Solution to the riddle of the Witanhurst mansion

Khodorkovsky's former partner Andrey Guriev bought the most expensive house in London.
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The most expensive and one of the largest country houses in London is considered Vitanherst estate. For many years it was in complete disrepair, but in 2008 it was bought by a mysterious billionaire. He was a former business partner of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the former senator from Murmansk area and the main owner "FosAgro" Andrey Guriev.

Vitanherst - the largest private house in London, was built between 1913 and 1920. in Haygeyte, on a plot of 11 acres (about 4.4 hectares). Initially, the estate belonged to the famous British soap magnate Arthur Crosfield, which arrange a house in the Queen Anne style. At that time there were 25 bedrooms, a spacious ballroom, and an amazing glass rotunda. In addition, Vitanherst always been famous for beautiful views of the surrounding gardens, London, and Hampstead Heath.

The history of the mansion

Arthur Crossfield, the first owner Vitanhersta independently engaged in the organization of its construction. He ordered all the works Scottish architect George Hubbard and the surrounding gardens started Harold Peto. Exquisite suburban building already hadsumptuous cornices, decorated with gold leaf, but this fad of the rich man did not end there. So, in a room where there was a piano, he posted three crystal chandeliers and mirrors, creating a dazzling light in the room. Such finery did not like his wife Crosfield, but she reconciled with that, since the mansion regularly held parties in tennis. In 1970, when the family began to disintegrate Crosfield, sole heir, Paul sold Vitanherst businessman Lionel Green, soon went bankrupt.

The next owners of the manor was the Syrian Assad family, but she could not sustain the costs that were associated with this house. Since Vitanherst was abandoned.

Desolation and redevelopment of estates

Unfortunately, in the 70 years the house has lost its former glory, and almost forgot about it. The interiors were partially damaged due to water flowing from the roof and on the floor were formed large cracks. It would seem that someone may be interested in a large, but in need of major repairs, the estate? In May 2008, the mansion was bought by «SafranHoldingsLimited »for 50 million. pounds. Reporters tried to find other information about the customer, but have not been able to find anything.

In 2010, the local council has agreed to redevelop the old house. According to the plan, Vitanherst rebuilt under normal family house, which angered the locals. The old wing of the manor was completely demolished, but instead erected a three-storey villa for a rich family residence.

But the redevelopment of a country house is not finished. Under luxurious villa he was dug cellar, which was located a 20-meter swimming pool, a private cinema, a comfortable massage rooms, a spacious sauna, a modern fitness room, parking for 25 cars, and separate rooms for servants.

In 2013, the local authorities have given permission for another re-planning. After the repair, the total area Vitanhersta make more than 27 thousand sq. M. m, making it the second largest mansion in London after Buckingham Palace. According to preliminary estimates of real estate agents, home renovation costs will amount to no less than 300 million. Pounds. PAfter the repair, the total area of ​​the mansion Andrey Guriev will be more than 27 thousand sq. m. m, making it the second largest mansion in London after Buckingham Palace. Cost - not less than 300 billion pounds

Who is the owner of the most expensive home?

Rebuilt Vitanherst attracted the attention of residents and visitors to London, but most of all they were interested in the name of his present owner. All information about the owners of a London property is stored at the Land Registry, but the estate was bought by an offshore company, so the data is strictly classified. Even the builders are engaged in repair, signed a document on secrecy.

For a long time, the owner's name remained a mystery for the people of London, but all the secret sooner or later becomes apparent. The largest Vitanherst London mansion was purchased by the former senator from Murmansk area Andrey Guriev - it took 28 position in the list of the richest people in the world according to Forbes.

Andrey Guriev is currently married to Eugenia Gurieva. The family has a large private house in possession in the suburbs, close to ZagorodniPutin's residence tion. In 1994, the shares "Apatite", which was co-owner of the future billionaire, have risen sharply. With Khodorkovsky (at that time the richest man in Russia), they decided to restart the "Apatit". Sasha realized that the enterprise itself can not be profitable, so the company "FosAgro" was soon established.

In 2001, Sasha was elected to the State Duma, so he received immunity from charges of fraud. Recall that Khodorkovsky, who at that time was his business partner, repeatedly prosecuted for tax evasion and fraud. When a businessman Khodorkovsky still went to prison, he was forced to sell shares "FosAgro" for quite unattractive price.

Thus Guriev managed to get full control over the profitable company. Having received a substantial boost to his condition, he decided to look for an apartment in London itself. In 2008, Andrei Guriev, came to London to personally inspect the apartment triplex on the Thames and Vitanherst.

Primarily milsliarder examined the apartment, and then arrived with his family in an old manor Vitanherst. New Yorker refers to an anonymous witness, with the assistance of which the Russian ex-senator and in expanding its real estate portfolio. Once Andrei Guriev entered the house, it was visited by the feeling that he had already lived here. It attracted large room of a country house, a large banquet hall, which can be taken once a hundred guests. In addition, plenty of guest rooms, too, did not leave indifferent the Russian rich. He immediately decided to completely make alterations to help prepare the home to live as a family.

Despite the fact that Sasha has got the biggest and most expensive private residence in London, his family continued to hide from reporters and public life. When the family lives on the estate, you will not know about it, none of the neighbors because Guriev, his wife and children are trying not to leave the "four walls". They actively use the home elevator, swimming pool, a cinema and a gym in the basement, allowing you to completely forget about life outside Vitanhersta.