Sobyanin has a new problem

Hinstein exposed a large-scale trickery with the apartments of deceived investors.
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State Duma deputy Alexander Khinshtein wrote to the prosecutor request, which states that the Moscow government allocated apartments "defrauded real estate investors", which actually were not such. New scandal could break out on a negative background for the City Hall Information: consistently under attack are all the new vice-mayors of Sergei Sobyanin environment.

According to the text query to Yuri Chaika, Hinstein, who oversees the "United Russia" to work with the defrauded real estate investors, I found more than a hundred cases where the government of Moscow apartments were allocated to people like defrauded real estate investors, although those actually were not.

In particular, Hinstein writes that in the period 2001-2011's developer CJSC "Energostroikomplekt-M" carried out the construction of several apartment buildings in the Southern Tushino, but the house has not been completed, and the money received from shareholders, were kidnapped. Against "ENERGOSTROYKOMPLEKT-M" a criminal case, and the Moscow city government has allocated money for the completion of houses. However Hinstein found that victim status deLu confessed former executives "ENERGOSTROYKOMPLEKT-M" and their relatives who did not participate in the joint construction. Hinstein lists the signs of fraud: the dubious contracts, lack of inspections of a number of victims, the lack of a number of citizens in the registry of victims, the same type of decisions to grant victim status, which shall be completed within a few days in a row, and so on.

"In total, the result in dubious circumstances without sufficient checks have been recognized as victims of at least 116 people, then get an apartment from the government of Moscow. In my opinion, this situation could not be possible without a criminal conspiracy among employees at GSU Research Affairs of Russia in Moscow, the Moscow government and the former leaders of JSC "Energostroikomplekt-M." As a result of their actions harmed the budget of Moscow on a large scale. I ask you to take immediate action to restore the rule of law ", - says Hinstein.

It is worth noting that recently was dismissed by the head of department of housing policy Mosks Nikolai Fedoseyev. Sam Department will be merged with the Department of city property of Moscow, oversees his Vice Mayor Natalia Sergunina. Housing Inspection in Moscow in charge of the vice-mayor Pyotr Biryukov.

Interlocutor, close to City Hall, said that the question of the merger of the departments was decided long before the scandal, because the mayor's office wants to centralize the management of city property. With regard to the resignation of Fedoseyev, by his activity "in the past were questions on the situation with real estate investors, and with the release of apartments waiting list", - said the source. Interlocutor publication adds one more detail: in Moscow control over the construction of housing is engaged Mosinvestkontrol included in the structure of government, and logically, the prosecution must be serious questions and the organization.

Hinstein Znak.som explained that the test deals with real estate investors in Moscow will not Mosinvestkontrol, namely housing policy department.

"Inside City Hall three organizations dealing with issues related to the allocation of housing: Mosinvestkontrol, Department of Housing, Department of regiotional security, but the last word is with the department of housing policy, "- said Hinstein.

Moscow Mayor's comment about the operational situation could not give.

Independent municipal deputy Konstantin Jankauskas and Vladimir Garnachuk said, housing policy that Moscow enjoys quite a bad reputation because of its complete lack of transparency.

"The problem is the opacity of this practice when it is practically impossible to check who and how housing is allocated by the government. Hopefully Hinstein enough opportunities to unravel this tangle, "- said Garnachuk.

Jankauskas gave written comment through his wife. he himself is under house arrest on charges of campaign finance Alexei Navalny in 2013.

"On the practice of issuing apartments psevdodolschikam not heard because in our area was not deceived investors. But the settlement of waiting, including of the "five-story building demolished" very suspicious hampered all the time that I worked deputy. And the Department of Housing nThe policy gave a very strange excuse: we do not have the right amount of two-bedroom apartments for resettlement. Those. We do not put the blame on investors who do not impose the deadline housing, or the lack of money for demolition. And it said the house built for the relocation, but need an apartment to a waiting list there. Maybe someone from psevdodolschikov these apartments and went, "- notes Jankauskas.

The scandal comes at a disadvantage for the Moscow mayor's office background information. Recently in Moscow the political sidelines intensified rumors about the Kremlin's dissatisfaction with the policy of the city authorities (about who benefits from the weakening of Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, made a separate article). In recent months found themselves under attack in a row several deputy mayors. Leonid printers, responsible for health care, conducts medical reform aimed at reducing the doctors who have already staged a major rally and planning new street protests. Anonymous resource "Humpty Dumpty," published materials exposed correspondences, compromising the information policy of the city, under the responsibility of the vice-mayor AnastasRakova Ia. The politician Alexei Navalny found that the properties owned by the vice-mayor Alexander Gorbenko, does not correspond to his income, and vice mayor Liksutov Maxim introduces the Moscow system of paid parking, causing protests from motorists .... Finally, close to the Kremlin resource LifeNews few weeks ago published an article in which he accused the mayor's office in the financing of Alexei Navalny through civil wife of his colleague Vladimir Ashurkova without providing, however, that no reasonable evidence. Finally, Sobyanin criticized the policies increasingly favor political analysts close to the Kremlin.

Head of the Political expert group Konstantin Kalachev said, that in spite of these negative factors, not the fact that a new scandal over the mayor's office for serious political consequences.

"Irritation against Sobyanin and his team of characters such as Maxim and Leonid Liskutov printers, is growing, but as long as the topics that affect the reputation of the mayor and the mayor's office did not come out on federal TV channels, reputational costs are minimal. The question is toto this theme will be to develop further. And whether or not ", - said Kalachev.

"It is clear that public anger by various representatives of Sobyanin's team has a mayor. The rally was quite numerous doctors. Protests car owners also heard quite loudly. A protest activity in the capital is fraught with ... A separate theme - the accusation that the city authorities are financing the opposition. The topic is clearly one - the chief of the country - the reader. Sobyanin trying to loosen it, and he substituted the efforts of their subordinates, but the slaughter will not give up. Because all this will come to the general public. And for the educational process and enough LifeNews », - Kalachev said.