Spain declared Malyshev wanted

Imprisonment of Kumarin allowed the "authoritative businessman" to go to a safe distance from the court in the kingdom for "laundering" money.
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Spanish authorities in the near future are going to declare in search of one more Russians - respected businessman Alexander Malyshev-Gonzalez. He, along with State Duma deputy Vladislav Reznik and former deputy head of the Federal Drug Control Service, Nikolai villages is a defendant in the case of money laundering, however, left the kingdom. Now the kids are in St. Petersburg.

Told "Rosbalt" a source familiar with the situation, December 17, 2015 the judge of the Central Investigative Court number 5 Jose De la Mata Amaya filed charges against 26 citizens of Russia and Spain, including "authority" Gennady Petrov, his wife Helena, Yuri Salikova, Leonid Hristoforova, Svetlana Vasilyeva, Juan Antonio, Untoria Agustín, Julia Ermolenko, State Duma deputy Vladislav Reznik, his wife Diana Gindin, Alexander Malyshev Leonid Khazin, Olena Boyko, Michael Rebo, Cyril Yudasheva and others. All of them are charged with participation in the criminal association and "laundering" money. The defendants were at the end of January 2016 to personally appear in court, and if they want to remain at large, everyone is obliged to makea deposit of 133 million euros.

On the appointed day for the hearing came only a few people, a number of defendants, including Malyshev Gonzalez, sent their lawyers. In relation to others, in particular Petrova, Hristoforova, Reznik and Gindin, the judge ordered the arrest in absentia and the international wanted list. Reznik has already achieved the cancellation of this decision, the application of other accused is examined by the court. Malyshev was not among the "rozysknikov" because he remained in Spain, through his lawyers maintained relations with the court and the prosecutor's office.

However, at a time when he should decide the issue on the date of the hearing on the merits, Malyshev disappeared from Spain. Soon it became known that he turned up in St. Petersburg, where he is now and Gennady Petrov.

In Spain, the "flight" of the accused raised eyebrows. According to the source agency, the kid is not considered the "problem" of representatives of the Kingdom of the accused - he responded actively and in detail to the questions of investigators in this country lived his wife and children, he owned there is a variety of obektov property.

It is worth noting that in Spain Malyshev was questioned by Russian investigators and in the case of one of its main enemies, because of which he had once left Russia - "authority" Vladimir Barsukov-coumarin. According to the agency, Malyshev said that he moved to Spain after a failed attempt on his life, which, in the opinion of the fugitive, was organized by coumarin. Then the SUV with Malyshev caught a motorcycle with two killers, one of which was preparing to open fire with a machine gun. However, the motorcycle stopped at the tram tracks, he "led" the wheel that Malyshev and saved from destruction. According to his testimony, coumarin handed to him in Spain unequivocal "greetings" from which it was possible to realize that his life was in danger.

"Malyshev repeatedly seen in St. Petersburg belonging to him objects, including plots of land, there is a notable increase - under construction. The reasons for his return, he especially does not apply, but they are so obvious. Coumarin behind bars and it looks like the prison never HICLESchildren, so in Russia Malyshev especially not in danger. A good opportunity to organize themselves "retired" remained. In Spain Malyshev facing a major deadline, and to participate in court hearings misty better result at a safe distance, "- said an informed source" Rosbalt "in St. Petersburg.

According to the agency, the Spanish prosecutor's office has already prepared an application for arrest in absentia Malyshev and his announcement of an international arrest warrant. In the near future it will go to court.

Thus, among the prominent Russians who personally appear before a Spanish court, can only highlight Michael Rebo and Cyril Yudasheva. The remaining prudently left the kingdom.