Simferopol Airport came under the control of Kovalchuk and his partner

Crimean authorities handed over control of the airport of Simferopol to Russia Bank owned by Yuri Kovalchuk and his partner. Private investors will be able to qualify for airport revenues only when finish building a new terminal, a local official said.
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New owners

Simferopol Airport joined the management of "Simferopol International Airport," said RBC co-owner of the company Oleg tough. Zhestkov in March 2016 became an independent director of the Russian National Commercial Bank (RNCB) backbone bank of the Republic of Crimea.

Initially, the airport managed the same name JSC, 100% owned by the Government of Crimea. But now the company has received all of the property complex of the airport, according to a businessman. In late June, a deal approved by the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS).

The transaction took place in the framework of investment agreement on the construction of new passenger terminal at the airport of Simferopol, said RBC Minister Sergei Aksyonov Crimean Adviser on Transport Anatoly Tsurkin. He confirmed that the new company ( "International Airport Simferopol" LLC) authorities passed all property airport, receiving in return 49 percent stake. The rest (51%) - the investors in the new terminal, he added. The fact of combining the assets at the airport of Simferopol confirmed by a source close to the federalMinistry of Transport.

According to "SPARK-Interfax", LLC "International Airport Simferopol" on the 100% owned by "Accord Invest", which in 2014 set up tough. But since then, its share in the company has decreased: from 16 August to 51% of the "Accord Invest" through the "Accord Holding" belongs to the entrepreneur (its effective share of 31%) and the bank "Russia" (20%), the largest shareholder is Yury Kovalchuk with a share of about 40%. A further 49% "Accord Invest" received Crimean authorities (through the "Simferopol International Airport» JSC).

Once the transaction is the transfer of property of the airport has been closed, the new company has renegotiated contracts with airlines and contractors Zhestkov says: "You are never meet JSC, LLC everywhere." According to him, a part of this company, and transferred to airport employees, and its CEO is appointed Eugene Plaksin, before July 2016 headed the JSC.

The "VIM-Avia" has already signed a contract with JSC "International Airport Simferopol," said airline spokesman. Representatives of two other companFirst, flying to the Crimea - "Aeroflot" and the S7 - did not respond to requests to RBC, as the press-service of "Ural airlines" declined to comment.

From the information on the Simferopol airport site also follows that now the company "International Airport Simferopol" - its main legal entity.

Seven courageous

According to Central Bank data, in the Crimea, seven banks are now working. The main share of the region accounted for RNCB banking market. His assets in comparison with other participants and distinguished presence in the region "Russia" Bank (15th place in the ranking of "Interfax-100", prepared by "Interfax-CEA"). After entering the US and EU sanctions lists (along with his co-owners of Yuri Kovalchuk and Gennady Timchenko) "Russia" the bank was forced to adjust its development strategy, betting on the work only in Russia, and only with rubles. Shortly thereafter, the bank launched a vigorous activity in the Crimea and has already opened the first office in April 2014. Then, the bank announced plans to come to all the main cities of the peninsula.

The biggest gamesoki Russian financial market - Sberbank and VTB - were forced to suspend their operations on the peninsula due to the threats of tougher European and American sanctions. "Shirt tear on the body as possible, but to work, unfortunately, in the Crimea, we can not today, because the dollar today is the main settlement currency of the world, and the ruble is no substitute for it, we will have to take account of this situation. This is a very tough sanctions, and for such a bank as VTB, it will mean the death of the bank ", - said the head of VTB Andrey Kostin at the shareholders meeting this year.

Council under the supervision of

For the management of the airport board of directors will be created, he says tough. Disclose its composition entrepreneur refused, saying only that the seats in the Council and its partners will receive from the bank "Russia".

The Board of Directors headed by one of the vice-premier of the Crimean government, and most will be for representatives of the Crimean authorities, claims Tsurkin. He also stresses that the relationship of shareholders regulates corporate agreement. In particular, according to Tsurkina document ustanavivaet that the new shareholders can claim a share in the airport arrived only after the delivery of the new terminal.

In April, LLC "International Airport Simferopol" (then 100% owned Zhestkov) signed with the authorities of Crimea investment contract for the construction of a new airport passenger terminal area of ​​78 thousand sq. M. m. The cost of its construction Plaksin estimated at 32 billion rubles. within three years: 22.5 billion rubles. We were to select banks operating in the Crimea, and the rest - private investors. "Never in Crimea projects to the extent not implemented", - said the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov.

As part of the syndicated loan RNCB will provide for the construction of a new terminal of 14 billion rubles. until 2031, the press service of the bank on Thursday, August 25th. The agreement on a syndicated loan was concluded on July 8 when the hard still headed LLC "International Airport Simferopol", follows from the materials RNCB. So it was for the bank related party transaction. This transaction has been approved in accordance with the law, said representative of the bank, refusing to detail. Transactionsapproved the Federal Property Management Agency, which controls RNCB, the bank said materials.

The second member of the syndicate - "Russia" bank, where he was appointed to "manage a pledge" to the transaction, it follows from RNCB disclosure. But what is the role of the bank, representatives RNCB and the most "Russian" do not disclose.

"Pleasing to God"

Bank "Russia" provided funding for the project "on another contract," said RBC tough. According to him, this explains the emergence of the shareholders of the bank in the airport: "The enjoyment of the money should be worth something? In the talks we agreed that the final structure of [ownership airport] will be such. " The size of allocated "Russia" means Zhestkov does not specify, but admits that the amount will be less than the loan RNCB.

But its share in the capital of the airport (31%) tough, he said, paid "asset": "the land plots registered capital firms, all movable and immovable [property]."

From the materials RNCB it follows that as collateral for a loan, banks received 100% of LLC "International Airport Simferopol", etc.slander contract for construction of a new terminal and a land area of ​​60.6 thousand sq. m. m and lease rights to another land area of ​​435.72 sq. m. m.

Zhestkov also had to be spent on the development of design documentation for the new terminal, says the businessman, but the total amount of the expenses did not disclose. If the Crimean authorities have not ceded control of the airport, then the investment in this terminal is not paid off, I'm sure the entrepreneur: "Otherwise, why do we build when we can not it [terminal] to use? Air terminal without the infrastructure is not terminal. "

Bank "Russia" and Zhestkova bind "purely economic relationship," says a businessman (a representative of the bank is not commenting). Together they make a "charity, a good deal," the businessman said: "The old airport was suffocating." The capacity of the new terminal will be 6.5 million passengers in the first phase with the expansion to 10 million passengers.

According to the Federal Air Transport Agency, in January-June Simferopol airport received 1.8 million people, 6.4% more than in the same period of 2015. In 2015 passazhiropotok rose to 5 million people, almost twice as much as a year earlier (the main flow of tourists in the summer months). In 2016, the airport can serve up to 7 million passengers predicted earlier Aksenov.

According to "SPARK-Interfax", the airport's revenue for 2015 amounted to 2.7 billion rubles, profit -. 978 million rubles.

Simferopol Airport can become not only infrastructure projects in the "Accord Invest" Crimea controlled Zhestkov and "Russian". The company is the most likely investor in the development of a civil airport in Sevastopol, wrote "Kommersant". This was confirmed by RBC and Tsurkin. However, according to him, the fate of this project is open to question.

The representative in charge of Crimea Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak RBC forwarded questions to the government of the republic. Representatives of the Crimean government, and Simferopol Airport did not respond to requests to RBC.