Skvortsova announced the possibility of an increase in life expectancy up to 120 years

According to the head of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, the period of active labor activity of Russians will only grow.
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The head of the Ministry of Health Veronika Skvortsova believes that the person's life expectancy can be increased to 120 years.

"The world will change, the potential in general of a person's life is large: according to the most conservative estimates, at least 120 years a person can live if he does not shorten his life and if circumstances do not shorten his life," the minister said. on the results of the meeting of the Presidium of the Presidential Council for Strategic Development and Priority Projects.

Skvortsova compared human life with a sinusoid. "Life, as a biological phenomenon, resembles a sinusoid: there is a period of childhood, then active maturity - the adult age, then biological aging and the withdrawal of man." In order to increase life expectancy, one of the periods can not be artificially increased. aging process, in the biological sense it is an extension of the entire sinusoid, "the minister said.

She recalled that in the XIX century childhood ended in nine years, at the beginning of the twentieth century - at 11, and before the Great Patriotic War - at 14. In the 60 years of the XX century, a child who was 16 years old ceased to be a child. At the present time in Russia, adulthood comes at age 18, and in most European countries - at age 21.

According to Skvortsova, the need for each individual to evolve to the level of modern man determines the trend for lengthening childhood and active working age.