Sotheby's cheated Rybolovlev with fake da Vinci

Russian billionaire from Monaco bought for a scratchy drawing worth $10,000 for 127.5 million dollars.
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In Western countries, a separate kind of business fooling becoming billionaires from the former Soviet Union - for sale at fantastic prices VIP-emigrants of goods or services, either completely unnecessary or overtly harmful. Russian-speaking oligarchs, settled somewhere in Monaco, is often completely defenseless against experienced crooks.

Growing up in the alley, made a fortune in the 1990s with the help of robbery, banditry and killings in Europe tycoon from the East is struggling to show itself not a simple thief, and a connoisseur of high art - to the delight of many evromoshennikov selling our narrow-minded compatriots daub under view the masterpieces of world importance. Indeed, Moscow businessman Alexei Khodorkovsky doing business in pictures Wasi Lozhkina, looks a lot smarter than the former owner of "BRIC"

Dmitry Rybolovlev, who for the astronomical sum of money handed over something that has obviously lower quality lozhkinskogo. According to Forbes, the auction house
Sotheby's Manhattan appealed to the federal court to protect him from any claims arising from the sale of paintings by Leonardo da Vinci. The painting was bought by Russian businessman Rybolovlev from art dealer Yves Bouvier in 2013 for $ 127.5 million. That, in turn, acquired it for $ 80 million from a consortium of dealers, which includes Warren Adelson, president of Adelson Galleries and New York dealers Alexander Parish and Robert Simon. Parish bought the painting for less than $ 10 thousand in the early 2000s in Louisiana. For a long time it was thought that it is a copy, but Sotheby's said that a picture is genuine, and da Vinci painted around 1500. Now a group of dealers threatened to sue Sotheby's, claiming that the auction house misjudged piece of art. The auction house is asking the court to issue a decree according to which it is not liable to the dealer group for any loss of profit on the sale of the painting.
At the beginning of 2015, Dmitry Rybolovlev to the police, saying that Bouvier mislead him and sold paintings at inflated prices. In total, the billionaire acquired from art dealer of works of art for $ 2 billion. The litigation between them has dragged on for several years. Efforts to rein in Bouvier hit the most
Rybolovlev. According to media reports, the hapless buyer paintings ended up behind bars because of the complaint of the citizen of Bulgaria Tanya Rappo, acts as an intermediary in the acquisition of artworks. Rappo Rybolovlev accused in organization of illegal eavesdropping and spying on him.