Sobyanin's Loona Park

While hospitals are being closed, the Moscow mayor's office will spend 10 billion rubles on the park owned by billionaire Zelimkhan Mutsoev from United Russia.
In the country, the crisis in Moscow. Against this background, there are reductions, in particular, rose unique Psychiatric Clinical Hospital. Y. Kannabiha. To get to the patients is unknown. But we know where to leave the money in the capital budget.

Sobyanin and his officials decided to invest 10 billion rubles in funding the future of the Park of "ENEA". This is a personal initiative of Sergey Semenovich.

First, invest 1.55 billion rubles in the next year to 10 billion rubles. Experts estimate the total investment of 163 billion rubles! So it's a mega-project.

Recently it became clear that the project is behind the new ferris wheel at ENEA $ 12 billion group of companies "Regions", which is owned by the children of the deputy of the State Duma of the VI convocation of the "United Russia" Zelimkhan Mutsoeva. Note that the "Regions" are also involved in the complex at the southern entrance to the Exhibition Center, having the area of ​​6.9 hectares and will include. There will be reconstructed promenade will multiplex cinema and an area with restaurants and cafes. We are talking about the amount of 5-10 billion rubles.

On wheels"

By the way, City Hall officials schemes and Mutsoeva "look" very strange. Only in the middle of this year, the office of "Wheel of ENEA" under TIN 7708293597. It would have been registered, this company has no chance, but the owners of 100% of it is Amiran Mutsoeva - the son of an MP Zelimkhan Mutsoeva.

How to enter into contracts?

"We found two state contract for the demolition of the Ferris wheel at ENEA: 3 and 21 June. Both concluded with a single supplier is already after the wheel has been dismantled. For these purposes JSC "VDNH" handed subsidiary of HOZU "ENEA" 72.9 million. Thereafter HOZU "ENEA" signed a contract with the same subject with "local government", but for 62.1 million. Given that the main work was carried out from March to late May, the question arises, what to spent a difference in the amount of 10.8 million ", - said lawyer Alex Karnaukhov.

The office is located at Moscow, per. Milutinsky, 12 and even has a single phone with the "Regions", which belongs to the sons of Zelimkhan Mutsoeva MP Amiran and Alik Mutsoev and brother - Amirkhan Mori.

"Apparently, the schemes at ENEA initially started to clan Mutsoeva and maybe even some of the oligarchs in power like to be cashed. For this and the previous tenants evicted. The only way to defeat this tyranny - a regular change of government, "- says a prominent" Yabloko "Sergei Mitrokhin.

The businessmen, interfering Mutsoeva, deprived assets for tens of millions of rubles.

Moreover, the clan Mutsoeva acquired from sobyaninskih officials the right to build a park in Nagatinsky floodplain of the Moscow River in the territory of 92.85 hectares.

Most interesting, 35 hectares ENEA is also planned to give the company "Regions" without bidding!

Moreover, "Regions" to build a commercial property next to him on two sites with a total area of ​​3.4 hectares. How the decision and whether any bids, is still unknown.

roots Mutsoeva

Clan Mutsoeva clings richest billionaires "Russian Forbes». It began construction of the business empire Mutsoeva in the Soviet Union in 1987. Zelimkhan Mutsoev with his brother Amirkhan Mori started with feather tailoring.

Gradually, the firm began to "capture" market in Armenia and Ukraine. After Dagestan moved to Moscow to head the Association of Foreign Economic Relations of the small and medium enterprises of the USSR.

In Defaulted 1998 Zelimkhan partners managed to acquire 94% stake in Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant, which sold in 2004 for US $ 400 million astronomical owner ChTPZ Andrey Komarov.

It should be noted that Ukraine had much Mutsoev heritage. There is evidence that his people participated in the raider seizure of the hotel "Russia" in 2006. Co-owner of the hotel Mstislav Skorobogatov, which literally put out the door, just to say that for unknown raiders is State Duma deputy Zelimkhan Mutsoev.

Zelimkhan "grown" up to 950 million dollars!

But the big money is made Mutsoeva responsibility or cultural. Here it is worth recalling, as the son of a billionaire was driving through the pedestrian zone (!) And almost knocked a man. Pedestrian hit by car Caputo hand, and then went out and Mutsoeva guards brutally beat him ...

"Under the personal guarantees"

Recall, at the end of last year, the head of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medina, the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin and Amiran Mutsoev presented the project theme park "Dream Island" in Nagatinsky floodplain. The project is worth 1.5 billion dollars. And of course he got Mutsoeva ...

It seems that between the mayor of Moscow and Mutsoeva to establish good relations.

Moscow Sobyanin building controls through his first deputy Marat Khusnullin. Husnullina called a lobbyist. For example, Capital Group Those Paul received the right to build a multifunctional complex on the site of the Sofia embankment on the "Golden Island" in March 2015. Khusnullin personally lobbied for the deal, because its price is 10 billion rubles!

"Given that this project is located in close proximity to the Kremlin, it is a landmark for Moscow and after may be the hallmark of the city, a reliable investor was fundamentally important to choose for us, which has the necessary experience and will be able to fulfill all obligations on the quality of performance" - Khusnullin said.

In all likelihood, it is helping to build up Husnullina Vekselberg and "protected zones" in Moscow.

To light up in a number of cases and personally Sergey Semenovich. Thus, the ex-wife Irina Rubinchik mayor was directly related to the project Sobyanin Paving slab laying in the capital.

Only tiles in 2011 was spent about 1 billion rubles. In 2012, orders were placed on the refolding of the tiles on the same street.

It is possible that through the negotiability Husnullina Mutsoev able to agree on the "superiority" in the reconstruction of the Soviet Era. The money at stake are not small - more than 160 billion rubles. According to experts, the Dagestani businessman family can count on the budgetary assistance to the 10 - 20 billion rubles. About the amount of rollback can only guess. But it would be quite enough to not only keep their mental hospital. Y. Kannabiha, but also to build 20 such institutions ....