Snoras on the Moscow "Platform"

The Russian real estate drifts away from the Lithuanian bank.   
Investment company "Platform", formerly owned by the main shareholder PIK Sergey Gordeev, has acquired the right to claim for Moscow real estate, owned and pledged to bankrotyaschegosya Lithuanian bank Snoras. Former co-owner of the bank Vladimir Antonov is now in the Arbitration Court of Moscow is trying to impose a ban on real estate Snoras, but so far without success.

"Platform" has acquired from the Lithuanian authorities the right to demand on the Russian real estate owned, or is leased or pledged to the bank Snoras, according to the materials of the Arbitration Court of Moscow. Managing Partner "Platform" Boris Golubev confirmed "b" of this information, refusing to reveal the structure of the transaction, its amount and specify the acquired assets. Snoras Press office did not respond to the request "b".

The materials of the Arbitration Court is a register of real estate collateral Snoras, which appear apartments, land, warehouses, and other properties. According to estimates of "Kommersant", the total area of ​​these facilities amounts to 130.5 thousand sq. M. m, and the cadastral value - 2.5 billion rubles. Mr. Golubev says that the "Platform" is not acquired all of the objects from the registry. The largest mortgage facilities Snoras - entertainment complex "Fantasy Park" (5.4 thousand sq. M.) In Marino, 11 apartments with a total area of ​​1.8 thousand sq. M. m in the residential complex "Fantasy Island" in Krylatskoye, 0.5 hectares of land and non-residential premises with a total area of ​​5.5 thousand sq. m. m on the street Engels in the east of Moscow. In addition, long-term lease from the bank are 2.1 ha in the 3rd-lime passage (between the Zvenigorod highway and the embankment of the Moscow River). Source: "b" familiar with the situation, he said that the "Platform" could go right requirements "Fantasy Park". The investment company is often acquires objects at a large discount for resale at market price, said another consultant in the commercial real estate market.

Lithuanian bank Snoras owned by Russian businessman Vladimir Antonov (68.1% stake) and his partner Raymond Baranauskas. In 2011, Lithuania's government nationalized Snoras, and in July 2012, the bank filed to the former shareholders claim for the theft of approximately € 500 million later, both the businessman were detained in London. Westminster magistrates court agreed to their extradition to Lithuania. Former bankers appealed, trying to prove the political motivation of the official request for the extradition of Vilnius, but lost. Later, the administrator of bankruptcy of the bank said Gintaras Adominis of Forbes, that the amount of claims Claims to Vladimir Antonov and Baranauskas Raymond reaches € 32 million. Mr. Antonov is trying to protect their property from the bank's claims in the Arbitration Court of Moscow, but so far without success. In August 2016, he has made in the trial court ban on the transfer to the subsequent mortgage, the mortgagee change, encumber the rights of third parties and the registration of objects that are pledged to the Snoras. But in November the Court of Appeal overturned that decision. A few days ago, the businessman filed a cassation appeal. Mr Antonov's lawyer Sergei Mirzoyev could not provide comment.

"Requirements we acquired rights in a bankruptcy procedure at the Snoras bankruptcy trustee bank in full compliance with the requirements of the law, and no demands of Mr. Antonov, they are not burdened - said" Kommersant "Boris Golubev.- He did not show us any formal requirements, we did with him and not connected with it sudimsya. " According to A2 law office partner, Mikhail Alexandrov, Mr. Antonov can try to review a decision of the appeal in cassation or ask to impose new security measures. But it would be difficult to argue with the "Platform", which has long been managed by a different kind of problem assets, concludes a lawyer. One of the creators of the "Platform" - Sergey Gordeev, the main shareholder and former co-owner of PIK "Rosbildinga" (the company until 2007 was a major player in the market of mergers and acquisitions and specialized in real estate in Moscow). In 2014, "Platform" stated that it was the sole owner of the partner Mr. Gordeev Dmitriy Rodin.