Six apartments, two houses and 70 acres: how Alina Kabaeva became a neighbor of Yuri Chaika

Journalists found a billion-dollar home and apartment at the Olympic champion, but could not find a source of such income /
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Olympic champion and former State Duma deputy Alina Kabaeva turned out to be a wealthy landowner. As the journalists found out, the athlete herself, as well as her mother and grandmother, own six apartments, two houses and 70 acres of land in prestigious areas of the Moscow Region and other regions. The total value of the property exceeds 1.25 billion rubles.

Where does the champion live

More recently, Alina Kabaeva had almost no property - all the property was recorded on her mother, Lyubov Kabaeva and grandmother Anna Zatsepilina, they write "Open Media". Only in 2018 Alina Kabaeva herself acquired the first real estate on Rublevo-Uspensky highway. The athlete bought 25 acres of land from another champion, the famous skater Anton Sikharulidze. A realtor familiar with the terms of the deal told reporters that the land was sold at a market price.

Kabaeva’s bought hundreds are in the village of the Uspenskoye rest house, and its neighbors include the famous lawyer Heinrich Padva, the chairman of the board of directors of the Eastern Mining Company Oleg Misevra, the head of the Prosveshchenie publishing house Vladimir Uzun and even the family of the prosecutor general Yuri Chaika (now the owners the houses where Seagulls lived are hidden in the USR).

The former parliamentarian decided to move to Uspenskoye not by chance - her plot is located next to another plot of 45 acres with two mansions, which belongs to Anna Zatsepilina, the athlete’s grandmother’s name. This property has been owned by the Kabaev family since 2013.

According to Open Media estimates, the estimated value of the Kabaev family’s possessions in Uspensky is more than 655 million rubles. The family began to buy real estate there in 2013.

Alina Kabaeva published her latest income statement as a State Duma deputy in 2014, reporting just for 2013. Then her income amounted to 10.7 million rubles, and she owned three apartments and three plots, two of which were in Gorodishche (Voskresensky district of the Moscow region). The average income since 2009 did not exceed 12 million rubles per year. The amount of savings Kabaeva before the State Duma elections in 2011 amounted to 124 million rubles.

By the way, land in the Settlement Kabaeva sold in 2016. Despite the fact that she could buy this land only if all her savings were wasted - only the cadastral value of the land was 112 million rubles, and the market price exceeded it by two and a half times.

Under the wing of Gazprom
In Gorodishche, Kabaeva’s neighbors were Gazprom’s top managers — for many years this corporation worked with an athlete on various charitable projects. Kabaeva bought the land in the Settlement from Gazprom Sotsinvest. Kabaeva also has other ties with Gazprom - also through real estate, but already formalized in her family.

“Like many representatives of the Russian elite, the family of Alina Kabaeva uses real estate not only in the near Moscow region, but also not far from the Black Sea coast, in the Krasnaya Polyana region. There, in the Sochi village of Esto-Sadok in 2010, Lyubov Mikhailovna Kabaeva leased for 49 years. At that time, Gazprom Sotsinvest was erecting facilities for the 2014 Winter Olympics in these places, ”Open Media reports.

Among the neighbors Lyubov Kabaeva - the leaders of Gazprom and Roman Viktorovich Zolotov. The name of the son of the head of the Russian Guard, Viktor Zolotov, is also called.

Renting land in the elite village of Kabaeva and its neighbors costs less than 300 rubles a day - for all. This minuscule rental rate was tried to challenge Sochi officials by turning to arbitration to raise the rate by 20 times. The court sided with far from poor tenants. The interests of Lyubov Kabaeva in this process were defended by the lawyer M. Potemkin, who spoke in court on behalf of Gazprom.

The Kabaevs have real estate in two capitals - Anna Zatsepilina and Leysan Kabaeva (this is the name of the athlete’s sister) have four apartments in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The property was purchased from businessman Peter Kolbin, billionaire Gennady Timchenko and a certain Grigory Bayevsky. The first two are considered friends of President Vladimir Putin, and the latter is called the partner of Arkady Rotenberg (Putin's friend), as well as the “realtor of Putin’s friends”. The approximate cost of four apartments is almost 740 million rubles, Open Media calculated on the basis of similar proposals from CIAN.

By the way, according to the opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, on the basis of the flight itinerary, Kabaeva flew in Sochi in 2008 on a Timchenko plane along with senior businessmen and officials.

In total, six apartments in Moscow and St. Petersburg, two houses and 70 acres of land with a total value of about 1.25 billion rubles were decorated on Kabaeva and her relatives. The previous owners of almost all of the listed properties are somehow connected with Gazprom. Even Anton Sikharulidze, who sold Kabaeva land in Uspensky, his company Gazenergoservice, works on contracts with the gas corporation.

Now Alina Kabaeva heads the board of directors of the National Media Group. The company refused to report on the size of its income. It also remains a mystery how she got such a high post, having no experience in the media sphere.