Son is responsible for the father: how the heir of the owner of Fosagro manages his company

He studied in England but lived in a dormitory, and flew by discounter EasyJet. He got a job at his father's company at once, but at an ordinary position. That's how the owner of Fosagro brought up the future director of the company, his son.
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Nothing personal

In the office of the general director of "Fosagro" Andrei Guriev, Jr., personal things a bit. There are, for example, a coffee machine - a top manager is not shameful to insert the capsule and push the button, without the assistance of the Secretary. On the walls pictures of the Martian pits "Fosagro", Russia's largest and the world's third supplier of phosphate fertilizers. Near the ski resort types "Big Wood" that near the city-forming enterprise "Apatit". Numerous icons - father and son Guryev very religious.

Once the company "Fosagro" along with its main asset of OAO "Apatit" was part of the structure of Mikhail Khodorkovsky. A complex scheme of acquisition of shares "Apatite" and tax evasion by the sale of apatite concentrate abroad through offshore network has become one of the episodes of the charges in the first case of Yukos. Andrey Guriev, Sr., who worked in the "Menatep" at Khodorkovsky, escaped persecution and became the principal owner "Fosagro". Today, he and his family owns a 50.28% holding.

For Guryev Jr. "Apatite" -It is a different story. He enthusiastically explains how thanks to the new ski resort "Big Wood", the largest in the northwest of Russia, "the presence of the city exempt from monozavisimosti". Over the past three years, when Sasha Jr. became CEO "Fosagro" in development Khibiny Airport, the hotel "North" pension "Tirvas" recreation "Forest" and other tourist facilities invested 2.3 billion rubles. "In the short term, Kirov ski resort will be able to compete with the best European resorts. Tourist flow here is growing by tens of percent every year, "- confidently says Guriev. Skiing? Kata - yes, a hobby - not. He has no time for hobbies. He always makes it clear that the outline of a conversation with Forbes as the style of his cabinet: nothing personal. The largest in London Uitanherst house belonging to his father? No comments. Sister Julia? She's all right in the family, I do not want to discuss. She is happily married.

Sasha Jr. compares his father with a mirror, in which the son is constantlyMotril.

"Of course, I feel a great responsibility and must do more than just a manager, because guided by his father's successful career," - says Guriev Jr.

Hostel for gilded youth

Guriev, Jr. is definitely like a senior. In both you can see if you want to outline something wrestling. But appearances son, perhaps softer. Guriev, Sr. - master of sports of international class in judo, honored coach of Russia. Behind son also experience serious and judo, and injuries, but it was the children's and youth sports. Senior Guryev first managerial experience was in the Komsomol - came to the post of First Secretary of the District Committee. The son of the first money earned in the Pope's company, even though quite a youngster: 14 years in the school holidays helped the Secretary - carried the documents posted on the calls. For $ 100 a month - a gold rate by the standards of his age, and in 1996.

He graduated from the Physics and Mathematics Lyceum, and before that he studied at the famous sports school "Sambo-70". "Judo, two training sessions a day, six days a week - says Guriev Jr. - Beingis a team sport and an individual. In an individual sport is either "you win" or "you have lost." Why did you lose, do not care about anyone. When I felt the taste of victory, I became like a sport. But at one point it became a professional sport and professional sports - it's only pain. And then either you are there or you go to learn English. I chose the latter. "

English, and with it, the economy and good taught at the University of Greenwich in London. The British heir to the period "Fosagro" differs from the familiar life of the Russian media golden youth in exile - or conspicuous consumption, no night racing Maserati. Guriev studied with the guys, as he himself says, "the common good of the family" in different cities of Russia and CIS. The hostel is well learned English slang - and the international community that it was necessary. "I Lived within the money that allowed me to live a normal life, to learn to walk sometimes. We overflew EasyJet'om the whole of Europe ", -vspominaet Guryev.

Returning to Moscow in 2003 with a degree in Bachelor of "WorldI Economy, "Sasha went to the Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation to learn financial management.

"We both spent abroad as much time as is required for certification, and the first plane back to Russia, - says the former head of Guryev, Jr. and his predecessor as the general director of" Fosagro "Maxim Volkov. - Western education significantly expands horizons and enables a much better understanding of foreign partners. " Volkov worked at "Fosagro" from 2001 to 2013. Now he is trying to pull out of the quagmire of core enterprises Pikalevo. He says that despite the education, management style and his, and Guriev Russian: abroad they are no controlled and did not work.

In 2010, Sasha Jr. defended his PhD at the St. Petersburg Mining Institute (now the National mineral resource university "Mountain"), which is only four years earlier, at age 46, he graduated from his father, the senator, before which had only a diploma Institute of Physical Education . Thesis Guriev was a connectionon with their own work in "Fosagro". The Mountain PhD thesis defended by Vladimir Putin. 177 Vladimir Litvinenko, rector of the Mining University, who led the three St. Petersburg Putin's headquarters in the elections, is also a shareholder "Fosagro" (14.54%) and the participant list, Forbes. "Initially, I'd probably like everyone else, he wanted to work. But it is very much connected me with this company - says Guriev. - I'm an early age have been in business trips with his father, important negotiations took place with me. His father was able to interest me in the business. And I knew that coming here, I can open any door, talk to any professional about anything, from the development of ores, fertilizer production, sulfuric and phosphoric acid synthesis, ending the global markets, our sales, logistics and so on. There was, in fact, my corporate university. "

Father son always motivated by the fact that if you want something, we have to work. Starting rank 22-year-old heir to the company in 2004, he has identified as one of ordinary skill in the economic position of the department. According to the diploma.

"HDPE never distinguished swagger, arrogance, like many children of wealthy people. He quickly found a common language with co-workers and working along with them, "- says Maxim Volkov.

After the economic department of finance was where Sasha Jr. came to the post the deputy chief. The acquisition of new competencies continued in the trading business. "Sales are no longer functional experience. And you become a businessman, you know how to sell more expensive, and so on. What we do not distribute and sell fertilizer. How to do more, negotiating skills with the world - the Brazilians, the Indians, with Europe, with the United States. Of course, it later gave great width ties, and it was always interesting to see what the world around us. And I, of course, traveled the world for a while, "- says Guriev.

The post of deputy general director of sales and logistics in 2012 he signed contracts, will increase the volume of production and sales to record levels, "Fosagro" produced 5.4 million tons of various fertilizers (8.6% growth) and sold 5.3 million tons (7.8% growth). Successful IPO in 2011 and the accommodation is,robondov in 2013 - as a result of the active participation of the younger Guryev.

Along with this, according to the memoirs Volkov, Jr. Andrew soon began to take part in many high-level meetings. For about 10 years he worked his way up to director general. Magic numbers: he took the post July 31, 2013 at the age of 31, becoming not only the youngest but also the sole heir, guiding the company from billionaire first hundred Forbes.

"I think the Board of Directors decision on my appointment as general director - not a question of belief or disbelief in my abilities, but the result of my many years of service and experience. I understand that I have deliberately held through all steps of career within the company, starting from the lower positions. Today, for me there are no dark areas of our business - except, perhaps, highly technical issues ", - says Andrey Guriev.
Father and business

Appointment Guryev CEO coincided with a difficult situation in the fertilizer market, which, as depending on many factors agriculture, is subject to rapid changes in market conditions. For example,fallen demand from Indian farmers, left without subsidies, their government, and here is the result: if in 2009 the supply of "Fosagro" to India amounted to a quarter of export sales, then in 2013 - only 2%. As a result, in 2014, Sasha decided to opt out of supplies in India, focusing on the market, ready to, in particular, to adopt and expensive complex fertilizers NPK, primarily in Latin America. "Last year, with the arrival in India of a new government and an increase in subsidies for fertilizers for local farmers, the situation has changed dramatically. In anticipation of recovery in demand for phosphate fertilizers, we have decided to resume the supply of this market ", - says Guriev.

The second factor, the new CEO has delivered a lot of problems, the Indians did not have a relationship. The day before the appointment Guryev world's largest producer of potash fertilizers "Uralkali" came out of the CJSC "Belarusian Potash Company" - a joint venture with the "Belaruskali". As a result, not only shares hit potash, but also, on a chain, all prices Emineral fertilizers. Paper "Fosagro" on the Moscow Stock Exchange over the last month lost about 19%. Guriev, Jr. convinced investors that the decline in prices for potash fertilizers allow farmers to redirect part of the funds to purchase phosphate fertilizers and the recent rise. And so it happened. Over the past two years to optimize the production, the company managed to increase the volume of fertilizer to 1 million tonnes, having invested $ 70 million. And despite the fact that in 2015 the total output of fertilizers amounted to 6.79 million tons. "If we built new facilities with clean sheet, this increase would cost us about $ 1 billion. I think that all of our actions in the difficult market conditions were absolutely correct and verified. This merit of our team, and I hope that my personal "- says CEO.

The crisis for the industry in 2013 net profit "Fosagro" was $ 269 million, in 2015 - a record $ 598 million of the company's capitalization at the end of April 2016 reached about $ 5.9 billion..

"I think he has the gift to sell, and he is one of the best sellers in our sector. To judge it as the manager,capable of leading a large ship is still too early ", - says Volkov.

How the son independent of her father in decision-making? "He [the father] never participated in the operational management and any personal directive does not give me" - says CEO.

However Guryev Sr. voluntarily resigned in May 2013, the powers of the Federation Council member, as demanded by the law for the sake of business. And in June, it began as a Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors' Fosagro "to participate in the formulation of strategy. In addition, the 56-year-old billionaire - the beneficiary of the trust, which transferred the shares of companies owning selhozproektom "AgroGard". "Today, the most stable model of doing agribusiness in Russia - a large diversified holding companies that have from 35 000 ha of land located compactly. What is "AgroGard", which more than 150 000 ha ", - says CEO" Fosagro ". On the basis of this new agricultural tested brand of fertilizer, practiced their use of technology. In 2015, the figure rentabelnosand "AgroGard 'net profit amounted to 29% of revenue - 7.1 billion rubles.

"Fosagro" to avoid international sanctions and has maintained an investment grade rating. The ruble devaluation provided the lowest cost of the industry and the rise of the domestic agricultural sector promises significant growth in domestic fertilizer market. Business Guryev looks stable. "Before, my father often go too far in relation to his son and was too picky about it, - said Volkov. - For Andrei's father is the indisputable authority. "