Since the beginning of sweeping in the financial sector, insurance payments of the DIA increased by 5 times

In 2016, the agency paid nearly 570 billion rubles to the bank depositors.
The Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) in 2016 paid bank depositors 568.4 billion rubles on 88 insurance cases, follows from the message of the state corporation.

So far, that's an absolute record for the DIA. The total amount of insurance indemnities for 2016 is 200 billion rubles more than a year before: then the DIA paid insurance for 369.2 billion rubles. Since 2013, the volume of insurance compensations for the DIA has increased 5-fold.

The past year was fruitful to pay compensation to depositors. The largest insured events last year were Intercommerts Bank (64.3 billion rubles), Rosinterbank (49.2 billion rubles) and Vneshprombank (45 billion rubles).

The Central Bank began clearing the banking sector in 2013, and two years after this, the funds of the Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF) ceased to be sufficient for reimbursement of insured events. In the summer of 2015, the DIA asked the Central Bank for a loan to replenish the DIF and pay to affected depositors. Now the DIA limit on loans of the Central Bank is 820 billion rubles., Of which the agency has exhausted about half. The DIA general director Yury Isaev earlier promised that from 2020 the state corporation would gradually begin to repay its debt to the Central Bank. Deputy Central Bank Vasily Pozdyshev in an interview with Reuters expressed hope that the regulator would finish clearing the banking sector in 2019.

"If, as promised, the Central Bank will finish clearing the sector in 2019, then I see no reason why since 2020, the DIA would not start paying debts to the regulator," says Raiffeisenbank analyst Denis Poryvay. "Another question is how long the DIA will pay back credit. This process can take a decade," he said. According to Poryvay, the DIA extinguishes the debt to the Central Bank due to mandatory contributions from banks to the fund.

The agency expected that in 2016 the proceeds to the fund could reach about 100 billion rubles.

In October 2016, the Board of Directors of the DIA increased the rate of contributions to the DIF for banks with unsustainable financial position and excessively high rates. Such banks pay to the fund not only 0.12% of collected deposits every quarter, like the rest, but also an additional increased rate. Since the first quarter of 2017, this premium is 400% of the base rate, and from the second quarter it will grow to the maximum provided by law, 500%. For those who attract deposits from the population under inflated interest, the premium is 50% of the base rate.

The DIA may return to discussion of the issue of further increase of bank contributions to the DIF in the first quarter of 2017, Deputy Finance Minister Alexey Moiseyev promised in December. According to him, the members of the DIA board of directors have already agreed on this.