyan remembered that he gave 500 thousand. Rub., Then in a few weeks, he recalled that given the amount in excess of 500 thousand. Finally, he recalled that led transmitting video bribes, with the records it all on the device on which recording was not entitled. But the court, these points are not taken into account ", - says Karpinskaya. In one of the records, said the lawyer, is seen as Avdalyan transmits Urlashovu newspaper bundle (video transfer bribes published portal Life), but the money for the video to be seen.

Too political mayor

Urlashov himself during the investigation and during the trial maintained his innocenceand political background of the business - in his opinion, the authorities wanted to remove them uncomfortable mayor. "With me it was impossible to agree, and I decided to plant", - said Urlashov at one of the Moscow City Court sessions, which extended his arrest. He insisted that in the case file there is evidence of wiretapping his talks and negotiations businessmen who support his position and convict businessmen in collusion and falsification.

Urlashova chosen mayor in April 2012, in the second round it is almost twice beat the candidate of the "United Russia" supported the governor and Moscow, Yakov Yakushev. At the election, he went as a self-nominee, and six months before demonstratively walked out of the party "United Russia". The campaign for the election of the mayor came in during mass meetings in Moscow against fraud in the State Duma elections in December 2011, and Urlashov urged to vote "against crooks and thieves" - the same slogan used previously opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Shortly after winning the election Urlashov joined the party of billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov "Civic Platform & raquo ;.

Two weeks before his arrest Urlashov held in Yaroslavl, a rally against the government of Yaroslavl region, where the mayor announced his intention to compete for the post of governor. The rally was attended by about 3 thousand. Man, was attended by representatives of the "Civic Platform", the Communist Party, "Fair Russia". Autumn in the Yaroslavl region the forthcoming elections to the Legislative Assembly, and the "Civic Platform", according to the ratings at the time, ranked first, recalled RBC analyst Alexander Kanev. "Political background in Urlashova obvious - such coincidences as the main opposition force in the region, was arrested shortly before the election, there is no", - said Kanev. This Urlashov, says the expert, did not want to enter into conflict with the United Russia, the party supported the election of the municipality of Yaroslavl in the fall of 2012, but later between them still started the confrontation because of the failure of the May presidential decrees.

During the criminal proceedings were Urlashova support the opposition Boris Nemtsov and Ilya Yashin, Prokhorov also charge him in court.

The reason for such a hard sentence could be the refusal of ex-mayor to cooperate with the investigation and the complete refusal to accept the blame, says RBC source close to the Kremlin. Urlashovu sentence - it is rather a signal to heads of regions, which are currently under investigation: the governor of the Sakhalin region Alexander Khoroshavin, the head of Komi Vyacheslav Gaiser and the governor of the Kirov region Nikita Belykh, said Makarkin. The signal is that if an official was under investigation, the verdict will be harsh, but only soften it out - to repent, says Makarkin.

The sentence really hard and, of course, this is a signal, said political analyst and member of the Supreme Council of "United Russia" Dmitry Orlov. "This is absoluteolyutnaya inadmissibility of corruption actions of elected officials. I think that violence is caused by the fact that Urlashov held elective office, it is an aggravating circumstance, "- he stressed. Orlov added that "the pressure on the court in this case was not, but the court, no one held back."

Political analyst Mikhail Vinogradov doubt that the harsh sentence Urlashovu - a signal to anyone else, except the Urlashova, on the part of the federal government. "Giving the signal to the mayors have no sense - their status is already low. Therefore, I am confident that the verdict Urlashovu - the history of the personal relationship of certain federal powers in relation to the former mayor of Yaroslavl "- said Vinogradov.