State Banker Andrei Kostin will flood "Dynamo" with money

VTB concluded an advertising contract with its daughter company UK "Dynamo" for 4 years at 2.4 billion rubles. For the Russian market this is a record amount. "Daughter" VTB is a developer of new sports facilities worth $ 1.5 billion.
VTB signed a contract for advertising services with its "daughter" - MC Dynamo - by 2.412 billion rubles., Indicated on the site It is concluded for four years and provides for a quarterly payment of 150.7 million rubles. until July 31, 2022

VTB owns 75% minus 1 share of the Criminal Code "Dynamo", the rest - at the All-Russian Physical Culture and Sports Society (VFSO) "Dynamo". The management company "Dynamo" is the developer of the project "VTB arena park". It is built on the site of the football stadium "Dynamo". Investments in the project, VTB President Andrei Kostin estimated at $ 1.5 billion. The construction of a new football stadium with a capacity of 33,000 spectators, a universal arena (hockey, ice show, basketball, concerts - up to 13,000 spectators), a leisure and entertainment complex with a shopping center The Arena of the Plaza with a total area of ​​18,000 square meters. m, residential and business quarter "Arena Park" of 13 buildings, a five-star hotel Hyatt Regency Moscow Petrovsky Park, business centers, apartments.

While the hotel is built and works only. The stadium and arena will open before the end of 2018, said a representative of VTB. January 4, 2019 hockey club "Dynamo" will hold the first game on the home arena with "Motorist", March 10 - the football club will play the first match at home stadium with "Spartacus".

Under the agreement, the bank "becomes the title sponsor of VTB Arena Park" and "acquires extensive advertising rights to promote the project on all possible advertising media," the bank's representative explained. "The VTB brand will be integrated into the name of the VTB Arena sports facility, stadium "Dynamo" and a multifunctional arena, as well as in the name of the reconstructed Petrovsky Park. "

Title sponsorship implies a premium placement of the VTB brand throughout the project site, the representative of the Dynamo MC confirmed. This is, in particular, the logo on the roof of the apartment building, on the facade of the sports and concert and entertainment complexes, on the stadium display and cube of the arena, uniform of employees, on tickets and other printing products. In addition, VTB receives at its disposal 15 and 10 seats in presidential boxes at the stadium and arena, respectively, and one VIP-bed for 13 and 12 seats. The bank intends to use them "for working with clients, holding partner meetings and negotiations," the representative of VTB specified.

2.4 billion rubles. for Russia - a huge amount, comments the top manager of one of the football clubs. The price of the contract is market and corresponds to the practice that has been established in Russia and abroad, the representative of VTB assures. 2.4 billion rubles. - a record amount for Russia, but "it's inexpensive", given that VTB has become the title sponsor of the legendary stadium in a prestigious area of ​​Moscow, Alexei Andreev, managing partner of Depot WPF, believes. "In fact, VTB bought a membership in an elite, prestigious world club," he continues. - Abroad, many famous clubs and stadiums bear the names of leading international corporations. This is a reputational asset that affects the brand value and its consumer perception. " For example, in 2011, "Manchester City" in the 10-year contract with the airline Etihad renamed the club arena in the "Etihad Stadium", the transaction value was 400 million pounds sterling.

In Russia, the football club Spartak is considered a pioneer, which in 2013 concluded with the Bank Otkrytie a sponsorship agreement on strategic partnership: the new stadium in Tushino for the next six years was called the "Opening Arena", the symbolism of the bank was posted on the game form of the club . The deal amounted to 1.2 billion rubles. - $ 40 million at the time of signing the contract, or 200 million rubles. in year. Last week, the contract was extended for another six years, but its amount was no longer disclosed. "CSKA arena" was named "VEB arena". Construction of the stadium cost $ 350 million - of which $ 240 million were loans to VEB. The amount of the deal on neaming in the press service of the bank refused to disclose. Recently, the home stadium of the Moscow football club Lokomotiv was renamed the RZD Arena, the small sports arena was named Sapsan Arena. How much it cost, is not disclosed. "[The club's budget] 5.5 billion rubles. This amount is the sponsorship package of Russian Railways, "said club president Ilya Hercus.