"Sponsorship" business of Usmanov

Alisher Usmanov has sponsored the British Everton at $92 million. The owner of the club, along with Solntsevo gang members and a billionaire philanthropist are doing business together.
Businessman Alisher Usmanov, who lost his status of the Russian tax resident when presiding the International Fencing Federation, shifted from rescuing the indebted RFU to the financial support of the British football.

Usmanov under the five-year sponsorship contract will transfer 75 million pounds to the British football club Everton, which in dollar terms amounts to 92.8 million. The club owner is the head of the Board of Directors and shareholder of USM Holdings, Farhad Moshiri.

According to different sources, sponsorship conditions imply that the training base of the Liverpool football club will change its name to USM Finch Farm. Moreover, the USM holding company also received a number of lucrative privileges, including the right to place advertising on match days in the "club stadium of Goodison Park". 49.9% of the club is owned by Moshiri.

Note that Usmanov and Moshari have not only "football projects". The businessmen are the co-owners of USM Holdings. Another shareholder is Vladimir Skoch, father of United Russia's member billionaire, Andrey Skoch.

According to some information, in certain circles Andrey Skoch is known by the nickname "Scotch" and, according to sources in the management of the Federal Security Service to combat gang violence, he was once one of the most prominent representatives of "Solntsevo" criminal group. Moreover, Skoch Jr. is believed to have been one of the leaders of the gang!

According to rumors, together with "Solntsevo colleagues", brothers Kvetnoy and Dmitry Baranovsky, "Scotch" supervised the "project" related to weapons smuggling business. That is, quite simply, making a fortune on the illicit arms trade.

Judging by the fact that the infusion of tens of millions of pounds in Everton, resulted for USM Holdings in some lucrative "profits", we are not talking about sponsorship, but about business.

"Vnukovo carving up"?

Last fall, Usmanov along with other end-owners of the Vnukovo airport knocked out the Russian state guarantees for 5.5 billion rubles. The funds will be used to restructure the debt to VTB. In 2012, Vnukovo took 10 billion rubles from Moscow Bank for the construction of the terminal. The repayment terms are due to expire as early as this year. The funds must be returned to VTB, to which was attached the original creditor bank.

Vnukovo is currently 75% owned by the Federal Property Management Agency, the remaining shares are owned by private individuals, including Vitaly Vantsev and Nikolay Skoch, which seems to be the representative of the aforementioned family.

However, it is rumoured that Skoch owns the airport shares through USM Holdings. Based on this, Alisher Usmanov, who last year publicly refused to invest in the airport, is also affiliated with Vnukovo. But the most interesting is that the state guarantees are about to be received while the Federal Property Management Agency plans to reduce its stake in the airport on the first stage of the privatization down to 25.11695%.

That is, the guarantee were made by the governmen, but property is increasingly more and more private! Experts do not exclude that this story may hide a banal scam that will end, as usual, in the disappearance of public funds.

"Gref's ruins"

However, the story with the state guarantees to Vnukovo is not the only one that can rightly be called "muddy." Not so long ago it became known that Mr Usmanov intended to build a complex between Vernadsky Prospekt and Kosygin street in the Vorobyovy Hills District. Businessman together with the head of Sberbank, Herman Gref, are rumored to have cleaned the area for the elite building of superfluous owners and institutions.

As say the market participants familiar with the situation, it is a territory of the Institute of Economics of housing and communal services. The institution was created in the last years of the Soviet Union. However, it has a real fortune: 2 hectares of land in the center of Moscow!

In the difficult years, the institute performed some small orders and rented property to feed itself. However, it managed to get into the "black list of employers". But in 2006 the Federal Property Management Agency added the institute to the privatization queue. The owner of 50% shares of the tnstitute, its director Igor Bychkovsky, died luckily for the beneficiaries of this story.

And after some time, the insitute turned up to be owned by a cozy offshore company Remalor Overseas Limited (REMALOR OVERSEAS LIMITED), which has billionaire Alisher Usmanov as its owner.

After that, Usmanov, or, rather, his offshore company, encumbered the institute's assets under the loan to 3.2 billion rubles to Sberbank. Bewilderment has caused the fact, that the owner of a great fortune encumbered the assets to the bank headed by German Gref. Especially considering his wealth worth 12 billion dollars ...

Meanwhile, the institute is in the process of "reorganization", in which he was to be divided into two parts: the first part would have the mortgaged land, the second would own a number of officies on Tverskaya Street, where its remaining employees were deported to.

Given the completely unnecessary encumbered, one can imagine a scheme, according to which Sberbank in the near future may assign security of one of the companies owned by, most likely, Usmanov himself.

Wildlife reserve for stepson

By the way, the business in the family of Alisher Usmanov apparently goes within the approach "traditional" for him. In particular, environmentalists and local residents for have fought for seveal years against ongoing construction in the flood plain of the river Skhodnya. There, the Usmanov's stepson's company: Khimki Groups owned by Anton Viner built hundreds of thousands of square meters of housing.

Opponents point to the illegal nature of the project, calling the construction of housing a seizure of a natural wildlife reserve. According to ecologists, when the Vinerr's company started cutting trees, the flora and fauna in Skhodnya and around was saved only thanks to timely alarms of the activists.

However, near the labels informing that in this place there is a specially protected natural area, Landscape reserve "Valley of the river gangways in Kurkino", one can see wallowing debris and pipes.

In 2013, the reserve defenders managed to cancel the construction of 17 high-rise buildings. "After all, they (the high-rise buildings) are not only grossly and blatantly violate the laws of Russia, but absolutely not needed by the local people, who are accustomed to enjoy nature and the birds singing in the valley of the Skhodnya river, not a roar of construction," summed up the activists in Kurkino.

So everything in the Usmanov family is generally fine. Soon he would have Moscow land for development officially, and his stepson demonstrated "proper business standards". And all the statements of businessman that "money does not have to kill the conscience", are obviously applicable to everybody with the exception of himself.