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The crash at Vnukovo led to mass arrests and resignations.
On Thursday night as part of a criminal investigation for h. 3 tbsp. 263 of the Criminal Code ( "Violation of safety rules and operation of air transport, resulting in the death of two and more persons"), the result had been detained the head of Flight Airport Roman Dunayev, the dispatcher instructor Alexander Kruglov, Manager trainee Svetlana Krivsun and leading engineer of airfield services Vnukovo Vladimir Ledenev. The first three were responsible for traffic safety in the air and on the runway, and the engineer worked on the airfield cleaning and maintaining it in proper condition. Investigators believe that the four badly interact with each other, not fulfilling their job descriptions, which led to the emergence of unauthorized vehicle on the runway on which the aircraft was launched.

In turn, the "work team of air traffic controllers" Vnukovo posted on Twitter an open letter to the head of the TFR Alexander Bastrykin, demanding "the immediate release of colleagues in detention." The appeal was duplicated by the Federal Trade Union of Air Traffic Controllers Russia (FPAD). It was alleged that the three were actually arrested yet utth 21 October, the day after the disaster, after passed the night shift. According to "Kommersant", before them the claims did not arise. Namely Roman Dunayev was the very first inquiry about the circumstances of emergency in Vnukovo.

Colleagues argued that dispatchers were interrogated in a room Vnukovo air traffic services center (applies to Federal State Unitary Enterprise "State ATM Corporation") is almost without interruption for 48 hours, without giving anything to eat or sleep. At the same time the lawyers provided by ATM Corporation, they were allegedly not allowed. As a result of intern Svetlana Krivsun even, according to colleagues, he became ill and she called an ambulance. And at two o'clock in the morning of Thursday the three employees, "the exhausted mentally and physically," brought in handcuffs from the center, sending the ITT.

Head yursluzhby FPAD Oleg Babich told "Kommersant" that the union begins to "national and international solidarity group" for the release of detainees. According to him, the detention was unreasonably itself as the controllers are not shied away from contact with the investigation, but they "did as hazardous Prestonicknames. "

"Their actions, in principle, there is no crime, but the TFR must show he is digging the ground in the investigation, acquired the global level", - said Mr. Babic. He noted that his colleagues had acted in accordance with the instructions. A member of the Vnukovo also said "Kommersant" that does not understand why the detained novice manager Svetlana Krivsun.

"Svetlana was the only trainee, so she is a novice, trust the simplest job in August of this year, the day of the accident, it was the start of the controller." - Said "Kommersant" source. He stressed that the trainee does not accept any decision and did not give the order, and the responsibility lies with the manager-trainers, who are usually the first-class professionals, and how is Alexander Kruglov.

In turn, the official representative of the TFR Vladimir Markin has categorically denied dispatchers words. He noted that the controllers were invited to come in by the TFR to testify. Behind them were even ready to send traffic. But they refused, and because the investigators had PRIEamb Vnukovo, question them in the presence of lawyers, and then hold.

Perhaps today TFR will apply to the court about the new arrests of suspects. Yesterday the court has determined two months in jail 60-year-old driver snowplow Vladimir Martynenko, in which the plane crashed. once again denied the protection of the investigation findings that the driver was drunk, claiming that he did not take to the study of any blood or urine, offering to release him on bail of 1 million rubles.

"I know what is involved in the incident, but also know that he would never run away, because I have nowhere to run and nothing to hide and I'm so hard And in the conclusion will be even harder..." - The accused said.

Retirement on the trail of disaster

Falcon Crash Vnukovo entailed and the first dismissal of managers: to resign yesterday departed CEO of JSC "International Airport Vnukovo" Andrei Dyakov and his deputy Sergei Solntsev. The decision on the resignation of the board of directors approved the company, said at the airport. In addition, from their duties suspended director of interchangeable AERthe port, the chief operating units of the aerodrome and the leading engineer-head change.

Airport owned by two companies: JSC operates the new terminal B, and the JSC "Airport Vnukovo" "Vnukovo International Airport" - the old terminal A. In the first of 75% of shares belong to private owners, and 25% - to the state. JSC "Airport Vnukovo" reverse distribution of shares: 75% of the shares - the state, 25% - from private owners. Airport Managers working in the branch of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "State ATM Corporation" - the Moscow Center of automated air traffic control (MC AUVD).

Andrei Dyakov worked in Vnukovo 18 years, in 2005 he headed the "Vnukovo International Airport." With his leadership had been built a terminal B and the terminal of Vnukovo-3 Business Aviation (from it took off the head of Total flight), told "Kommersant" sources in the industry. Sergei Solntsev worked at the airport for nine years, he was responsible for operating the airport complex, SPASOP work (service search and rescue flight support) and civil defense. With his participation was carried out riversFor instructions and runway modernization, taxiways and apron, clarified at the airport. The head of the press service of the airport Elena Krylova said that "the airport is not beheaded" and senior managers who have already replaced, but so far not named candidates.

Perhaps these layoffs is not over. Sources "Kommersant" in the industry say that the resignation may take the general director of JSC "Airport Vnukovo" Vasily Alexandrov. Other sources of "Kommersant", close to the situation say that the reshuffle "just touch MC AUVD" (in the State ATM Corporation declined to comment). One of the interlocutors "b" in the industry believes that may be followed by the resignation of high-ranking officials in the departments in charge of civil aviation.

One of the sources of "Kommersant" said that the disaster, which caused the death of four people (crew Falcon and Christophe de Margerie) may again force the officials to return to the previously accepted "unpromising," the idea of ​​creating a separate ministry in charge of civil aviation matters exclusively. But independent aviaekspert Andrew KramarNGO believes that the weight of civil aviation in the economy - about 1% - not so great for her to create a separate structure, and the problem can be solved by improving the efficiency of the current state administration.

It is unclear whether the accident on the consolidation perimeter of the business impact Vnukovo. The government in the framework of the development of the Moscow air hub plans plans in the first quarter of 2015 to pass in airports concession. Now they belong to the state, which financed the repair and construction of runways and airfields leases rental companies-operators of airports. Prior to the transfer of airports in concession the government has charged each airport in Moscow to consolidate assets. In the apparatus of the first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov (oversees the consolidation) declined to comment.