State lotteries will drive out underground casinos from the Internet

State lottery operators: Pobeda, Sportloto and Gosloto start up high-yield instant online lotteries accessible for all players.
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To protect the rights of players and to protect them from illegal underground casino, the Russian state-owned lottery actively expanding its presence in the online sites. Thus, the "Victory" amount of paid winnings have exceeded 660 million rubles for 2 years of operation of instant lottery official online store. Now launched a new lottery "Celestial hawks" with the greatest chance of winning, which is already included in the top 5 of the most popular lotteries.

According to experts, the online lottery market today is 15% of the total gambling market. In the European Union audience gambling sites reaches about 7 million people in Asia and the Middle East - 4.32 million participants. Russian lottery market is significantly behind other countries in the presence of the Internet gosloterey. Until recently, the Russian segment of the online casinos and lotteries has been represented mainly by private traders and illegal immigrants, but now the situation has changed. Now they were replaced only legal gosloterei - "Victory", "Sports Lottery" and "Gosloto", the income from which goes to goveral budget for socially important programs. Now Russian gosloterei occupy only 0.13% of the global lottery market, but they intend to actively increase presence, including on the Internet.

- Only in the 2 years of work of the official online store of instant lottery sales amount of paid winnings have exceeded 667 million rubles. Moreover, the minimum ticket price is only 1 ruble - told "Izvestia", the press service of the state lottery "Victory".

At the beginning of December 2014 "Victory" has presented a new project of instant lotteries - "Heaven's hawks." This is a public instant lottery with the greatest chance of winning. In just a few days "Celestial hawks" have risen in five of the most popular players of online games.

- The largest gain in December amounted to 1.65 million rubles, and its owner became a resident of the Perm region - told "Izvestia", the press service of the state lottery "Victory".

Experts believe that the Internet will be able to gosloterei significantly expandedbe the target audience.

- Lottery on the Internet get a younger audience that is willing to spend the money - people aged 25 to 45 years - told the "News" the president of the Center for Strategic Communications Dmitry Abzalov. - Also, do Internet users can more quickly to participate in lotteries, and online services means getting an instant win and, accordingly, instant withdrawal. we can only note the minuses, that the online audience, as the statistics show, not as "disciplined": online play fast, but rarely and irregularly.

Recall that after the entry into force of the new law "On the sweepstakes," from July 1, 2014 in Russia only allowed All-Russia State Lottery "Sports Lottery", "Victory" and "Gosloto".

Despite the prohibition of gambling outside the special gambling zones, and increased penalties for their illegal organization, private traders are in no hurry to turn off your business. According to official data, in 2009-2014, Russian security forces seized nearly 1 million unitsvarious gaming equipment and stopped work more than 73 thousand. illegal casinos operating in including under the guise of lottery.

In this regard, the Ministry of Interior to tighten control over illegal gambling. So, in 43 thousand. 2.5 thousand pieces of equipment. Operations were carried out during this year, and seizures associated including illegal lotteries.

However, within the framework of the law enforcement agencies have the opportunity in a simplified manner to bring to justice the organizers of the illegal activity. December 22, 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law to toughen criminal liability for organizing illegal gambling business. Now the organizers of the underground business faces a fine of $ 300 thousand. Up to 500 thousand. Rubles or the salary or other income for the period from 1 year to 3 years. Other possible penalties - community service for a term of 180 to 240 hours, restriction of liberty for up to 4 years imprisonment for up to 2 years.