Son of the head of Rosgvardia will be engaged in quantum technologies

Roman Zolotov became a co-owner of the NGO Quantum Technologies, which will launch new quantum developments on the market. Such technologies are used to create secure communication systems and sensors for the Internet of things.
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Roman Zolotov became a co-owner of the research and production association "Quantum Technologies", follows from SPARK data. Zolotov's INN - an investor of "Quantum Technologies" coincides with the registration data of Roman Zolotov, co-founder of "Festivals of Cinema" LLC. As it was informed earlier, in the middle of 2000th years this company was founded by businessman Yury Chechikhin and son of the head of Rosgvardia Victor Zolotov Roman.

The NGO Quantum Technologies was registered at the end of May 2018. 25% of NGOs belong to Zolotov. The owner of 50% of the organization is its general director Elena Bondarchuk, another 25% - from the businessman and minority shareholder of the defense concern "Motovilikhinskiye Zavody" Ruslan Valitov.

The main activity of the NGO "Quantum Technologies" is research and development in the field of natural and technical sciences.

Bondarchuk explained to RBC that the company's goal is "the introduction of new technologies into batch production," but refused to discuss the project in more detail. According to Bondarchuk, she had long been familiar with Zolotov and Valitov. "Since our views and life positions coincide, we decided to prove by real deeds that breakthrough technologies have the right to life," she stressed.

NGO "Quantum Technologies" is not the first experience of Roman Zolotov in business. Several years ago he was a member of the Board of Directors of the Baikal Corporation. Among other owners of the corporation is Anastasia Zadorina, the founder of sportswear manufacturer Za Sport. According to SPARK, Roman Zolotov is also the owner of 50% of the private security organization "Armata".

In February 2017, Roman Zolotov was appointed deputy head of the Department of Sport and Tourism in Moscow. The service contract with him was signed for two years. But now he does not appear in the structure of the department's management.

Elena Bondarchuk is the owner of several companies operating in the real estate market. In particular, she was a partner in the company PNK, which specializes in warehouse development. In addition, the development company Logopark Development founded by Elena Bondarchuk (since 2017 called Orientir) has built two warehouse complexes in the Moscow suburbs - Logopark Sever and Logopark Sever-2. The second turn of an area of ​​195 thousand square meters. m in the past year, bought the British company Raven. The first phase of 110 thousand square meters. m remains in the property of Elena Bondarchuk, among the tenants of the complex - "Zara CIS" and IKEA.

According to Pyotr Gavyrin, General Director of A Plus Development, in addition to the constructed areas, the Landmark has a plot of 100 hectares under development in the New Riga, where it is possible to build about 400 thousand square meters. m warehouses. Also, the company Elena Bondarchuk built a house in Zelenograd.

Ruslan Valitov owns 10% of the Permian artillery systems manufacturer Motovilikhinskiye Zavody, against which competitive production was introduced in March.

We could not contact Zolotovy and Valitov.

Quantum prospects

In the Russian scientific and technical community, a situation has developed that is characterized by a high concentration of new ideas and breakthrough technologies that do not find an outlet in the mass market, Bondarchuk's NGO task explains. "At the same time, the demand for new solutions is incredibly high," she noted.

In quantum developments, there are several areas of research: communications, sensors and calculations, explained RBC Ruslan Yunusov, general director of the Russian Quantum Center.

"In the field of quantum communications, information is coded using photons. With the help of this technology, it is possible to transmit cryptographic keys that can reliably protect the data, "he explained. Also, according to Yunusov, quantum technologies will make it possible to create cheap and sensitive sensors for the "Internet of things" technologies. "Later, developments related to quantum computing, including a quantum computer, will appear on the market," he stressed.

Interest in quantum technologies was announced by several large companies, including IBM, Google, Alibaba, Intel and Microsoft. The development of quantum computers requires large investments, so investors interested in this direction are mainly the world's leading companies, Director of the "Young Professionals" section of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives Dmitry Peskov told RBC. He estimated the total investment in the creation of a quantum computer of several billion dollars. The greatest interest for investors in Russia, he said, is now represented by quantum communications, noted Peskov, stressing that the volume of investments in such projects does not exceed 1-3 billion rubles. "One of the first markets for quantum technologies is secure communication lines: Gazprombank has invested in the creation of cryptically protected communication lines, and Russian companies plan to participate in the creation of the Eurasian quantum path, the continental main line of quantum communication," RBC Peskov said.