Sporty "withdrawal" of Chemezov

Chemezov "presented" the Meteor sports complex to Novikombank. Will the head of Rostec hide the withdrawal of another billion by revaluation of that asset?  
State Corporation "Rostec" headed by Sergei Chemezov, free of charge transferred Novikombank building in Moscow - sports complex "Meteor", located on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. Officially, the bank's capital, which is 100% controlled by "Rostec" added after the transfer of the sports complex at one billion rubles. Such is his "official price". However, the financial institution now refer to some experts, who allegedly assessed property in "a much larger sum."
That is, when will the need - most likely when Novikombank statements are like auditors of the Central Bank - sport center can immediately ascribe a different cost.

Independent analysts clarify that the re-evaluation of the existing banks have real estate assets - one of the already become traditional ways to raise the banner of falling financial statements. Pririsoval toe to their cost, critics explained that in actual fact property is worth much more - and ready. That is, under the pretext of capitalization insurance Chemezov prepares for the next withdrawal of funds from the bank? Or the money has already brought, and now we have something to cover the "hole" in the accounts - the building is perfect for this purpose.

"Family" Bank

Novikombank mainly serves the enterprise "Rostec" and his "daughters." However, the bank also "served" and the wife of Sergey Chemezov. Ekaterina Ignatova - shareholder of "Kate", which produces automotive components. And Novikombank repeatedly and without any objections represented the "Kate" loans. Meanwhile, the Chemezov team even close to fend for banks can not. For example, the deputy head of the State Corporation Igor Zavyalov had previously been charged with corruption scandals. Earlier questions to Zavyalov referring to the period when the deputy Chemezov worked VTYU, appeared at the prosecutor's office. Law enforcers are investigating the theft of $ 160 million from VTB, and as a suspect in the case of the number of names, Mr. Zavyalov.

In addition, the manual "Rostec" and Novikombank relatives sit. And what is convenient. In particular, the vice president of corporate clients Novikombank is the brother of the first deputy head of the "Rostec" Yuri Artyakov. Recall that at the beginning of the year the bank spent an additional issue in the amount of 1.59 billion rubles. spring in Novikombank were made cash contributions amounting to 8 billion rubles. In the autumn of shareholders Novikombank - I think - "Rostec" - decided to issue additional shares of financial companies by private subscription of 6.1 billion rubles.

Meanwhile, the financial performance Novikombank deplorable record. In February 2016 arrears bank has grown more. Than a quarter. In the first 9 months of the year the net loss of the bank amounted to more than 21 billion rubles! This is a record. Novikombank explained his loss dosozdaniem reserves. For this purpose, as stated in the financial statements, the bank sent 26.9 billion rubles. Here unprofitable Novikombank continues to "pour" money in questionable projects. Bank "Rostec" sanitizes Fondsersivbank and suspected participants in the banking market, through the same and outputs the billions. That is why Novikombank constantly need "recharge" in the form of budget money.

And actually controlled "Rostec" FUNDSERVICEBANK suddenly decided lent Petersburg's company "LOMO". And just 1.3 billion rubles. Why rehabilitated banks - that is experiencing financial problems - gives such loans - a question, rather, to law enforcement agencies. In addition, the Bank FUNDSERVICEBANK strangely gained control of the Naval Station in St. Petersburg, decided to participate in a large-scale project its reconstruction. It is clear that the money for all these "searchlights" in FUNDSERVICEBANK "flow" with the account of the bank-sanatorium.

In the spring of this year, Chemezov was suspected of "sawing" with the controlled chapter "Rostec" top management leadership Novikombank part of the 66 billion rubles allocated for the rescue "Fondsersivbanka".

As Chemezov Russian disgraced

Sergei Chemezov, turned into a "Rostec" whether in the "feeder" for his court, whether in the office at the conclusion of public funds ... but expect something else would have been difficult, because the state corporation at the time was headed by a person who might be involved in an international scandal . Recall, Mr Chemezov once top menedzherstvoval in "Rosoboronexport". More precisely, the first deputy director worked there from 2000 to 2004 and headed the Federal State Unitary Enterprise until 2007. At the same time, the company has entered into the infamous "the Venezuelan contract."

The agreement, signed in 2005, stipulated that Russia will supply the Venezuelan military 100 thousand Kalashnikovs for 54 million dollars and build in Venezuela a factory for the production of these weapons. In fact become Russian brand in the world market. The problem is that a billion rubles allocated for these purposes, "raspolzsya" in private pockets. The state prosecution believes that direct thief money is the former head of the Concern "Izhmash" Vitaly Shurigin currently and so sitting on the prison bunk. A "withdrawal" billion organized businessman Sergei Popelnyuhov, a former senator from the Belgorod region. Law enforcers believe that the businessman transferred the funds controlled by the Company.

Chemezov found "Rostec" case

It is fair to say that the head of state corporation today is not idle, and trying to get their hands on the public procurement system and to monopolize the "trash" market. In October, Sergei Chemezov suggested the government give "Rostec" on completion of a single information system. but in that top manager asked for unprecedented state corporation "bonuses" - the right to commercialize the system on their own terms.

Experts suspect that the real intentions Chemezov are that familiar with the situation immediately suspected chapter "Rostec" in an attempt to "kill" two birds with one stone - to make money on the ERC, through which all public procurement, and a little "podzasekretit" procurement process itself. While "Musoni" project "Rostec" still being discussed at the federal level, the corporation has decided to monopolize the sector in the Leningrad region. Monopoly - is often the primary strategy Chemezov, because a monopolist has no competitors. "Rostec" discussing with the administration of the Leningrad region administration of a single operator for waste management. The representatives of this market have expressed concerns: "Rostec" on its own terms could easily impose their working conditions favorable only in the "unilaterally".

In the meantime, "garbage" has not yet moved into the immediate implementation stage plans, Mr. Chemezov continues to "pour" assets "Novikombank".