Sovcombank has finished Roseworbank

The share of the Khotimsky brothers in RosEvroBank reached the marginal 90%.
On Thursday Sovcombank announced that it bought 16.66% of RosEvroBank. Its share in the bank's capital rose to 90.01% - the remaining 9.99% belong to RosEvroBank itself, but these shares do not vote. Thus, Sovcombank is now 100% of the vote.

The company REG Holding, which unites the Russian shareholders of RosEvroBank, sold the securities. At what price the package was sold, the representative of Sovcombank does not disclose. The representative of RosEvroBank did not answer Vedomosti's questions.

For the first time, Covcombank bought shares of RosEvroBank in September 2015 - then it bought 9.48% of the shares. In November of the same year, Sovcombank increased its stake to 15% by buying shares from the largest shareholder of RosEvroBank, Sergei Grishin. Since autumn of 2017, the bank began to increase its share in RosEvroBank particularly actively: from October to April, its share in RosEvroBank's capital increased from 19.54 to 75%.

In March, Sovcombank and RosEvroBank announced a merger. Until the end of 2018, banks will work independently, said Sovcombank's predecessor Dmitry Gusev. According to Sovcombank, the assets of the united bank will amount to more than 1 trillion rubles, capital - more than 100 billion rubles.

In terms of assets for the first quarter of 2018, Sovcombank ranks 14th in the Interfax-CEA ranking (654 billion rubles), RosEvroBank is on the 40th place (183 billion).

After the merger, RosEvroBank is likely to continue working on the license of Sovcombank, but the integration plan has not been determined yet - it needs to be developed by a special team consisting of specialists from both banks, the representative of the bank specified. According to Gusev, RosEvroBank should become the core of the corporate business of the united bank.

Sovcombank today also announced an additional issue of shares for 18.2 billion rubles. by private subscription. Among the potential buyers are shareholders of RosEvroBank Ilya Brodsky, Sergey Grishin and Andrey Suzdaltsev: during the merger of banks they convert part of their shares into Sovcombank's capital, it was reported earlier.