Solid Bank exchanged Kamchatka for Primorsky Krai

The management of the bank is trying to calm the customers and the public down, and the customers, in their turn, are inventing the worst possible reasons for that step: from financial problems to fear of getting caught in the corruption investigation in the Kamchatka Krai, where corruption flourished under the governor Vladimir Ilyukhin.
The largest Kamchatka bank, Solid Bank, completed the re-listing in May. The financial and credit institution now "lives" instead of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky in Vladivostok at 690091, Vladivostok, Admiral Fokin Street, 25. Recall, Solid Bank is not only the largest but also the oldest commercial bank in Kamchatka - it was formed yet In 1991 as the Kamchatka Commercial Bank for Entrepreneurship Promotion (since 1996 - Kamchatbusinessbank).

Representatives of the bank tried to calm down a slightly dumbfounded public:

- The transfer of the actual address of the Central Office to Vladivostok is a planned activity within the framework of the Bank's development strategy. Our goal is to strengthen our position in the financial services market on the territory of the mainland Far East. I want to note that the relocation of the Central Office will not entail a reduction of our presence in Kamchatka. All offices of JSC "Solid Bank" in the settlements of the Kamchatka Territory will continue to work as usual, providing a full range of services. In order to avoid possible rumors and conjectures, I responsibly declare that none of the offices of JSC "Solid Bank" in Kamchatka will not be closed. This is our native region and we are not going to leave it, "said Svetlana Medinskaya, Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC" Solid Bank ".

However, the questions remained. The main beneficiaries of the bank are the Japanese corporation Sawada Holdings (since 2012 owns 40% of the bank's shares), and a controlling stake (54%) belongs to businessman Vladimir Semernin and his children.

Semernin since the time of the vague Komsomol youth is a personal friend of the current head of the Kamchatka Territory Vladimir Ilyukhin. Moreover, Mr. Ilyukhin himself and his wife, according to data for 2015, kept large sums of money in the bank. The governor - 367 thousand rubles, and his wife - 21.697 million rubles. Whence such money at the wife of the official - to ask in Russia it is useless. But in general, Solid Bank "vacuumed" the Kamchatka Territory more than thoroughly - at the beginning of this year, he was the leader in terms of personal deposits among all Kamchatka banks - 5.96 billion rubles! The volume of all the bank's assets amounted to almost 12 billion rubles (50% of the assets of all banks in Kamchatka).

Probably, now there is a need to expand this business in the mainland of the Far East? The top management of the bank does not seem to argue with this:

- The transfer of the head office is a planned event within the framework of the bank's development strategy. Our goal is to strengthen our position in the financial services market on the territory of the mainland Far East, "said the Chairman of the Board of Solid Bank, Sergey Timofeev.

However, in the Primorsky Krai and other regions of the Far East, the bank just does not turn around - it will take time to create infrastructure, as well as spending on advertising and attracting customers. Plus, it's important that the bank has been frankly frantically for several years. In 2014, the loss of the credit organization amounted to 115.8 million rubles, in 2015 - 546.8 million rubles, for 11 months in 2016, Solid Bank lost 551.17 million rubles. Simply put, in three years the bank's total losses exceeded 1.2 billion rubles!

In such a difficult situation to deal with not the cheapest re-registration of the head office - more than a controversial decision. On the other hand, if we look at the situation around the governor of the Kamchatka Territory Vladimir Ilyukhin, who is a close friend of Mr. Semernin, then suspicions that the transfer of the bank to Vladivostok are not so illogical can crept in.

Mr. Ilyukhin has been heading the region since 2011, but in the last year and a half the chair has obviously rocked under him. The matter is that Kamchatka is one of the largest subsidized regions of the Russian Federation (annual subsidies exceed 40 billion rubles) with an extremely weak economic base. Therefore, corruption and embezzlement among officials bloom in this region with terrible force.

The stories of the ministers of the regional government and even Ilyukhin's friends - the Minister of Sport and Tourism Viktor Kravchenko, the Minister of Transport and Road Construction of the Kamchatka Territory Vladimir Silyukov, the Vice Governor of the Territory and the Minister of Property Relations Viktor Pisarenko, are no exception. These gentlemen were "fooled" right in the workplace and were taken into custody. The situation was not better in the banking sphere either - everyone had a rumor in the Kamchatka bank, from which his head Yuri Petrov disappeared and 145 million rubles of depositors.

Taking into account the fact that the federal center has started a real hunt for governors in the past year and a half or two, such a background can bring Mr. Ilyukhin to the bench next to his former Sakhalin colleague, Alexander Khoroshavin.

Apparently, the move of Solid Bank to Vladivostok can be explained by the fear of falling into the field of future investigations. However, the version that the bank can turn into a dummy, from which all assets are withdrawn, also can not be discounted. Stories with Russian banks, years of publishing excellent paper reporting, and then showing holes in tens of billions of dollars, are known to everyone. Recall that not so long ago, the "frostbitten" resource threw into the media space a clearly fake list of banks that supposedly could be deprived of a license by the CBR. And on this list, Mr. Semernin's bank was quite coincidentally, which reacted emotionally to such a mention ...