Sofia Theater has been taken away from Evgeny Plushenko for his debts

The capital city authorities have filed a lawsuit against the company, co-owned by the Olympic champion.
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At the two-time Olympic figure skating champion Yevgeny Plushenko problems not only health, but also with the business. LLC "Sistema Holding Group", owned by the skater and his friends owed in Moscow budget of 24 million rubles, which the city authorities are now trying to get through the courts. How do I find "News", LLC "Sistema Holding Group" ruled the capital theater "Sofia". The company has sublet the building, in which there were cinemas, a bowling club, a sports bar, a nightclub, restaurant and billiard club. The total area of ​​the premises, which is in control, "the AFC Holding Group", amounted to 5.5 thousand sq. M. m.

- Until the summer of 2013 we all was normal - says Ildar, employee of "AFK Holding Group" in charge of personnel. - But then the owners of the company are having some financial difficulties. Employees stopped paying wages, and in December the firm closed the entertainment center.

According to "SPARK-Interfax", the company "Sistema Holding Group" was registered in 2001. The head of the firm Nikolai Samarin, and among its foundersincludes an Olympic figure skating champion Yevgeny Plushenko and his friend - a hockey player, former member of the Russian national team Alexei Zhamnov.

The directorate of the Moscow State Unitary Enterprise "United Directorate for property complex cinema circuit management" told "Izvestia" that athletes have rented the building of the cinema "Sofia" on lavender Boulevard since December 2002.

- The building they sublet the company "Formula Kino", - said the director of Gupalo Alexander Burkov.

According to him, Evgeni Plushenko companions until the summer of 2013 accurately in time were added to the account Gupalo money for rent and fulfill the conditions of the contract, using the premises including to rent movies.

- Everyone was happy. The city treasury has received the money for the rent, and the inhabitants of the residential districts of Moscow Izmailovo Golyanovo and visited the cinema - says Burkov. - However, in the middle of last year, "the AFC Holding Group" has ceased to pay the bills, and we had to close the theater.

Immediately after the close of the entertainment center outraged locals delugedthe city authorities a letter requesting to open a movie theater again.

- We have tried to amicably out of court agreement with "AFC Holding Group" - explains Burkov. - However, the owners of the company to contact did not go, and we were forced to appeal to the Moscow Arbitration Court with a claim to the LLC "Sistema Holding Group" to recover from their debt in the amount of 23,478,429 rubles, fines amounting to 1,260,387 rubles, also terminate the lease and evict the company from the theater.

Friend Evgeni Plushenko Alexei Zhamnov confirmed "News" that they are co-founders of "Sistema Holding Group".

- We Zhenya [Plushenko] once upon a time were a part of the co-founders of the company, and there were constantly some problems with the "Sofia". But in essence, we did not penetrate, because the operational management has been our business partner - says Zhamnov.

Evgeni Plushenko himself was not available for comment. Meanwhile, his wife Yana Rudkovsky told "Izvestia" that her husband never was in the founders of the company "Sistema Holding Group".

- It is possible that Eugene could be included in the shareholders without his knowledge, is also possible. We understand how he became a co-owner of this strange company - said "Izvestia" Yana Rudkovsky.

Evgeni Plushenko takes 35th place in the ranking of Forbes «50 major Russian celebrities 2013". According to estimates of the newspaper, he earns up to $ 2.5 million per year. Skater advertised the Mercedes cars, watches Ulysse Nardin, a lottery "Bingo Boom", Odri clothes, a residential complex "Sun City" (Sochi). In 2013, his wife and producer Yana Rudkovsky Plushenko announced that it plans to register the trademark "Evgeny Plushenko."

Yana Rudkovsky owns a network of "Grand Laskala" boutiques in Sochi, as it belongs to LLC "Laskala Baby" and a few "French studio" beauty salons in Moscow and Krasnodar.

Also spouse skaters registered as a private entrepreneur. In 2013, SP Rudkovskaja won the tender for the provision of services to the St. Petersburg children's ice theater for organization of entertainment theater, a statements vocal and instrumental ensembles, jazz groups and orchestras. The amount of state contracts was 300 thousand. Rubles.

Yana Rudkovsky Sochi property has been the subject of proceedings at the time of her divorce proceedings with her first husband, billionaire Victor Baturin, with whom she has lived for about 7 years. Divorce was accompanied by scandals related to the division of property and the place of residence of children.

For Yevgeny Plushenko marriage with Yana Rudkovsky also second in a row. The first wife was Maria Ermak skater. In 2008, Eugene divorced her, and a year later married Rudkovsky. Public relations have begun after the victory of Dima Bilan at the "Eurovision" - the athlete participated in the presentation of the singer and musician was a producer Rudkovsky.

According to representatives of the PMI corporation, engaged in the creation of shows, Yana Rudkovsky organizes concert tours of her husband.

This year, after the Sochi Olympics planned tour of the country and neighboring countries' Show Champion Evgeni Plushenko and friends. " Concerts were held from March 3 to 2April 9th. However, the tour was canceled.

A year ago, Plushenko back surgery was done. Doctors have established an artificial intervertebral disk, which rests on the four fixing screws. In training before the performance in the singles tournament of the Games in Sochi in the performance jump is one of the screws broke. As a result, the athlete withdrew from the competition and announced the end of a career. Also, doctors insisted on the cancellation of the show.

"After the examination, physicians Eugene appointed a new operation on March 2, 2014, and insisted on the cancellation of the tour for rehabilitation of athletes' health for a period of 3 months", - said in a press release published on the official website of Evgeni Plushenko.

Part of the tour in support of Evgeni Plushenko will be held in April 2014 with fellow skaters, but without his participation.

Before the injury, Plushenko has performed in the team tournament and the 2014 Olympics helped the Russian team to win the gold medal. For the skaters, it was the second of his career: in 2006 he won at the Olympics in Turin. In addition, Plushenko is the vice-champion of Salt Lake Citi-2002 and Vancouver 2010.