"Space Wars" of the Russian state corporations

Another corporate conflict occurred in the space branch, where management of the Russian Space Agency has filed claims against the Rocket and Space Corporation "Energia", accusing it of causing damage to the state in the amount of 600 million rubles. because of "questionable credit schemes."
However, the conflict between "Roskosmos" and RSC "Energia" threatens to lead to the resignation of the head of Roscosmos Mr. Popovkin as RSC "Energia" is more powerful and close to the Kremlin clan of the Kovalchuks.

As Popovkin against Kovalchuk went?

The scandal began after the Roskosmos Federal Property Management Agency sent the materials to detect violations in the Rocket and Space Corporation "Energia", where they make ships "Soyuz" and "Progress" to deliver astronauts and cargo to the International Space Station. It should be noted that the complaint filed is not on leave head Vladimir Popovkin Space Agency and Acting Roscosmos head Oleg Frolov.

It is interesting that this type of complaint should have been filed (and, at least, be consistent) by Popovkin. But perhaps the head of the Russian Space Agency was afraid that public conflict with RSC "Energy" will ruin its relations with the Kremlin! After all, co-owner of RKK "Energy" is the management company "Leader", which the major shareholders are Yury Kovalchuk and his partners in the bank "RussiaI".

But the Criminal Code "Leader" owns a blocking stake RSC "Energia". With a share of 25 per cent of the Criminal Code is the largest shareholder after the state PKK, which owns 38 percent of the manufacturer.

General Director of "Leader" Anatoly Gavrilenko confirmed to the press that the CC has a blocking stake. According to him, "Energy" shares are held by the management company "for a long time."

Criminal expects that in the future capitalization of space equipment manufacturer will grow, and the "Leader" will be able to get out of the assets at a profit on the invested capital. Now the market value of RSC "Energia", calculated according to the price of shares on the Moscow Stock Exchange was 4.6 billion rubles.

Why he is gone, Mikhail Kovalchuk?

By the way, until the end of February 2013 Chairman of the Board of Directors of RSC "Energia" he was director of the National Research Centre "Kurchatov Institute", Mikhail Kovalchuk. But then he suddenly asked to release him from office. Moreover, he said that he decided to leave because of the increased load on the basicth place of employment, which prevents him from working at RSC "Energy" with full vigor. But, according to rumors, the real reason for leaving Mikhail Kovalchuk of RSC "Energia" was a conflict management RKK "Energy" with Roscosmos.

Recall that in the press Kovalchuk repeatedly called friend of Putin or his entourage. In 1996, together with Putin Kovalchuk brothers Fursenko and Viktor Myachin co-founded dacha cooperative "Lake" on the shore of Lake Komsomol in Priozersk district of Leningrad region, many of which (co-founder - Ed.) Russia after Putin was elected president in 2000 They have been appointed to high public office or have been available to large state-owned assets.

Thus, the conflict with the structure Kovalchuk brothers could lead to a critical deterioration Popovkin and the Kremlin's relations as "hitting" the head of the Russian Space Agency on Kovalchuk structure, according to political analysts, it can be interpreted as opposition to "Putin's team."

Was there a "cut" 600 million rubles?

Tper is more thoroughly investigate the essence of the claims of Roscosmos to RSC "Energia". As is known, Popovkin strongly dissatisfied with the project "Sea Launch", which drew attention on the eve of the accident - a rocket "Zenith" has collapsed into the ocean in the first minute of flight due to a failure in the power system.

"During the inspection of the interdepartmental working group (IWG) established that for the period from 2010 to 2012 on the written instructions of President of RSC" Energia "Vitaly Lopota subsidiary of JSC" RSC Experimental Machine-building Plant Power "(MEM) as the lender has provided to" privileged "the conditions of the four loans totaling 5,535,900,878 rubles private organizations LLC" Energia Overseas ", LLC" Energy-Logistics », Sea Launch AG, owning the project" Sea Launch ". The source of funding of loans were loans at commercial banks, and most received ZEMom RSC "Energia" under the 10-15% per annum. ZEM two loans granted by 4.5% per annum in 2010, which is economically unjustified, "- said in the appeal of Roskosmos Federal Property Management Agency.

Iton IWG has established that the actions of "Energy" leadership have damaged the company by at least 600 million rubles.

"I ask you to support the position of the Russian Federal Space Agency and the appeal to the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation applied to the damage", - concludes the letter Frolov.

In other words, Frolov (and, possibly, Popovkin) actually trying to FSB "incite" on RSC "Energia"! However, it seems that no "cutting" or the theft of 600 million rubles was not!

"I'm at a meeting of the Military-Industrial Commission explained that attracts a commercial loan with a view to cover the debts of the previous periods. I have the right to dispose of ten percent of the balance sheet total, and I did it. The Audit Chamber, checking us, no complaints on this subject is not expressed, "- told the press, President and General Designer of RSC" Energia "Vitaly Lopota

A time of theft, according to Lopota, it was not, what is behind the "attack" Frolov and Popovkin on RSC "Energy"? !! Perhaps here there is a personal conflict to shift the "intractable"Lopota, behind which there is "close to the Kremlin," Kovalchuk ?!

Background Roskosmos and RSC "Energia"

As they say in the media, the opposition leadership of Roskosmos and RSC "Energia" has a long history. In fact, the RSC "Energy" is close to the state-owned company - is entirely dependent on the state to give him orders to the spacecraft and modules for the ISS. Being 38% owned by the state, "Energy" is officially in charge of the Russian Space Agency, acting as the prime contractor for manned space flight. In the coming years will be the recipient of billions of dollars RSC public investment in connection with the beginning of the development and production of a new manned transport spacecraft (PTC), which according to the plans of Roscosmos in 2020 to replace flying to the ISS 'Unions. " It is estimated most of RSC "Energia", the creation of the PTC will require 100 billion rubles, 60 billion more will need to block the emergency rescue, the assembly and the protective unit, a set of tools and training start.

Despite the seemingly obvious dependence on the state, the President of RSC "Energia" Vitaly Lopoand demonstrates absolutely independent position in relation to Roskosmos, I do not hesitate to oppose Vladimir Popovkin on all strategic issues of development of the industry, including the scenario of its restructuring plans for the creation of new missiles and the construction of the cosmodrome.

RSC "Energy" is completely independent economic and investment activities. For example, carries out the acquisition of shares in other companies without the consent of the Russian Space Agency Roskosmos - so, last year bought 13.98% MEM NPO "Energomash" stake.

Popovkin wants to shift the Lopota and "razderbanit money" RSC "Energy"?

And here it seems, and will be able to finally understand the real reason why Popovkin, reportedly wants to move the Lopota. Apparently, the head of Roscosmos just wanted "to impose his paw" on the multi-billion dollar finances, which will soon have to go to RSC "Energia"!

Not by chance, after the resignation of Mikhail Kovalchuk Popovkin decided that the first deputy head of Roscosmos Oleg Frolov, head the board of directors of the missile-kosmicheskoy Corporation "Energia"! As a result, actual Frolov entered the Board of Directors of RSC "Energia".

But, in fact, it was a "raider capture (politely)" !!! So can we then believe Popovkin and Frolov? !!

Clannishness destroys Roskosmos?

Note that experts are already talking about a "nepotism" in "Roskosmos". After all, Popovkin, and Frolov considered to come from "Serdyukov structures" and, moreover, were directly related to the former defense minister, whose subordinates not so long ago became a defendant in major corruption scandals, one way or another connected with OJSC "Oboronservis", through which literally "flowed" in an unknown direction of the Ministry of Defense assets.

But from 21 June 2010 to 29 April 2011, Vladimir Popovkin, was the first deputy of the Russian Defence Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, is under the patronage of Vladimir Anatoly Eduardovich not headed "Roskosmos".

<span style="\&quot;line-height:" 1.6em;\"="">By the way, as "serdyukovets" Oleg Frolov came to work in Roskosmoin October this year to the post of deputy head of Rosoboronpostavki. Popovkin With their friendly relations which have developed in the service of the Russian Space Forces from the beginning zero. Frolov was the main creature Popovkin for the entire period of activity as the head of Roskosmos - the rest of his deputies were from the former head of the agency, Anatoly Perminov.

Rumor has it that this is Serdyukov, through its "Kremlin ties," Perminov was able to achieve the resignation and appointment, Popovkin.

And now, when Serdyukov was "hounded out" as head of the Defense Ministry, and there were rumors that in the near future Popovkin also can dismiss. Obviously aware of this, he gradually transfers power Frolov.

In another version of Vladimir simply fear of possible criminal prosecution.

Ugolovka for Roscosmos

After investigators already closely we undertook Roskosmos!

As deputy head of Roskosmos, Anatoly Shilov, notlong-supervised unmanned trend in the industry, already fell under suspicion. His, according to unofficial information, even twice summoned for questioning, but he was in no hurry to be a conversation with the investigator.

By the way, there is a version that checks Roskosmos, except multi-million dollar theft investigations, tied also to the "business Angara", which may have been implicated himself Popovkin.

Not so long ago it became known that the leadership of the State Research and Production Space Center Khrunichev "merged" American companies "Boeing" and "Lockheed Martin" all secret domestic developments in the field of rocketry. It turns out that from the beginning a joint venture created with the participation of the Khrunichev im.Hrunicheva and "Lockheed Martin", controlled by Americans and up to 2007 in the joint venture's board of directors was not part of any representative of Russia. Moreover, the documents on the organization of the enterprise have been decorated in such a way that the Russian state in general can not make a claim for the use of their intellectual property. And the Accounting Chamber mustachethanes is clear - the documents were well decorated (or, more precisely, not decorated) it is for Russia's intent. That is, it was an obvious scam.

But that's not all. Shortly before testing, "Lockheed Martin" came out of the project and share the success of the enterprise was bought by unknown individuals who prefer to keep their money offshore. Needless to say, who they are - no one knows. However, some called sounding names from among the then government officials close to the "red directors" and "political heavyweights", but somehow not very distinctly.

By the way, according to rumors, it is because of these "close relationship" with "Lockheed Martin" Americans not only know all the technical documentation, "Angara" Russian missiles, but also based on it created its own rocket "Atlas 5".

You agree that this "friendship" Khrunichev Khrunichev leadership and the American company "Lockheed Martin" is more like a betrayal of the motherland !!!

Moreover, they say that for that data leakage is responsible himself Popovkin. According to rumors, he even himself sighingshaft necessary for "Lockheed Martin" documents.

Agree that the scandal "Angara", which is rumored to have been involved Popovkin, very reminiscent of the scandal with the "Mistral", which, apparently, was involved Serdyukov.

As a "sawing" in the RCC?

But this is not the only "cut" in "Roskosmos". Take, for example, a scandal to the RCC.

In fact, as found operatives, in the period from 2006 to 2010 on the creation and development of the Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS) of the RCC received from the federal budget of 2 billion rubles.

To perform work on the GLONASS guidance "Russian Space Systems" has attracted a number of firms, in particular NPO CP, LLC "Sinertek" and CJSC "Integris", which had the license of the Federal Space Agency.

Moreover, due to the activities of these firms and the facts became apparent misuse of funds subsidiaries "Russian Space Systems", dedicated to the implementation of the federal target program "Global Navigation System" (LONASS).

In this case, it is a little-a lot of 3.2 billion rubles.

According to representatives of Roskosmos, organized by the RCC leadership fraudulent scheme by which, according to the inspectors, PKC could inflate the cost of work performed.

After this was dismissed head of the RCC Urlichich and previously dismissed from the post of the General Director of the Moscow Institute of Heat Engineering, Yuri Solomonov, was fired the head of the Center. Khrunichev Vladimir Nesterov.

It is obvious that soon will come the turn of Vladimir Popovkin ... And it seems that the confrontation Popovkin and Kovalchuk and will serve as a fatal error Roscosmos head, after which he was dismissed.

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