Son of Matvienko and son of Borisov will jointly insert pipes for Gazprom

The son of the Speaker of the Federation Council, Sergei Matvienko, and the son of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Alexander Borisov, became co-owners of one of the largest contractors of Gazprom - Construction Company Podvodtruboprovodstroy.
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This company built the Power of Siberia, Crimea, South Stream gas pipelines and federal highways for Avtodor.

Valentina Matvienko in the Federation Council oversees gasification issues, and former Deputy Defense Minister Borisov is responsible in the government for the development of the military-industrial complex.

What the new company of Matvienko and Borisov is known for

LLC SK Podvodtruboprovodstroy (SK PTPS) was established in November 2020. 41.6% of it belongs to Artem Ermakov through LLC Profconsultinvest, 25% - from Rufat Atashov through LLC Regionstroy, and 16.67% - from Sergey Matvienko and 5.56% - from Alexander Borisov through their LLC "Infomechanika", indicated in the service "Kontur.Fokus".

Although the legal entity in which Matvienko and Borisov received shares was created only three months ago, the company's website claims that SK PTPS has been on the market since at least 2012. The company calls itself "a leading specialized company" for construction and installation work at oil and gas facilities and road construction "with a reputation as a reliable and responsible partner."

As indicated on the website, SK PTPS has 1315 units of equipment, including diving stations. Its production capacity allows the construction of up to 100 underwater crossings for various purposes with a total length of up to 100 km annually.

The company says that it took part in the construction of the Power of Siberia gas pipeline (its general contractor was Arkady Rotenberg's Stroygazmontazh), the Avtodor highways, including the M-4 Don federal highway, and the gas pipeline to Crimea. The latter is also a project of Stroygazmontazh by Arkady Rotenberg. It is estimated at 20 billion rubles, underwater work at 14.3 billion rubles. It was opened personally by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Judging by the list of assets and projects, Ermakov and Atashov transferred to the new company part of the resources of their structures, which were among the founders of SK PTPS, and this company itself positions itself as the heir to the group of the same name that worked with the country's largest oil and gas companies.

An article posted on the company's website from the magazine "Business Russia" for 2012 mentions that the chairman of the IC PTPS at that time was Emil Gainulin. According to the registers, at that time he was the founder of two companies with a similar name - PTPS LLC, which fulfilled orders from Gazprom (including South Stream), Rosneft, Transneft and Russian Railways.

The Versiya edition asserted with reference to the accounting documents of Podvodtruboprovodstroy that turned out to be in her possession, that during Gainulin's time, for 2012-2015, more than 30 billion rubles passed through the company. And Gainullin himself, according to Versia, withdrew $ 400 million to the Swiss bank of the Rothschilds Banque Edmond de Rothschild. Now the companies, the founder of which was Gainulin, are not legally connected with the new structure of Matvienko and Borisov.

Open Media failed to contact Matvienko and Borisov, Zaur Yenikeev, general director of IC PTPS, was unable to promptly answer questions about the company and its owners.

What is known about the business of the sons of Matvienko and Borisov

The Infomechanics company, through which Sergey Matvienko and Alexander Borisov received a share in the gas pipeline builder, is also fulfilling Gazprom's orders. As Open Media already wrote, although this IT company has not received many government orders so far - only 3.2 million rubles over five years - there are large factories and defense enterprises in the list of its clients.

Matvienko received 25% of this company on October 15, 2020, and after 10 days he increased his share to 50%, Borisov now has about 16.75% in this company.

Since 2001, Sergey Matvienko has been an IT advisor to the chairman of the board of bank Saint Petersburg, three years later he became vice president of VTB and headed the IT department. When his mother Valentina Matvienko was appointed governor of St. Petersburg in 2003, Sergei received shares in large urban development projects, but lost them all after Matvienko moved to the Federation Council in 2011, Vedomosti wrote.

Sergey Matvienko began to restore his positions in business in 2018. Then he bought the Parametr company, which is engaged in the repair and restoration of sewage systems in Moscow (and still remains his most profitable asset with an annual revenue of 1.8 billion rubles) and the companies Business Invest and Axioma. These firms own several historic mansions in St. Petersburg.

Since May 2020, Alexander Borisov, through his Eneksel Group, owns a stake in Kingisepsky Machine-Building Plant, Dieselzipservice, and a number of other companies related to the defense industry and the fuel and energy complex. The total revenue of these companies, according to the calculations of the magazine "Company", amounted to about 3 billion rubles.