Sobyanin goes into eternity

Which of the governors is being saved from resignation by a new bill.
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Perpetual governors will appear in Russia - a bill has been introduced to the Duma, allowing to hold the post of head of the region without time limits. Now Sergei Sobyanin and Andrei Vorobyov, who had only two years to rule, will not have to look for a new job. The future of a number of heads of regions, who have been in office for many years, has become less hazy, despite numerous revelations in the media. Which of the leaders of the subjects of the federation, who have appeared in journalistic investigations, can breathe calmly and count on a third term, - in the PASMI review.

The day before, a bill on regional power was submitted to the lower house of the Russian parliament. The authors of the initiative were the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Building Andrei Klishas, ​​as well as State Duma deputy Pavel Krasheninnikov, who headed a similar committee in the previous convocation.

Among the main provisions of the draft law is the unification of the name of the position of the head of the region and the executive body of power, as well as the expansion of the list of measures that the president can apply to the head of a constituent entity of the federation - from warning and reprimand to dismissal. In addition, it is proposed to lift the ban for governors to be elected for more than two consecutive terms. These restrictions were introduced in 2015, and timelines until 2012 were not taken into account. Therefore, it turned out that even old-time governors are now serving only a second term. There are about 20 such heads of regions in Russia, and among them there are those who constantly fall into corruption scandals, but remain in office.

Lord of trillions

Among those who will be affected by the lifting of the ban in the first place is Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. His second term ends in 2023, and for several years now, the network has been speculating about his future career. Moreover, they predict him either high federal posts, or early resignation. And if the initiative of Klishas and Krasheninnikov is accepted, the mayor of the capital will be able to manage the 12 millionth megalopolis and its three trillionth budget for as long as necessary. By the way, one of Sobyanin's subordinates in an interview with PASMI, on condition of anonymity, noted that at least 400 billion from the city treasury annually accumulates in the pockets of Moscow officials, and another PASMI interlocutor called these figures greatly underestimated.

Reports of possible violations of the law by capital officials constantly appear in the media. We are talking both about the distribution of state orders to their people, and about the wealth of Sobyanin's subordinates that does not correspond to the official incomes. For example, journalists estimated the property of the family of the Deputy Mayor for Housing and Utilities and Improvement Petr Biryukov at about 5.5 billion rubles, and the assets of First Deputy Sobyanin Natalya Sergunina in Moscow and abroad were pulled at 6.5 billion rubles.

Nevertheless, there are no questions to Sobyanin at the federal level, moreover, the activities of employees of his administration are not of interest to law enforcement officers either. The only one who got caught in corruption lately was the deputy head of one of the capital's departments, Leonid Kostroma - he was arrested in the case of a bribe of 5 million rubles, received for his assistance in signing acts of work under a state contract. Meanwhile, PASMI sources assure that not a single contract in any of the departments of the Sobyanin administration is supposedly complete without a corruption component.

Fraternal buildings

Also, the Governor of the Moscow Region Andrei Vorobyov will now get rid of the need to leave his post in 2023. He, like the head of the neighboring region, has appeared in many scandals. In the first term, Vorobyov became famous thanks to garbage protests and the story of the ex-head of the Serpukhov region, Alexander Shestun, who was forced to leave his post with the help of threats, using FSB General Ivan Tkachev and a high-ranking official from the Kremlin administration Andrei Yarin.

Then Shestun was neutralized by sending him to a colony for 15 years, the dissatisfaction of the residents of the region with landfills also somehow subsided, but the media did not stop writing about corruption in the Moscow region. So, recently, the mother of the governor, 71-year-old Lyudmila Vorobyeva, found commercial real estate in the center of Moscow with a cadastral value of about 860 million rubles. Ekaterina Bogdasarova, who is called the common-law wife of Andrei Vorobyov and the mother of his children, turned out to be the owner of an apartment in an elite residential complex with a market value of about 400 million rubles. And from the adult daughter of the head of the Moscow region, Ekaterina Vorobyova, a couple of years ago, bought a cottage in the seaside resort of Forte dei Marmi in Italian Tuscany. The approximate cost of the villa is at least 350 million rubles.

The Moscow region cannot do without “its own” big businessmen who enjoy the patronage of officials. First of all, this is the brother of the governor, Maxim Vorobyov. He was one of the founders of the Samolet development company, which is actively developing in the Moscow region, and still remains a participant in a number of its projects. Interestingly, a year ago the owners of Samolet, preparing for the IPO, called the company's relationship with the head of the region one of the possible reputational risks for potential investors.

Another scandal with developers connected with the governor's family is the seizure of the expensive land of the Lenin State Farm. As the director of the agricultural enterprise Pavel Grudinin noted in an interview with PASMI, the goal of billions of dollars in lawsuits against him was 2 thousand hectares of land near the Moscow Ring Road with a market value of about 80 billion rubles. In his opinion, it is the governor Vorobyov who is behind the attack on the state farm, and he acts in the interests of the same GC “Samolet” and the company “Rota”, associated with the State Duma deputy Dmitry Sablin.

Privatized Peninsula

If the bill is adopted, the second term for the head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksenov, which expires in 2024, will not be the last. This region is also famous for its corrupt traditions. Last week, Aksenov's deputy, Yevgeny Kabanov, was dismissed and immediately detained. He was charged with embezzlement from the budget of over 57 million rubles. By the way, Kabanov became the third deputy prime minister in charge of the Federal Target Program for Socio-Economic Development, which came under criminal prosecution.

The publications dedicated to Sergei Aksyonov did not manage without elite real estate. So, his mother-in-law Lyudmila Dobryna owns a mansion in Simferopol with an area of ​​almost 600 square meters. meters, where the head of Crimea and his wife live. In addition, she has an apartment of 234 sq. mestra in an elite residential complex on Prechistenskaya embankment in Moscow. The cost of housing is about 400 million rubles. Companies of a number of Sergei Aksenov's relatives receive good income from the lease of premises they privatized after the annexation of Crimea to Russia at prices clearly below market prices.

At the same time, oligarchs close to the Russian government earn much more money in Crimea under Aksyonov. For example, the companies of Arkady Rotenberg spent about 300 billion rubles in the Crimea on state orders - about a quarter of all funds allocated by the federal center for the development of the peninsula in 2014-2024 as part of the target program. In addition, the billionaire on the peninsula owns 10 sanatoriums and recreation centers, 178 land plots, 761 buildings and premises. The cadastral value of real estate owned by companies associated with Rotenberg exceeds 5.5 billion rubles.

Oriental luxury

Another person interested in the new bill is the head of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov. True, the initiative deprives him of the high-profile title of "president", but allows him to rule the republic after 2025. The place of the head of the region for him is very lucrative - only the official income of Minnikhanov last year amounted to 221.4 million rubles.

However, the property of the President of Tatarstan often does not fit even with such earnings. For example, a house in the center of Kazan with an area of ​​almost 1600 sq. meters and cost about 1 billion rubles. However, according to investigators, Minnikhanov did not buy luxury housing - the official’s spouse allegedly exchanged the mansion for a basement at the local “king of state orders”.

The collection of real estate of the head of Tatarstan's family is not limited to this house: his relatives found another mansion in the capital of the republic, two country estates near Kazan, an apartment in Dubai and several real estate objects in the capital. The cost of real estate only for Minnikhanov himself and his wife is about 3.5 billion rubles.

In addition, they found a personal business jet Falcon 8X, which costs 3 billion rubles, and a collection of elite watches worth over 100 million rubles from the regional head.

Sultan on subsidies

The legislative initiative also concerns the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov. However, he will not have to take advantage of the fruits of the lawmaking of United Russia Krasheninnikov and Klishas soon - his second five-year term started a week and a half ago.

In fact, Kadyrov has been running the region for over 10 years, and this region has consistently remained in the lead in terms of subsidies from the federal center. The financial situation of the head of Chechnya himself is much better: in his last year's declaration, income was indicated in excess of 380 million rubles.

Back in 2012, journalists estimated Kadyrov's residence in Grozny at 10 billion rubles, but this palace with an area of ​​260 thousand square meters. meters, the matter is not limited. So, not far from it there is another object with an area of ​​9 thousand square meters. meters with an outdoor pool. According to investigators, it belongs to the second - unofficial - wife of Kadyrov Fatima Khazueva. She also has real estate in the capital - three apartments with a total cost of about 170 million rubles. The official wife of the head of Chechnya also owns housing in Moscow, and one apartment is registered with Medni Kadyrova and is declared, and she allegedly hides four more under the name of Medni Musayev. The total value of the assets of Kadyrov's “wives” was estimated by journalists at 800 million rubles.